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Nicotine Gum
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Nicotine Gum

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Making it possible to find a more covert form of enjoying nicotine, nicotine gum can be easily accessed as you go about your day with minimal disruptions. They are prep-work free and can be grabbed quickly before you head out the door without further considerations or additional accessories needed. Enjoyed as if they were any other piece of gum, they are learning curve free for a user-friendly, non-intimidating form of enjoying nicotine. We have options from the lines Solace Vapor as well as Lucy Nicotine Gum that are offered in a variety of different flavors so that you can find the option that appeals best to your unique preferences. When using a nicotine-infused gum, it's advised that you wait at least fifteen minutes after eating or drinking for more efficient overall absorption. They should also be stored away from direct sunlight as well as extreme temperatures to stay fresh and functioning at their finest for as long as possible. Innovative and capable of streamlining their user's routines, nicotine gum is one of the most simplified forms of bringing added nicotine into your schedule that can free up extra time in your days and be accessed anywhere that you happen to be.

Nicotine Gum FAQ
Are there any side effects of nicotine gum?
Some of the most common side effects of using an NRT like nicotine gum are similar to those associated with a mild nicotine overdose, which smokers will likely remember experiencing when they first started smoking: increased blood pressure and heart rate, nausea, coughing or a sore throat. If you're experiencing these, there's a good chance your dose is too high or you're chewing the gum too often.
How much gum should I chew?
While most people will chew about 10 pieces of gum per day when first embarking on their quit-smoking journey, it's okay to chew as many as 20 pieces per day. Don't chew more than one piece at a time, and remember to tuck the gum into your cheek once it starts tingling - there's no need to chew constantly and this could actually decrease the dose of nicotine your body actually receives. If you're feeling the urge to use gum too often, try switching to a gum with a stronger nicotine dose. On the other hand, once you're able to get your cravings under control try spacing out the period between popping a new piece or reducing the dose strength. Over time these practices will help curb your nicotine dependence until you're eventually not just smoke-free, but nicotine-free as well.
Do I need a prescription for nicotine gum?
No - NRTs like nicotine gum and the patch are available as over the counter medications. While it's common for doctors to recommend quit aids like nicotine gum to smokers trying to quit, you don't need a doctor's permission to purchase or use the gum.
Why would I choose nicotine gum?
Nicotine gum can be an effective way to eliminate not only smoking but dependence on nicotine itself. By using gums of various nicotine strength and spacing out the periods between use, nicotine gum can allow you to slowly reduce your dependence on nicotine over time. Combined with a stop-smoking plan, NRTs like nicotine gum make it more likely your quit attempt will be successful than going "cold turkey."
How do I use nicotine gum?
When you experience an urge to smoke, pop a piece of gum into your mouth and chew a few times. You'll notice a tingly, peppery sensation in your mouth - this is the nicotine working. "Park" the gum by tucking it into the cavity between your gums and cheek until the tingling goes away (don't chew constantly), then chew a few more times and repeat. After 15 minutes or so the tingling sensation will go away and won't return from further chewing. Discard the gum (don't swallow it), and try waiting an hour or two before chewing another piece.
How much nicotine is in the gum?
In order to get a dose that's strong enough to be effective while still allowing ex-smokers to taper off nicotine, gums are available in a variety of strengths. If you're a light smoker, consider starting with a gum that delivers 2 mg of nicotine per piece. Heavier smokers may start with 4 mg gum before tapering down to 2 mg a few weeks into a quit attempt.
How does nicotine gum work?
Nicotine gums are a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) designed to help smokers quit. While nicotine is the drug that makes cigarettes addictive, on its own nicotine is far less harmful than the thousands of toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Nicotine gum delivers a dose of nicotine to the body to help smokers combat cravings during an attempt at quitting.