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Unicorn Vape
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Unicorn Vape

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“Unicorn” has become a bit of a catch-all term when it comes to e-liquid flavors. The one tie that binds this diverse collection together is that they’re all seeking to perfect the balance between fruit and cream, creating a magical, elusive flavor pairing that’s perfect for vaping in any situation. Call it “unicorn vape juice,” if you will.


The time-honored classic among these is Unicorn Milk - many companies over the years have tried their hand at blending this sweet, silky strawberry milk recipe, though Cuttwood’s take is considered by many to be the standard bearer.


The first unicorn, however, is far from the last. Unicorn Frappe blends mango and raspberry into a creamy base, while Unicorn Tears takes a mixed-berry approach and Unicorn Puke hews more to a rainbow sherbert. Whatever unicorn vape you decide to make your own, we’ve got your next bottle waiting right here at Breazy.

Unicorn E Liquid FAQ
What Makes Unicorn Vape E-Liquid Stand Out?
The term unicorn has come to indicate a variety of e-liquid flavors. Unicorn flavor blends all maintain signature creamy-fruity characteristics, which are sure to delight. These delicious flavors will leave even the most seasoned vape connoisseurs satisfied. From Salt Nic blends to standard e-liquids, all of these flavors produce delightful tastes and huge aromatic clouds. Fill up your vape, kick back, and prepare to get lost in the magical, mystical haze that only a Unicorn Vape flavor can provide.
What Is The Most Popular Unicorn Vape Flavor?
The OG Unicorn Vape flavor is none other than Unicorn Milk, by far Cuttwood’s most popular premier blend. Unicorn Milk is a delightful cream-based blend of strawberry and milk flavors, mixing four cream-based formulas and adds a strawberry extract on top. Beyond Unicorn Milk, Breazy’s most popular flavor in this category by far is Unicorn Frappe by Juice Man. This flavor also comes in a delicious menthol version called Unicorn Frappe Ice.
I’ve Heard Great Things About the Unicorn Frappe? What Makes it So Popular?
Unicorn Frappe is a unique and delicious blend that contains a variety of sweet and fruity flavors. Every pull from this e-liquid will deliver a thick, creamy, fruit-infused cloud that will leave you craving more. The primary tastes that you will notice while enjoying this delectable blend are mango, raspberry, cotton candy, and whipped cream. This first-class e-liquid was developed by Juice Man here in the USA, and it has quickly become a top seller around the world. Unicorn Frappe uses a Hi-VG base (70/30 VG/PG), which adds additional sweetness, and a milky texture to each puff.
Is There A Difference Between Salt E Liquids and the Standard E-Liquids?
Salt E-liquids contain nicotine salts, and Standard E-liquids contain a more traditional nicotine preparation. Both deliver the sensations you crave, and both will work perfectly with any flavored vape formula. Some users report a preference for salt liquids, while others turn to the standard blends. The choice is really up to you. Regular e-liquids may produce a more substantial cloud density, while salt liquids may feel a bit lighter. However, the perceived feel of these vapors comes down to many factors, including the VG/PG ratio and additional flavoring ingredients. Keep in mind that salt nicotine liquids are not intended for sub-ohm vaping.
What is the VG/PG Ratio Used for Unicorn Vape Juices?
The VG/PG ratio of these e-liquids varies from blend to blend. Cuttwood features a 60/40 VG/PG ratio. Unicorn Milk and Naked Unicorn contain a 70/30 VG/PG blend. These ratios lend themselves to the production of the large, milky clouds that Unicorn Vape is known for. The salt e-liquids are likely to have an altered VG/PG ratio of 50/50, which is typical for salt nicotine containing blends. All of these ratios will produce a satisfying experience, and ultimately, each formula needs to be tasted before you can truly get a feel for them.
Can I Mix These E-Liquids?
These e-liquids can be mixed. The creamy, sweet nature of these flavors makes it easy to combine without creating an unpalatable taste. And if you want to incorporate these blends with formulas from other brands, go for it. The touch of cream is an excellent addition to almost any other flavor, except maybe tobacco. Creamy tobacco may not be ideal, but hey, you may be into that. Regardless of your vaping decisions, feel free to enjoy the ride, and if you do decide to mix these top-shelf blends with another variety, we won’t tell the unicorn.