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13th Floor Elevapors Bundle - 13th Floor Elevapors
$ 39.99
13th Floor Elevapors Bundle - 13th Floor Elevapors
13th Floor Elevapors Bundle - 13th Floor Elevapors
$ 39.99
Product Description

13th Floor Elevapors Bundle - 13th Floor Elevapors


Want to get your hands on a couple of vape juices that are noteworthy? 13th Floor Elevapors is now introducing us to a bundle that is going to be entertaining to have in the palm of your hands. This bundle is going to include the three flavors in the 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid collection. They are all going to come in a 30ml bottle, which means you are going to have a total of 90ml. However, that is not all! You are also going to receive Frank N Vape, which is the e liquid that is going to satisfy your taste buds. It also comes in a 100ml bottle that is going to bring this bundle to a total of 190ml of vape juice. Four different vape juices that are going to show you a good time. Get this bundle now at the affordable price of $39.99 before this deal runs out!


Flavors Included:


  • Apple Pucker - 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid - Pucker up, for the apple tree has dropped its best pieces of natural sour flavor providers and they've been seized and squeezed into a candied e liquid in Apple Pucker. Apple Pucker e juice gives you the naturally sour tannins of delicious granny smith apples and wraps them in hard candy flavor. This masterpiece of puckering proportions will bring you have you breathing in the flavor of candied apple so much you'll think the whole world is a big, delightful carnival stand. No need to worry about licking this flavor from a stick to acquire its sweet fulfillment. Just inhale and let Apple Pucker sweeten your mouth, spritz your tongue with sour apple flavor and leave a residue of hard candy flavor on your lips after you exhale. That once-in-a-while carnival treat has turned into the convenient, sweet e juice of your dreams, readily available by the push of a button on your vaping device. The apple flavor will provide that tartness you love, paired with buzzworthy salt nicotine to get you through your mid-week drudgery or just serve as a replacement for those calorie-filled carnival treats that were, until now, impossible to resist. Throw your hand up to the carnival employees, indicating they should stop trying to sell you on their candied apple lollipops. You've got it covered at the fair or just sitting at home enjoying a night in with Apple Pucker e liquid. Primary Flavors: Apple, Candy
  • Django - 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid - The Kentucky flue is spreading and has even made its way to your tobacco flavored e liquid. Calm down, not flue as in influenza. We're talking about the flavor of Kentucky flue cured tobacco in Django e liquid. This old-time style of curing tobacco involves a slow heating process of raised stalks wrapped in delicate tobacco leaves. This intricate process results in tasty tobacco flavor that is sweeter than your average leaf and has a medium to high level of nicotine. Exactly what you want in your tobacco flavored e liquid: a sweet buzz. Django is the intelligently crafted combination of this specialty tobacco flavor with vanilla milk and caramel. Inhale Django and let the caramel make a sweet nibble on the tip of your tongue with its rich notes of brown lusciousness that will perk the sides of your mouth into that sugar-pleased smile every time. The vanilla milk travels from your tongue to your throat where it paves a warm pathway for the salt nicotine to journey towards your lungs. While you're basking in this sweet n' creamy glory the strong tobacco flavor will be swirling around your mouth, with notes sweeter than usual and only akin to the curing method of Kentucky flue. This high-class vape juice required a high level of thought. When the makers conjured up its components the result became the best presentative of a sweet, creamy Kentucky tobacco e liquid for you: the vaper who deserves the best flavors in the industry, We've also been giving a great deal of thought to this e juice and can't find a worthy competitor for the unique tobacco flavor in Django. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Caramel, Vanilla, Milk
  • Pink Lemonade Ice - 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid - There are few things in life that compare to that sweet refreshment of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Bonus points if it has an electric pink hue to add an aesthetic panache to the vibrant, zesty thirst quencher. But aren't those kids running the stands getting a little greedy? It seems like their upping their prices by a quarter or more every time you turn around. Well, we guess those bedazzled bicycles aren't going to pay for themselves. Still, you shouldn't be expected to fork out 3 bucks every time you want to taste that iced blend of lemon and sugar. Therefore, we give you Pink Lemonade Ice e liquid. It will zap your tongue and lips while sweetly stroking your palate and cooling off your throat. This isn't your typical lemon-flavored e juice. Pink lemonade Ice brings you the tangy notes of fresh-squeezed lemon, paired with pure cane sugar and a surprise flavor to further cool you off during the sweaty days of summer. Surprise! It's icy mint and it provides the perfect complement to the sweet n' tangy lemonade flavor to cool your throat as the bold vapor approach. This vape juice is driven by the invigoration of salt nicotine that smoothly strides on the notes of ice and mint to deliver the zesty, sweet flavor of lemonade to your lungs. While this will give you the strength to say no to those cute, capitalism-driven kids, it may still be a nice gesture to drop a quarter or two in their jar as you breathe in the zesty, refreshing combination of lemon, sugar, ice, mint and salt nicotine in Pink Lemonade Ice e liquid. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Sugar, Mint
  • Frank N Vape - 13th Floor Elevapors E LiquidSometimes when you wake up in the morning, you crave something that you can make right away. Not only are you in a rush, but also you want something worth having in the morning. At this time, most of us settle for a nice bowl of cereal, but when we open your cereal cabinet, the one that is going to hit the spot might not be available. Maybe you should avoid all of this work of putting together a great bowl of cereal and help yourself to this e liquid that is going to be amazing. Frank N Vape is the name of the vape juice that is going to make you feel as if you just fixed yourself a bowl of cereal filled with fruity flakes that are going to be crunchy and savory. They are going to be noticeable from the first pull, and then you are going to taste the yummy milk flavor smoothly making its way inside as it gives you a creamy sensation like no other. You need some milk in your bowl, or else you will be helping yourself to a dry meal and nobody likes that. As you keep pulling, you realize that there is something sneaking up on you. That flavor is coming from the tasty fluffy marshmallows that were added so that it can truly satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. This e liquid is going to give you a tiny throat hit that is not going to be intense, but it is still going to make this vape trip a lot better. When you exhale, you are going to feel the clouds smoothly making their way out and giving you the cloud show you have been waiting for. The clouds are going to be huge and have this amazing scent that will most likely leave you speechless. Primary Flavors: Milk, Fruit, Cereal, Marshmallow


**Some products contain salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm vaping.**



Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Apple Pucker By 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Django By 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Pink Lemonade Ice By 13th Floor Elevapors Nic Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Frank N Vape By 13th Floor Elevapors 
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