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Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid
Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid
Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid
$ 44.99
Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid
$ 44.99

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Product Description

Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid

It's always good to shake things up a little bit and have some fun, the Blnd'd E Liquid line knows all about the importance of keeping a little bit of adventure and passion in your life. The three options that they have are made with such a huge focus of satisfaction and quality that you're not going to know just what to do with yourself, its absolutely stunning the way that they were able to bring together flavors in a way that can be appreciated as a cohesive taste as well as for its individual aspects that can hold their own as well. This bundle is going to give you a 100ml bottle of each of this lines juices so that you can try all of their delicious options for yourself and at one shocking savings at that!

Flavors Included:


  • Sapodilla Straw-Melon - Blnd'd E Liquid - You know what people say, fruit is natures candy. These fruit blends are going to have you dreaming of the Caribbean with their rare and exotic flavors that you can't find anywhere close to home. When you wish that you could cancel all of your appointments, pack your bags and fly away to paradise, this is going to be just the solution that you were needing to be able to live out your fantasy of sand and sun. It can be so difficult to be able to get yourself into a relaxed mindset and be able to truly let your worries subside and soak everything else in, a juice that is made with such detailed accuracy will be able to accomplish this so simply and make it so that you can consistently get all of the delicious flavors that you have been craving without anything stopping you. This is an option that will appeal to anyone who finds themselves consistently on the search for new fruit blends, at first thought you might think that there are only so many different options that will be possible. This blend is a breath of fresh air that will be like nothing else that you have ever seen before. Blnd'd E Liquid bring together unique flavors to make combinations that are going to electrify your senses and keep you coming back for inhale after inhale. You just can't beat the juices that they come up with and because of their great amount of quality, they will be your top choice. Sapodilla Straw-Melon starts out with the super rare, exotic sapodilla fruit which is so sweet and tender and then brings into some juicy, refreshing watermelon and super bold, intense strawberries that boost everything up. Primary Flavors: Sapodilla, StrawberryWatermelon
  • Braz-Berry Grape Acai - Blnd'd E Liquid - The hottest trend in the world of food as of late has been acai bowls, they are wholesome, nutritious and so yummy. We see them all over social media for their photogenic appearance and they are the kind of snack that can make you feel energized, light and able to take on your day with ease. Unfortunately, these dishes can take a lot of time to put together and can be really expensive if you were to go out to a restaurant and buy one. A juice like this is going to allow you to enjoy this tempting flavor without any of the inconveniences and it can be taken along with you on all of your adventures to take some of the stress and strain that cravings can impact on your mind. If you find yourself craving a fresher flavor option, this is going to be a more unique choice that is going to keep up your interest and have you feeling so happy that you have been able to bring it into your collection. it will make its mark and be an irreplaceable blend that you won't be able to find anything else that can live up to it. Blnd'd E Liquid brings exciting, different juices to the table that are going to be fabulous options that will be able to please even the pickiest of vapers out there. Everything that they create is of the absolute highest of quality and when you can get a hold of one, you will be as pleased as punch every time. Braz Berry Grape Acai takes bold blue raspberry, juicy, sweet grapes, and some exotic, spectacular acai berries and makes a juice that is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Primary Flavors: Blue RaspberryGrape, Acai Berry
  • Blood Orange Mangosteen Starfruit - Blnd'd E Liquid - Be blown away by the intense flavors that are packed into this bottle of juice that will inspire you to be outgoing, fun and change things up. Everyone loves a little bit of adventure and you will most certainly be able to garner that from this juice that fills up your senses with loads of bright, bold flavor that is going to keep you on your toes. That's a good thing because we can all get caught into these cycles where we end up vaping the same old juices over and over again and end up feeling uninspired and bored. When you are able to vape this scrumptious juice it is going to be like you have finally found the light! This is the intense fruit blend that you have been looking for with so many different unique qualities that are going to appeal to any of those more jaded vapers out there that think that they have seen it all and that there is nothing else left out there to shock them and make them feel excited again. You will feel like you did when you first grabbed a mod and took that initial inhale that turned you into a dedicated vaper. Blnd'd E Liquid doesn't shy away from a challenge and with their raw talent and spectacular way of being able to put flavors together so that they taste as though they were meant to be a pair all along. You will be getting an exceptional quality product from them every time so you will be confident in every investment that you make. Blood Orange Mangosteen Starfruit brings passionate, bold blood orange together with succulent, exotic mangosteen and tropical, tart starfruit that will send you away to paradise. Primary Flavors: Blood OrangeMangosteen, Starfruit

Package Contains:

  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Blood Orange Mangosteen Starfruit by Blnd'd E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Braz-Berry Grape Acai by Blnd'd E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of Sapodilla Straw-Melon by Blnd'd E Liquid

Customer Reviews

Blnd'd E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Blnd'd E Liquid has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.