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Bolt By One Up Vapor Bundle - Bolt By One Up Vapor
Bolt By One Up Vapor Bundle - Bolt By One Up Vapor
Bolt By One Up Vapor Bundle - Bolt By One Up Vapor
$ 49.99
Bolt By One Up Vapor Bundle - Bolt By One Up Vapor
$ 49.99
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Bolt By One Up Vapor Bundle - Bolt By One Up Vapor



There were once three little e liquids that took the vape scene by storm. It was difficult for people to get their hands on them, so finally, the company said no more! Now they figured a little bundle will settle the score because they knew that everyone wanted them all. Okay, we ran out of rhymes, but Bolt By One Up Vapor is now allowing us to get all three of their e liquids in this bundle. When you get your hands on this bundle, you are going to receive three e liquids that come loaded with 100ml of e liquid, which brings you to a total of 300ml! This will all be available at the affordable price of $49.99, so act not before this deal disappears. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Tropical Worm - Bolt By One Up VaporWhy bother going to the candy shop and being pushed around by several kids experiencing a sugar rush when all you can do is take a pull of this amazing e liquid? Tropical Worm is the name of the amazing e liquid that is going to allow you to have a nostalgic experience so that you can feel like one of those kids bouncing off the walls because they ate too many sweets. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can feel as if you were slowly allowing several fruity gummy creatures into your mouth. Do not panic because these are not any creatures that want to do anything gross inside of you. They just want you to feel like you are able to chew away and enjoy their chewy and fruity goodness. As the sweet creatures make themselves feel at home, you can kind of taste the different hints of tropical fruits that are beginning to circulate around. You can taste a couple hints of a few berries and a couple pineapple notes, but nothing that is going to be too potent for you to be distracted from the full experience of vaping with this e liquid. The flavors are going to slowly begin to make their way down your throat and you can feel the flavors giving you a small throat hit, that will not be intense like those blends that contain salt based nicotine, but it will still offer a burst of flavors. As you keep savoring the blend, you will be able to taste how sweet and juicy these gummy critters tastes. It is as if you just opened a bag of your favorite gummy candies that is going to taste amazing. When you begin to exhale, you will be able to admire the huge and aromatic clouds that are just going to be flowing out of your mouth and making you feel like a fire extinguisher. When the clouds leave, all you may want to do is go on another incredible trip. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy
  • Thirst - Bolt By One Up VaporThis e liquid sounds like an island adventure to me. Thirst is the name of the e liquid that is going to taste like a fruity cocktail that is going to be creamy, fruity, and juicy. So yes, it will most likely quench any thirst that you may be having. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the delicious mango making its way inside and showing you how ripe it was when it was first added to the blend. It might even give you a creamy sensation that is going to be amazing. Speaking of a creamy sensation, as you keep savoring the blend, you will be able to taste the guava adding to the creamy feel, and allowing the flavors to travel around smoothly. Such sweet fruits are going to be amazing, but the tangy pineapple is going to make everything taste even better. While you feel all of the flavors having the time of their lives and making their way down, you can taste them beginning to proceed and making their way down your throat. Do not worry because they are going to give you a small yet smooth throat hit. Nothing too intense, but you will still have a good time enjoying the fruits even more as they grow potent. This might be one of the fruitiest, yet somehow creamiest, e liquid you might have ever tried. As much as you may not want to let them leave you so soon, you really have to start breathing again. Do not pass out on us because how else are you going to enjoy another fresh hit? The clouds are going to be flowing out of you and they are going to be big. They might not be too obnoxious compared to other e liquids in the market, but they are still going to be amazing. Primary Flavors: Mango, Guava, Pineapple
  • Rainbow Spectrum - Bolt By One Up VaporNo, this is not referring to some sort of level of queerness that you might or might not identify as. In fact, Rainbow Spectrum is the name of the e liquid that is going to give you the amazing sensation that is going to be packed with several fruity flavors and feel as if you were eating a sherbet. Who does not like a savory e liquid blend especially when it makes you feel as if you are helping yourself to a creamy treat? When you first begin to take a pull of this e liquid, you begin to feel as if several fruity flavors are coming into your mouth and making you feel as if you are eating a fruit salad. All the fruits that were used in this e liquid are going to smoothly begin to make their way down your throat and you will enjoy the small throat hit that you are going to receive. It is not going to be something that will be too intense, as if you were helping yourself to a blend with salt based nicotine. This one is going to be smooth and still give you a burst of flavors that will make the sweet fruits become more potent. When you think you have finished eating your delectable sherbet, you start to exhale and let it out smoothly. There are going to be sweet notes exiting your mouth, but they will give your taste buds a little tease as they make their way out. You are going to be sad to see the sherbet make its way out, but then you will remember that there will be more where that came from. The clouds that are going to come out as you exhale are going to be pretty big and extravagant. They are going to carry this amazing scent that will only enhance this vaping trip. Once they slowly begin to disappear, you consider going back to the sherbet shop but realize all you need to have that amazing sensation is right in your mod. Primary Flavors: Sherbet, Fruit


Package Contains: 

  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Tropical Worm From Bolt By One Up Vapor
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Thirst From Bolt By One Up Vapor
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Rainbow Spectrum from Bolt By One Up Vapor 

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