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Cali Steam X E Liquid Bundle - Cali Steam X E Liquid
$ 24.99
Cali Steam X E Liquid Bundle - Cali Steam X E Liquid
Cali Steam X E Liquid Bundle - Cali Steam X E Liquid
$ 24.99

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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Cali Steam X E Liquid Bundle - Cali Steam X E Liquid



When you discover a new e liquid collection, it is sometimes difficult to determine which specific vape juice from the group is your favorite. This is why you always hate yourself when you are forced to purchase one, but not the other. If we told you that now you can purchase a bundle that contains your favorite e liquids from the incredible brand, Cali Steam X E Liquid, will you be impressed? Well, start jumping in joy because this bundle is about to knock your socks off. This bundle is going to contain the three flavors from this line of e liquids and each one is going to come in a 120ml bottle of e liquid. This means that at the end, you will have 360ml of e liquid to vape with all day long. A deal this good does not come around often and it certainly does not last forever. Get now while you can!


Flavors Include: 


  • Toucan - Cali Steam E Liquid - Follow your nose! Let this rainbow beaked toucan escort you to a land of flavor where every inhale contains so much bright, sweet fruity flavor that you will feel like you've just been transported to another dimension where everything you love has been copied and made even better. Cali Steam E Liquid makes really high quality blends that are made exclusively with products that are sourced throughout the USA. You can feel comforted by knowing how seriously the creators of this line take product quality and that you will get some of the best of the best juices from them with no questions about how delicious they are. Toucan is a spot on recreation of that sugary cereal that we would all eat a bowl or two of before heading off to school in the morning. Such a well known, beloved breakfast classic that if you're going to do it, you have to do it right and spoiler alert, these guys do it right! When you inhale this juice you're going to taste a plethora of different sweet, fruity cereal tastes that are covered with ice cold, refreshing milk that backs up that original taste. If you're one of those folks that like to try to eat healthily and avoid sugary snacks, you probably stick to those boring old grain based blends that are bland and uninspiring, now you can enjoy that cereal that you lust after when you're walking down the aisle. Cereal can be a pretty difficult thing to transport along with you as well, no one wants to pull out a bag that's filled with squishy, soggy cereal in it or have a disgusting warm milk hanging around for hours, so that's why it's so awesome that we can just use this yummy vape juice. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Cereal, Milk
  • Pearadise - Cali Steam E Liquid - You've got one bottle of Pearadise, pack your bags you leave tonight! This juice is like the most amazing fruit salad that you get from a buffet in the restaurant of a five-star cruise ship. That might sound like a weird way of describing it but once you try it, you will understand exactly what we mean. There's a certain upscale quality that you get from this juice's flavor, this wasn't made with your generic supermarket fruits that were just tossed together into a bowl, this uses real hand-picked produce that's been made into an exquisite, beautiful display. You deserve a getaway. Life is tough, you're busy and things always seem to get in the way, it takes a lot of effort and money to go on a trip and frankly, it's so much easier just to relax at home. This juice lets you take a little mini vacation at your vaping convenience that will allow you to just close your eyes, suspend belief for a moment and inhale this juice to be transported away to an island resort. What will you do first? Go for a swim in cool, clear ocean water, go for a long, romantic walk in the sand, lounge around in the sun and work on your tan, the options are virtually endless. This blend starts out with a base of fresh, clean pear flavor and a number of different bold, tropical fruits are mixed in with it to make for a treat that delivers on the exciting exotic notes that you think of when sunny, beachfront getaways come to mind. Get out your floppiest beach hat and your favorite pair of sunglasses to make this dream seem even more real. Primary Flavors: Pear
  • TropiCali - Cali Steam E Liquid - The tropical mixed fruit masterpiece that you've fantasized about is here and you don't even have to worry about packing your bags. Just close your eyes, inhale and feel yourself relaxing on a gorgeous beach where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and you're on a long vacation where there isn't a single thing back home that isn't taken care of. You can lounge around all day long reading books, swimming in the bright blue, clear ocean, taking long walks on the pristine white sand and of course, eating all of the local foods that are so fresh and flavorful. If you have ever had the pleasure to experience what real, fresh, handpicked, in season food tastes like, you will know that the stuff that you can get at your local grocery store doesn't hold a torch to it. When you taste this blend by the amazing, high quality vape juice producers at Cali Steam E Liquid you will feel as though you have been missing out on what real fruits taste like your entire life, it will be like an awakening for your taste buds. The configuration of the flavors that go into this will almost remind you of one of those expensive juices from those kiosks in most shopping malls where there is always super long lineups and a whole bunch of other inconveniences that you won't have to pay any mind to ever again. This juice blends together juicy, fresh pomegranate, succulent, sweet mango, tart kiwi fruits, and citrusy pineapple juice to make a fruit punch that's going to have your eyes lighting up with joy! Take flavor to a new time and place without having to even leave your couch, a great way to explore a world full of tastes without even having to change out of your pajamas. Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple, Pomegranate


Package Contains


  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Toucan By Cali Steam E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Pearadise By Cali Steam E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of TropiCali By Cali Steam E Liquid


Customer Reviews

Cali Steam X E Liquid Bundle - Cali Steam X E Liquid has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.