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Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid
$ 14.99
Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid
Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid
$ 14.99
Primary Flavors
Product Description

Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid


When you were a kid, nothing tasted better than a special snack, made just for you by your mom or dad. Maybe you were blessed with a parent that was incredibly good in the kitchen—your own culinary whiz that could just look at a meal and know, instantly, how to make it. Or, maybe your parent was a little less gifted in the kitchen; maybe they struggled to make edible pasta, no matter how many recipes they looked at. But there was one snack that anyone could make, regardless of skill level: from pro to amateur, they know how to nail this one treat. All you need is a box of crispy rice cereal and a pan of melted marshmallows: that’s it. With these two ingredients, you can create a classic snack that is sweet, gooey, and with a slight crunch that adds a bit of texture and personality to your piece. The sweet, crispy treat from childhood is the primary flavor in Crispy Treats, an e-juice blend from Hometown Hero. It takes the buttery taste of rice cereal and mixes it with the sweet flavor of marshmallow to capture the taste of your mom’s classic homemade dessert. This blend gives you the same rush of nostalgic delight, but there are no calories and no sticky mess—just an intense taste you can enjoy without melting anything. You can indulge in this flavor as often as you like; it’s a sugar-free blend that won’t leave you with a stomachache from eating too much of it (which you probably did as a kid). It’s a sweet, full vaping experience, with intense smoothness on every inhalation. Crispy Treats is a wonderful balance of sweet and buttery; it’s delicate, rich, and delicious. You’ll have no regrets when you grab this bottle for your collection. So enjoy a crispy treat whenever you feel like it—with Crispy Treats, you’ll love it from start to finish!


Primary Flavors: Cereal, Marshmallow


PG/VG: 30/70

Customer Reviews

Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid has a rating of 3.5 stars based on 2 reviews.
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