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Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid Bundle #3 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid
$ 82.50
Dead Mans Hand Elixir Bundle #3 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid
Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid Bundle #3 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid
$ 82.50

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Product Description

Dead Mans Hand Elixirs E Liquid Bundle #3 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid



Another day, another bundle brought to us by the creators behind Dead Mans Hand Elixirs E Liquid. In this bundle, we are going to have the opportunity to get our hands on three of the e liquids in this collection that are going to be fun to try out. Seeing that the e liquids in this collection come in two different quantities, 60ml and 120ml, you can choose how much e liquid you want. So it seems like you are only going to have to be concerned with the quantity because when it comes to quality you know that these vape juices are going to be great. Both deals are going to be available at an affordable price, so do not be afraid and check out what you do not want to be missing out on. Are you going to get the total of the 180ml bundle or the 360ml one?


Flavors Include: 

  • No.77 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E LiquidWhat's the special occasion? This juice seems awfully fancy for everyday use! Good thing that with vaping, every day can be a celebration and you don't need any excuse to celebrate. Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid pulls out all of the stops with their exceptional quality vape juice blends that deliver a luxurious, impressive vaping experience with every inhale. No.77 combines a rich, decadent caramel butter toffee base with a silky smooth vanilla custard, sweet bavarian cream and a hint of zesty orange for a unique flavor that's so complex. You will never lose your interest with this blend that does a spectacular job at ensuring all tastes included are fully represented within the scope of this juice. When you vape this you will easily be able to pick out all of the components and tell how high quality they are. To kick things up even a notch more Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid ages all of their liquids in bourbon-soaked whiskey bottles for an extra little note that sets all of the other tastes involved in their juices. Like a finely aged scotch without the price tag, this blend is going to make you feel like you are treating yourself to a luxury experience. Find your happy place with this juice that has all of the taste that you could ever dream of without having to book any reservations ahead of time or find some stuffy, uncomfortable outfit to wear. Take this with you on the go for a party whenever you're able to fire up your mod. But a warning, the scent of the clouds from this juice will have people swarming around wanting to know what that scrumptious smell really is. Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, Caramel, Butter, Toffee, Bavarian Cream, Orange
  • No.66 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid - People who love sweet, smooth tastes, watch out for this one! No.66 by Dead Mans Hand E Liquid does an amazing job at creating a wonderfully sweet, complex flavor by using a wide range of ingredients to design the ideal flavor profile in each and every one of their blends. You will fall in love with just how high quality these blends are and the fact that this lines juices are made in small batches and aged to perfection in bourbon-soaked whiskey barrels is something that adds a very luxurious quality to all of them. You work hard so you deserve to treat yourself and this juice is a fantastic way to do that with its ability to taste like a dessert that was made at a high-end bakery but without the excessive price, extra calories and the wait. Just pick up your mod, fill it with No.66 and vape all of your troubles away. A premium french vanilla custard is poured into a graham cracker pie crust, then given accents of Tahitian vanilla as well as Madagascar vanilla for a trifecta of vanilla flavors that come together to make something that is purely magical. So sit down, relax and give yourself a little bit of time to relax and reflect with your top mod in hand, blowing big, dense, delicious vanilla scented clouds into the air. You will definitely feel like you are having a very special experience with this sensual flavor that glides over your taste buds and goes down so silky. You shouldn't ever have to settle for anything that isn't the best of the best and this blend by Dead Mans Hand E Liquid is just that! Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, Graham Cracker
  • No.33 - Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid - If you're a sweet tooth who is in need of a new daily juice, this one is going to be perfect. Savory and sweet, this makes for a great balance that will be comfortable to vape without causing you to become overwhelmed over a large period of time. No.33 mixes together toasted graham cracker with golden brown sugar cookies, a dollop of sweet bavarian cream and some rich salted caramel drizzled over the top of everything. So many different flavors come together to make this juice the complex masterpiece that it is, one thing that really adds something special to this blend is that all of Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid ages all of their liquids in bourbon-soaked whiskey barrels. A truly high-class vaping experience that will remind you of if you had gone to a gourmet bakery and bought some fantastic, innovative creation. We all need to spice up our vaping routines every once in a while and this juice really is something that is different than anything else you can get on the market. You will be in a definite state of shock when you taste the incredibly realistic, original flavors that make this high-end juice so exceptional. Easy to fall in love with, your significant other might just get a little bit jealous of this blend that will be taking up all of your attention. A true treasure, hold this juice near and dear, it would be a heartbreak if you ever found your tank empty without this near. So bring it along with you on the go, no other juice in your collection can reach the standards that this spectacular juice sets. Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Sugar, Cookie, Bavarian Cream, Caramel



Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 60ml Or 120ml Bottle Of No.77 By Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml Or 120ml Bottle Of No.66 By Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml Or 120ml Bottle Of No.33 By Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid



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