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Gods Of Egypt Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid
$ 44.99
Gods Of Egypt Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid
Gods Of Egypt Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid
$ 44.99
Product Description

Gods Of Egypt E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid


Get all of the Egyptian mythology inspired blends that you could ever dream of with this fabulous bundle that includes all of the different blends Gods Of Egypt E Liquid has to offer. You will receive three, 100ml bottles of each of their flavors for a discounted price that will have you smiling for hours! This is really a spectacular deal that's perfect for anyone who already loves or is excited to try the blends from this creative brand.

** Recieve one of each of the flavors listed below**

3 x 10ml for only $59.99!!!


Flavors Included: 

  • Raa - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid - Ah! The god of sun, a diety that the entire world is dependent on. Who doesn't love a bright sunny day where the birds are chirping in the sky and the warm rays are shining on your skin. There is nothing that feels better than being able to go out on a beautiful, bright day and enjoying natures beauty. Raa is considered to be the king of all gods, the top of the very top and this blend definitely reflects that. This juice will soon become the very top in your collection and have you reaching for it over and over again. Some scholars even say that the pyramids were built to look like rays of sun that come from Raa, imagine busting your back all day in the desert heat building those massive structures. Once you finally got off for the day, it would be amazing to be able to put your feet up and have a cold, refreshing drink in your hand. This juice tastes like a fresh mojito with a hint of cucumber that will have you feeling so revived that you won't want anything else to fill your tank. Inhale and taste fresh, natural flavored mint be touched by clean, pure sliced cucumber and feel all of your worries and stresses just drift away into the atmosphere if only for a few minutes. It's no wonder that Raa loves this flavor so much, it's tough being the king of gods! Even he needs something to help him to unwind at the end of the day. So take a moment for yourself and inhale the wonderful, well represented and unique flavor that Gods Of Egypt has made exclusively for your pleasure.Live your best life with this nectar of the gods! Primary Flavors: Mint, Cucumber
  • Osirus - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid - Even though he's the god of the underworld, Osirus still has a sweet side! He might seem like a deep, dark, scary god at first glance but the Egyptians see him in a more as a being that is in control of transition, resurrection, and regeneration, he symbolizes rebirth and the afterlife. This vape juice blend is made to recreate the tiny, pill shaped mint flavored treats that we all go crazy for. Seriously, it can be tough sometimes to even find them on the shelves they are just that insanely popular! A bright, crisp orange flavor is mixed in with a strong mint to make something that you could literally vape for hours and hours on end without ever getting bored. That flavor that we all know and love is really recreated seamlessly by the creative minds at Gods Of Egypt E Liquid who never do anything without putting their all into it. A truly unique taste that will have you feeling like you've just gotten hit by lightning with its energizing, bold flavor that might just leave you completely and totally speechless. Seriously, this stuff might even make some of those mummies that Osirus was in charge of bringing down to the underworld back from the dead. Completely amazing with its intense taste that is so well balanced that anyone who tastes it won't believe it's not the real thing. Imagine having something like this by your side when you were trying to build the pyramids? It would have gone by a lot quicker and everyone would have been in a much better mood! Maybe next time you are near the sphynx you can let a few clouds out for him to enjoy as well. Primary Flavors: Orange, Mint
  • Baset E Liquid - Gods Of Egypt E Liquid - Taking you all the way back to the days of ancient Egypt, Gods Of Egypt E Liquid provides unique vape juice blends that ignite your taste buds as well as your thirst for knowledge. One inhale of this fine blend and you will be whisked away to a different time and place that has a rich history and culture that is nothing short of simply amazing. Learn the ways of those who came before us and realize some important lessons in even todays times that help simplify problems we once thought were complicated. The flavor Baset by Gods Of Egypt E Liquid is so refreshing and delicious that it could get you through the sweltering desert heat without even a drop of sweat forming on your forehead. Sweet, juicy, ripe, bright red strawberries come together with the most succulent watermelon and the slightest hint of mint for a fruity combination that will have you feeling bright, awakened and able to take on an entire archaeological dig all on your own. A fantastic all day, every day kind of juice that will never become too heavy or overwhelming but keep providing you with a realistic tasting, vibrant flavor. Baset is known to be the cat goddess who the daughter of Ra the god of the sun. This goddess is known for her ability to protect and defend the pharaoh so she needs a juice that can keep up with her high priority security detail. A perfectly balanced blend of punchy, invigorating fruits is perfect for doing just that and that hint of mint does wonders for making it so amazingly fresh. If you're ever in doubt this will be just the right juice to reach for. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry, Mint

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