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Gold 32 Bubble Gum – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99
Gold 32 Bubble Gum – Crown E Liquid
Gold 32 Bubble Gum – Crown E Liquid
Gold 32 Bubble Gum – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99

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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Gold 32 Bubble Gum – Crown E Liquid



Stop blowing chewing gum, and blow some yummy clouds with the Bubble Gum e liquid. Besides, blowing gum is so yesterday, and you are in the now. Bubble Gum e liquid has a sweet flavor that feels as if it is blowing gum into your mouth. When you first inhale this e liquid, it may take you back to those days when you had a fresh packet of bubble gum and you were ready to take on the world. As you keep pulling, the e liquid just gets sweeter and sweeter without becoming sour. It is traveling smoothing as down your throat, and it feels as if it was one of those gums that were sold in rolls of tape that is undoing itself. You are starting to feel as if you were a young child enjoying yourself a delicious piece of gum that will lose its flavor in thirty seconds. Unfortunately, you may also only be able to hold Bubble Gum for thirty second, but not because the flavor will be over, but due to the fact that you have to breathe at some point. As you slowly release this delectable e liquid, it feels as if you are blowing those big bubbles that will pop on your face, but not stick. The clouds are getting bigger and bigger, and it convinces you to consider competing in one of those bubble gum blowing competitions. When Bubble Gum is out of your system, it is clear that there is room for some more. There is 30ml of e juice available in each bottle, so do not worry about finishing it so soon. Pretend it is a fresh packet of gum, and you do not want to be that person to get ambushed and asked for a piece of gum by several people. That will end up with either you not having more gum to yourself or the changes of losing some friends. Keep it to yourself and it will be our little secret.



Primary Flavors: Bubble Gum


PG/VG: 30/70

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