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Grape GEEKS - Verde Valley Vapes E Liquid
$ 8.00
Grape GEEKS - Verde Valley Vapes E Liquid
Grape GEEKS - Verde Valley Vapes E Liquid
$ 8.00
Primary Flavors
Product Description

Grape GEEKS - Verde Valley Vapes E Liquid 



When getting a bag of assorted candy, some kids do not appreciate the unique flavors that each treat has to offer. You might have been one of those kids, but we hope you have grown out of the picky stage. If you have not, it is all right because there is time for you to change. However, you should definitely worry about that later. Right now, you have to take a puff of this e liquid that is going to possibly leave you speechless. Grape GEEKS is the name of the e liquid that is going to make you feel as if you are hanging out in a candy store that is letting you grab as many treats as you wish. It is as if you won some sort of contest and your prize was to help yourself to anything you like in the store, but once you leave you cannot take or have anything on the house anymore. You quickly gravitated towards the hard pieces of candy that just melt on your taste buds. You might have a hard time deciding which one specifically you want to try out first, but again you can try as many as you’d like. The owner of the candy store tells you that they just got a fresh shipment of the grape flavor, so you go and try it out. Taking a pull of this e liquid is going to feel as if you just popped one of these treats into your mouth. The grape flavor is going to be rich and sweet. Whoever made this blend, clearly knows a thing or two of extracting all of the juiciness of the grapes and adding it to these pieces of candy. Suddenly, you are going to get a sour kick that is going to make your mouth pucker. This is going to be the sweet and sour e liquid that you are not going to be able to get enough of. This is the only candy in the candy shop that you are not going to leave alone. The candy shop owner better is ready to order a new shipment of those grape treats pretty soon because they are about to finish. 


Primary Flavors: Grape, Candy

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