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It’s So Fluffy! - Vape Wild E Liquid
$ 9.99
It’s So Fluffy! - Vape Wild E Liquid
It’s So Fluffy! - VapeWild E Liquid
It’s So Fluffy! - Vape Wild E Liquid
$ 9.99
Primary Flavors
Product Description

It’s So Fluffy! - Vape Wild E Liquid


When you want something sweet, a pastry or dessert item does not usually do it for you. You are the type of person that reaches for a piece of candy as opposed to reaching for a cookie. However, when it comes to candy, it can even be difficult to decide which one you want. This is why going to a candy shop can sometimes be nerve wrecking for you because there are so many options, you do not know which one you want to start digging into. Well, how about we give you a little help and offer a sweet fluffy treat that is going to come in an e liquid. It’s So Fluffy! is the name of the e liquid that is going to give you the cotton candy flavor that you desire but do not always come across by. The exclamation is included in the name, so when you say the name of this vape juice, remember to scream it out. If someone gets annoyed of you yelling, do not mind them because they are only jealous. When you take the first pull, you are going to taste the sugary blast making its way inside your mouth. As it starts to pack inside, you might begin to feel as if you were the cotton candy machine making the treat for everyone. The cotton candy is going to taste so sweet that you might believe you are developing a sugar rush. You might develop a nostalgic feeling of the days that your parents used to press you about not eating too many sweets because you be getting a little crazy with all that sugar. Well, good thing there are no parents around right now, and the sugar rush you are going to get when vaping with this e liquid is going to be minor. The e liquid is even going to have a throat hit loaded and ready for you to receive whenever you let it go down your throat. When you exhale, you are going to feel the blend beginning to make its way up your throat and out of your mouth. Do not worry because the trip is not over yet. Your cloudy friends are going to greet you and start telling you that you have to go on another trip right away. Peer pressure never felt or tasted so good.


Primary Flavors: Cotton Candy


PG/VG: 35/65

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