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Lazy Dragon - Dragon Line E Liquid
$ 19.99
Lazy Dragon - Dragon Line E Liquid
Lazy Dragon - Dragon Line E Liquid
$ 19.99
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Product Description

Lazy Dragon - Dragon Line E Liquid 



Who is the lazy youngster? You will be once you take a pull of this e liquid and realize you do not want to do anything else in the world. Lazy Dragon is the name of the e liquid that is ready to spend all day long with you relaxing, while you take a couple pull of this e liquid. When you take a pull of this e liquid you feel as if you are hanging out at some grandma's house that loves to bake for anyone. There is a pie cooling down and a plate on your hand so that you can go for the first slice. Once your slice of pie is ready for you to eat, you take your fork and bring a piece of it slowly to your mouth. The fork will represent the mod you bring to your lips so that you can finally take a pull of this e liquid. Once you get the piece of pie in your mouth, you realize that this is not just any pie. This is a key lime piece filling up your mouth with a ton of sweetness. As you savor the piece, you can taste how rich the limes are and how they are giving you a sweet and sour combination. However, the sour flavor is not too potent, so do not think that this e liquid is just going to be sour all around. As you keep savoring this e liquid, you can taste the vanilla flavor creeping in and trying to be noticed. Right when you think this is the entire flavor that the e liquid has to offer to you, you begin to feel as if the grandmother who made this pie topped it off with some amazing graham crackers that only made the flavor of the pie better. As you slowly exhale, its smoothly makes an exit, and the clouds may be massive, but that might not bother you. As long as the trip was amazing, this whole process will be memorable. Feeling Lazy yet? Who cares if you do because everyone deserves a little time off once in a while, and it will only be better with Lazy Dragon filled in your mod.  


Primary Flavors: Lime, Custard, Pie, Vanilla, Graham Cracker

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