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Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill (2 Pack) - Logic
$ 11.99
Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill (2 Pack) - Logic
Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill (2 Pack) - Logic
Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill (2 Pack) - Logic
$ 11.99

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Product Description

Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill (2 Pack) - Logic



We know you’re a logical thinker. Logical thinker, meet the Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill. Like a gift from above to any logical thinker, we won’t try to sell you a sappy story about how this superb product can change your life (although this is true). We get it, you’re a skeptic who’s all about straight facts, figures, and numbers. So we’ll let you know now that you’ll be able to use this product extensively. Each capsule is filled with 18mg of nicotine and offer up to 300 puffs each. It’s design and packaging are as sophisticated as your thoughts which is a telling sign of how much care Logic puts into its consumer products. Plus, it’s the same reason why you’ll receive two capsules in this package of Logic Pro Berry Capsule instead of one. Take comfort in knowing that Logic’s got your back as a brand who understands that you’re a busy person, and busy people have lives. They create products that cater to the person on the go and work hard to show it. They know, we know, and you know how precious time truly is. Don’t waste it trying to fuss with shopping lists and making multiple errand runs. We know, you’d hate for us to go sappy, but hear us out! You’re forced to make decisions all day long, from the moment you wake up to the time you lay your head on the pillow. Think about how much easier your day will become with a spike of berry goodness on the go. Besides, all that running around will seriously affect your time efficiency. You wouldn’t want to screw yourself over so let us make a good decision for you; try this Logic Pro Berry Capsule.



Product Feature: 

Package Includes: 

  • 2 Logic Pro Berry Capsule Refill


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