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Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 - Miami Ice E Liquid
Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 - Miami Ice E Liquid
Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 - Miami Ice E Liquid
$ 27.99
Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 - Miami Ice E Liquid
$ 27.99

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Product Description

Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 - Miami Ice E Liquid



The Miami Ice E Liquid Bundle #1 might be the one you need since it is filled with some of the fruitiest blends. There are three different e liquids that you will receive when you purchase this bundle, and each chubby gorilla bottle will contain 120ml of delicious vape juice. This brings you a total of 360ml at the cost of 27.99. Unfortunately, all good things do not last very long, so you better make sure you get your hands on this bundle while you can before it comes to an end. With a deal this good, we will not be surprised if you purchase this bundle more than once. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Spearmint Candy - Miami Ice E Liquid - It is not difficult to find an e liquid that is minty, but you might not be able to discover one that gives you a similar sensation to what Spearmint Candy has to offer. Part of the Miami Ice E Liquid collection, do not hesitate to get your hands on this blend because it might not be available for you when you give in. The vape juice will be ready to make anyone feel as if they are at a candy shop helping themselves to a succulent sugary treat. The spearmint hints will add to the sweetness and make several taste buds act up. However, the spearmint ingredient is not the only reason why there is an icy touch occurring inside of you. The bold menthol flavor will eventually become very noticeable and unavoidable. With a PG/VG level of 20/80, this e liquid will not hold back in giving you the small throat hit that it has loaded and ready to explode. Well, it will not be too intense, but you will still enjoy how potent the primary flavors become. Overall, this is a lovely vape trip that gets better when the friendly clouds make an appearance. Everyone should puff away with this e liquid in an area where there is a lot of room for the obnoxious cloudy bunch. They scatter around as if they had all the space in the world. Their size might hypnotize anyone that takes a look at them, but their scent might be the reason why many people fall in love with them. The beautiful aromas simply please the sense of scent and they even linger around for a bit after the clouds disappear. There is a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle available for purchase in a couple of different nicotine strengths. Pick up this e liquid and you will most likely not regret it. Primary Flavors: Spearmint, CandyMenthol
  • Melon Mojito - Miami Ice E Liquid - Happy hour might begin in the afternoon, but when you have Melon Mojito, it seems like there is a party whenever you take a hit. This e liquid is part of the Miami Ice E Liquid collection, which is not shy at creating some unique vape juices. Their roster is packed with several tasty concoctions that people continue to pick up, and this one is simply joining in on the fun. Right from the beginning, the first few hints will offer a huge mixture of numerous melons that make our mouths water. The watermelon will be refreshing as it puts you in the summer mood. Indulging in this ripe watermelon is always a good time as you let the sweetness dissolve on top of your tongue. The cantaloupe will be sugary, and it may even add this creamy sensation that makes the texture of this e liquid grow smooth. If you think you can use some more sweetness, then you will most likely fall in love with the honeydew melon notes. It is more sugary than a cantaloupe, but that is the best part of the whole experience. Eventually, you will savor the lime, which is kind of like a garnish to the wonderful cocktail. However, there is one more thing missing, but you will probably taste it faster than you can think about it. The menthol will give the icy touch that makes every warm-blooded person want to cross his or her arms in order to preserve some heat. It might even get chillier as the throat hit goes off. Well, it is not going to be an intense throat hit, but it will be one that still lets you appreciate what this e liquid was made for. When breathing out appreciate the wonderful clouds that appear in front of you. They get obnoxiously big, but it seems like the wonderful aromas are the ones that will steal your attention. Primary Flavors: WatermelonCantaloupeHoneydew, Lime, Menthol
  • Blackberry Candy - Miami Ice E Liquid - A sugary treat is something many people are down to enjoy on a daily basis, but the e liquid Blackberry Candy kicks things up a notch. Miami Ice E Liquid is the collection that creates succulent vape juices that simply keep us coming back for more. For example, this particular blend will make you wish you discovered it earlier in order to prevent you from making all those trips to the candy shop. Savor the rich blackberry notes that will roam around the palate and offer all of the sweet notes it is packed with. Gently, it melts on the tongue and makes room for the sugary hints that come after. The candy flavor comes with a sugar rush that will perhaps have you bouncing off the walls. Last, but not least, the menthol hints will be bold and creamy so that it has an easier time spreading all of its icy goodness all over the place. With the PG/VG level of 20/80, there will be a tiny throat hit that goes off in your palate. It enhances the sensation that is occurring in your mouth, and this will possibly cause your taste buds to go crazy. When it comes to the time to exhale, breathe out slowly and let the e liquid escape at its own pace. Feel the tease this vape juice gives you as it glides over your tongue and drops the last few notes it has to offer in your mouth. The clouds will be pretty obnoxious so it is best to indulge in this blend when there is enough room for all of the friendly clouds. You might be hypnotized by the size of thee bad boys, but the aromas might steal the show. They are fragrant, and they simply put a smile on your face while they scatter around you. Glance at the 120ml chubby gorilla bottle and check out how much e liquid you have. By the looks of it, this vape juice will last you a long time. Primary Flavors: BlackberryCandyMenthol


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Spearmint Candy By Miami Ice E Liquid 
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Melon Mojito By Miami Ice E Liquid 
  • 1 x 120ml Bottle Of Blackberry Candy By Miami Ice E Liquid 

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