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MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid Bundle - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid Bundle - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid Bundle - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
$ 69.99
MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid Bundle - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
$ 69.99

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MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid Bundle - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid



Discovering a salt e liquid collection can be a magical experience because you will be able to enjoy new vape juices that are savory. MiNiMal Salt E Liquid might be a collection that you are familiar with because they have created such flavorful blends. Now, they are giving us the opportunity to purchase a bundle that is going to include all of the five flavors in this collection. Each of the bottles is going to have with 30ml of salt e liquid in them, which means that when you get your hands on this bundle, you will receive 150ml of salt e liquid in total. This is a lot of salt e liquid for you to enjoy, and you will certainly not mind having plenty of it. This will all be available at the price of $49.99, and remember that a deal this good is not going to last long! Act now before you miss an incredible savings opportunity. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Tobacco - MiNiMAL Salt E LiquidAn earthy flavor is only as rustic as you make it. Thumbs up if it falls into the hand of a connoisseur whose expert skill is to find the silver lining in every flavor. Tobacco is lauded for its rich earthy tones and thankfully it found its way to MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid, a brand noted for their ability to translate tastes in an authentic, original manner. Tobacco, the e-liquid, bases its zest off tobacco leaves. Every level of taste is explored in the vape juice, fresh, fermented and dried, it gives a new twist to the term rustic. Indeed, your local cigarettes have got nothing on this. Tobacco by MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid is expected to bring the best of flavor and strength to your pod mod. This vape juice comes from the stables of the French and word has it that a couple of sous chefs make up their mixing staff. It goes without saying what is to be expected when using juices made of salt based nicotine: A 50mg potency with a 0mg feel, yes, please. Tobacco is expected to come with the same level of authenticity as the real thing. This, after all, is what MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid boasts of, their ability to convey original tastes in the simplest way possible. Minimalism for them transcends the lifestyle and you can see this even from the simple yet classy outlook of their bottles. Treat your self to a salt based nicotine vape juice that promises equal amounts of exhilaration and satisfaction; the unique zest of tobacco whose congeniality lies, not in its sweetness but, its rich potency. You pod mod has waited a while for this experience, thanks to the French, that time is now. Primary Flavors: Tobacco
  • Vanilla - MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid - In the world of flavor, vanilla has consistently set itself apart for its uniquely congenial taste. It a wonder how a plant, unlike others, can ditch the green leafy taste that legumes are known for and exude neither sweet nor bland, but a creamy zest. This is the beauty of the vanilla. MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid plays on the dynamism of this plant with their e juice which is best suited for pod mod vaping. Vanilla is a rich luxurious concoction that begins with rich and ends with creamy. A subtle sweetness is explored with the exquisite makeup of this e juice. It is neither underwhelming or overwhelming but authentically original in such a way that can only be concluded to be cleverly realistic. It is common for people to attribute culinary expertise to the French, some say that they have mastered the science of taste. MiNiMAL happens to be a line of salt e liquid emerging from the French market. With them, you gain, not only the satisfaction of vaping a higher milligram of nicotine content but also, an exhilarating pod mod experience. MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid dwells on simplicity, the beauty of staying true to the authentic nature of flavors rather than concocting a blend that is more artificial than satisfying. Vanilla, is just one juice in an entire line that speaks to this fact. If you tried the other flavors Tobacco, Mint, Berry Lemonade, and Fruit Medley, you'd already be familiar with the classic taste the brand is synonymous with. Enthralled tastebuds and heaving lungs are some of the things we hope you experience once you begin vaping to this. If you're ready to vape, you know what to do. Primary Flavors: Vanilla
  • Fruit Medley - MiNiMAL Salt E LiquidA trip to Hawaii, to some, is an extremely coveted experience. They'd give anything to, only for a moment, be subjected to a week of luxurious but carefree living. Lush palm trees shading them from the sun. The waves of the beach lapping at their ears, but most importantly, a medley of fruits, as many as they can think, of accompanying every meal of the day. Fruit Medley by MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid is a close call to this dream. If you never thought a bottle could bear the answer to your prayer, think again. Your favorite fruits have all been expertly mixed and contained in a portable bottle so you can treat yourself to its irresistible flavor whenever the need may arise. It doesn't matter that your cravings are unstable, that's why its a medley. If you crave pineapple today and guava tomorrow, Fruit Medley still meets you at the point of your needs. Big ups to MiNiMAL for thinking smart. Like other e juices in this line, Fruit Medley is a salt e liquid which contains salt based nicotine. The difference between this and regular vape juices lies in its potency. Here you can vape higher levels of nicotine without suffering a parched throat. MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid exemplifies minimalism not just by the simplistic outlook of their packaging but also their dedication to originality. To them, a subtle but original pear flavored juice is better than an over the top artificial flavored rendition. Fruit Medley, like other juices made from salt based nicotine, is set to spice up your pod mod in a completely electrifying way. Flavor would meet its match, we're eager to see who survives. Primary Flavors: Fruit
  • Berry Lemonade - MiNiMAL Salt E LiquidMiNiMAL Salt E Liquid claims to love their Berry Lemonade mix berry much. Well, we're about to find out why. In the meantime, say bye bye to the completely depressing concoctions plaguing your vape shelf. The lemons in this mix still have their zest for life. Berry Lemonade takes after the refreshing summer drink. A basket of succulent wild berries is squeezed into a glass of chilled lemonade. Two slices of lemon are then, dropped into this mix for a retained authenticity. The result is a concoction is that saccharine sweet but also sour. In vape terms, the best of both worlds. Berry Lemonade isn't just exceptional for its originality. This vape juice might as well be a blessing to pod mods all over the place, thanks to its salt based nicotine that allows you to inhale a higher consistency of nicotine without settling for harshness or dryness of the throat. Like other flavors in this line of juices, Berry Lemonade bears an originality that reeks of mother earth's touch. The myths of man-made flavors are debunked here. This vape juice belongs to a line of salt e liquid that happens to be the first from the French market. Nothing else says Carpe Diem more than them. If you've constantly craved a rejuvenating pod mod vaping experience, perhaps you should take a stab at MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid. If the authentic taste or the salt based nicotine doesn't do it for you, Then, the thrill of knowing that the Eiffel tower was nearby when this was being concocted should. Inhale and allow your taste buds to be electrified by the promise of summers freshest fruit, ravaging your lungs until you puff out flavorful clouds in the same version. Whether you're a minimalist or simply a vaper who has a penchant for quality, you should go ahead and give Berry Lemonade a try. Primary Flavors: Berry, Lemonade
  • Mint - MiNiMAL Salt E LiquidMinimalism is a trend that has rocked the contemporary world for some time. Why stack your living space with an armoire, a dressing table, and a cabinet when you can get a single piece of furniture that serves all three purposes. For a minimalist, minimalism is not just a trend or an art movement. It is a tool that can assist one in finding freedom. While this concept pertains more to lifestyle, MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid has found a way to bring the idea to their line of vape juices, starting from the simple outlook of the packaging and extending this to the originality of the flavors. A mint-flavored e juice would be extreme if it possessed an unrealistically chilling zest or if it was unbearably sweet, believe us this does exist. Mint by MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid replicates the scent of fresh mint leaves. It is subtly sweet with regular hues of ice. This e juice is chill enough to cool you down on a summer day but not overwhelming in such a way that you question whether or not you have been dropped in the middle of the north pole. If you're a vaper who believes in the importance of original concoctions then it is possible that this e juice would be right for you. MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid happens to be the first range of salt based nicotine vape juices to have come out of the French market. This blend is perfect for pod mods and is intended to bring the best of your vaping experience. Imagine being able to take in an exceedingly high amount of nicotine without suffering dry hits or a constant cough. This salt e liquid takes unbearably out of your routine and replaces it with satisfying. If you've searched the market long enough for a salt based nicotine vape juice that delivers in terms of potency and originality, we hope that Mint gives you all that and more. If however, you are a vaper who has found their peace with regular levels of nicotine, well, it's high time you tried a salt e liquid. Primary Flavors: Mint


**These products are made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Tobacco By MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Vanilla By MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Fruit Medley By MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Berry Lemonade By MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Mint By MiNiMAL Salt E Liquid 

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