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Northwest's Finest E Liquid (Bundle) - Northwest Finest E Liquid
$ 49.99
Sky Vapor E Liquid (Bundle) - Sky Vapor
Northwest's Finest E Liquid (Bundle) - Northwest Finest E Liquid
$ 49.99
Product Description

Northwest's Finest E Liquid (Bundle) - Northwest's Finest E Liquid



Strap on your wings and soar to new heights of thick cloud vaping with this bundle of 3 e liquids from Northwest Finest E Liquid. You can show your patriotism through a red, white and blue popsicle flavored e juice that is as sure to resonate the feelings of American freedom as Old Glory, itself, waving proudly in the sky. The founding fathers would be proud to know that their original color scheme would serve today as a representation of American freedom in the clothes we wear, to the foods we eat and even to the e juices we vape. Northwest Finest E Liquid keeps their bundle soaring proudly by offering a classic combo flavor of strawberry and kiwi served over ice to create a vaping experience that will, seemingly, lift you off the ground. You can't stay grounded forever. If there's one lesson we can take from the uplifting selection of e juice flavors in this Northwest Finest E Liquid bundle, it's that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith into an unknown territory to obtain the ascending feeling of inhaling a tasty new vapor. If you're not a sour fan, that may be the brave step you take when you load the sour berry flavored e liquid from Northwest Finest E Liquid in your tank. It may provide you with a newfound respect for the sour crystals that so many others love, not leaving your face puckered in bitter disappointment but rather enlivened from a glowing feeling of invigoration to pick you up during the day. Ranging from a classic fruit combo served chilled, to a patriotic icy treat and a sour spritzed blast of berry flavor, this bundle of 3 e liquids from Northwest Finest E Liquid will surely leave you with a feeling of ascension above all your problems by blowing tasty clouds of spirit-lifting flavor. 


Flavors Included: 


  • Rockin Seas - Northwest's Finest E Liquid: As a famous singer once stated, if you're looking to rock you'll find no place better than the good ol' US of A. If you think back to the treats from your childhood that gave you the most satisfaction and bore the bright colors of red, white and blue, what "pops" into your head? The tri-colored and triple-flavored ice pop from the hottest summer days of your youth have returned in a brilliant and perfectly patriotic e liquid. Rockin Seas provides you with the best parts of those frozen treats while leaving out all the undesirable components that were included out of necessity. When you inhale Rockin Seas you'll get a grandiose blast of fruity ice pop flavor that soars into your mouth with a cool feeling as enjoyable as the view of a bald eagle flying over a pristine blue sky. You'll feel proud, patriotic and, most importantly, pleasantly chilled by the best selling flavor from the frozen Fourth of July treats. You don't have to look down at your clothes or check a mirror after tasting this ice pop-flavored frenzy. Finally, you don't have to deal with the bothersome stains from the melting and dripping juices landing on your bright summer clothes. Nor do you have to walk around for hours self-conscious because your entire mouth has been painted blue, red or both. Just inhale and taste the icy feeling of freedom from one of the most coveted frozen treats, available anytime you like as long as you keep Rockin Seas e liquid stored in your tank. Primary Flavors: Popsicle, Fruit
  • Arctic Seas - Northwest's Finest E Liquid: If it's a cooling sensation you seek from the classic fruit combo of strawberry and kiwi then it's time to turn your tank north and get ready to brave the mighty Arctic Seas e liquid. Arctic Seas provides that lovingly delicious flavor of ripe strawberry paired with tropical kiwi cooled over a blanket of ice. Most e juice companies have some version of the strawberry kiwi combo for its immensely popular flavor in everything candy, ice cream and now vapor. However, you may have trouble finding a company that offers the classic balanced combination of sweet, mildly tart and tropically creamy with an icy element to boost the invigoration factor. Inhale Arctic Seas and you'll immediately see why the makers chose to include "arctic" in the name. The cool wave of icy vapor will wash over your palate and quench your thirst better than any other fruity e liquid you may have tried. The notes of strawberry flavor give you the sweet satisfaction of the ripe red berry flavor, naturally sweetened with a perfect hint of tartness. Then the creamy wave of kiwi overtakes your taste buds, making this arctic vaping experience take a tropical excursion. As the combo swirls towards your throat and into your lungs you'll be revisited by the phenomenal feeling of icy inhalation, cooling you off while preserving every bit of flavor from this classic fruity collaboration in Arctic Seas. Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry
  • Sour Seas - Northwest Finest's E Liquid: If you're not a dedicated sour fan then this next flavor may intimidate you a bit, but there's no reason to be unsure of whether you'll smile or cringe at its mixed berry flavor with a spritz of sour. Sour seas do provide the eye-widening sensation of sour that you may have hoped to avoid but it also provides the perfect level of sweetness from the berry flavor to balance out the tartness and make this vapor an easy choice for everyday use. When you inhale Sour Seas you'll notice the sweet, berry flavored mist first soars in to greet your sugar seeking taste buds. It will drizzle them with natural sugar and begin to form that sweet smile on your face. However, there is such a thing as "too sweet" in many people's books and that's where Sour Seas introduces their flavor-saving crystals of tanginess to rescue this flavor from contracting that negative, super-sweet connotation. Your tongue will be spritzed by the tiny sour crystals as they smoothen the sweet berry flavor and make this an easy vapor to slide down your throat and ultimately expand within your lungs. Now you see why we told you that you'd appreciate and actually enjoy the sour flavor from this tart e juice. Without the sour crystals to even out the experience, you'd be left with a berry flavor that's too sweet to keep vaping all day. So, trust us when we tell you Sour Seas will have even you, the uneasy person towards anything sour, filling your tank with it, again and again. Primary Flavors: Berry


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x Sour Seas - Northwest's Finest E Liquid
  • 1 x Arctic Seas - Northwest's Finest E Liquid
  • 1 x Rockin Seas - Northwest's Finest E Liquid

Customer Reviews

Northwest's Finest E Liquid (Bundle) - Northwest Finest E Liquid has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.