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Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
$ 69.99
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
$ 69.99

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Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid

Don't worry about any extra calories sneaking their way into your body with this bundle that takes all of those tempting and drool worthy dessert style blends that you have been lusting after from Oak Trade Co. E Liquid and brings them to you at a discounted price. Every single one of us struggles with cravings, it's just part of the human condition! So when you have the opportunity to access those tastes that you day dream about in a guilt free way like this on provides it is going to be a real life changer that can add a boost of well needed joy and positivity to every vape break that you are able to take. With four different flavors being offered to you, you won't ever have to set foot in the bakery ever again!

Flavors Included:

  • Cream – Ben Johnson E Liquid - When you think of an e liquid simply entitled “Cream” the simple topping or ingredient of cream may come to mind. Think again. The makers of this Cream e liquid took the best cream and spun it into a tasty milkshake flavor that you can resist the moment the vapor hits your lips. Did we forget to mention it’s also based around the flavor of fresh baked cookies, as well? Cream e liquid is a cookie and cream milkshake e juice that will give you a sugar rush without all the added sugar and please your palate of its desire for the tastiest dessert flavors without having to make it. Inhale Cream and let the smooth base of creamy milkshake flavor glide into your mouth, as a thick cloud of wholesomeness sweetened to the perfect levels. As the mist easily dispenses its glorious flavor over your taste buds the presence of fresh baked cookies will arise and send your serotonin signals into a sweetened frenzy, for the only thing better than a milkshake flavored vapor is a cookie and cream milkshake flavored vapor. You’ll taste the crumbliness factor of the cookie without ever having to bite into one. Even better, you can enjoy that distinct cookie flavor over and over without having to reach into a bag, realize they’re all gone and live with the guilt of overindulgence. Just vape away and be happy as the mist approaches your throat and the creamy elements send it sliding into your lungs, landing as a pillow of sweet relief. Don’t pay $5 or more for a milkshake that will only make you feel guilty for cheating on your diet when you can have all the flavor and none of the guilt through Cream e liquid. Primary Flavors: Cookie, Cream, Milk
  • Schooner – Ben Johnson E Liquid - The only thing that strikes fear in our hearts when we think of the lovely treat of pound cake is the word “pound”. We, immediately, associate it with throwing away our fitness goals and packing on weight just by enjoying a simple, time-honored treat of the pastry world. If you were to remove the fear of extra calories from the flavor of pound cake you may be more inclined to indulge, correct? Well, it’s time to put the forks and scales away because your favorite pastry dish is now available through the convenient, calorie-free form of vape. Schooner s e liquid gives you everything you love about the true flavor of pound cake. You get the fresh baked flavor, the doughy feeling as it spreads through your mouth and the warm sensation your favorite dessert has always been able to deliver. As a bonus, the makers of Schooner e liquid threw in the flavor of a zesty lemon glaze to add a spike of tartness to your taste buds as your heart melts from the doughy caress of the pound cake flavor. Inhale Schooner and the taste of freshly baked dough will soar into your mouth and gently fill every corner and crevice with its sweet, loving embrace. You’ll be licking your lips from the drops of sugar that perfectly sweeten up the experience. Just when you think you may be headed towards a comatose state of dessert-induced relaxation, the zesty notes from the lemon glaze will zap your taste buds alive and keep you in the game to finish out the day strong. We’d all love to keep our fitness goals and a dish of freshly baked pound cake with us wherever we go. Now you can with Pound Cake e liquid. Primary Flavors: Cake, Lemon, Icing
  • Forest – Terrain E Liquid - You may have heard the expression, “Sometime you can’t see the forest for the trees”. If you didn’t believe that expression before, we guarantee you will after you taste the vapor from Forest e liquid. What could be better than snuggling up on the couch to a good movie with a tub of your favorite ice cream? What if we removed the need of a tub, spoon or the inconvenience of only getting to enjoy this well-deserved treat at the end of your day? Perhaps, that will improve this, otherwise, perfect dessert companion. With Forest e liquid in your tank, you can enjoy the tasty flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream at any point in your day. Forest pairs the cool essence of mint ice cream with delightful chocolate chips to create one of your favorite stress-relieving dessert flavors in a magical, misty form. Take a pull of Forest and allow the cool sheet of ice cream to smoothly travel over your palate, touching every crevice in your mouth with its creamy comfort. The addition of mint invigorates you and lifts your spirits out of the comforting slumber of ice cream flavor. As you breathe in the vapor the mint will expand in your lungs and increase the joy already provided by Forest e liquid. With this sensation of immensely sweet satisfaction, you may have forgotten about the crucial components to create a forest: the trees. The trees are the chocolate chips that douse your palate with the rich gift of delicious chocolate that melts your heart and widens your smile. Now you have the trifecta of misty, dessert delicacies through the flavors of mint, ice cream, and chocolate in Forest e liquid. Primary Flavors: Mint, Ice Cream, Chocolate
  • No. 101 – Forseti E Liquid - After 100 attempts, most would have given up and cut their losses. However, the makers of No. 101 e liquid must have known something remarkable was just around the corner in their very next batch. When their hard work and due diligence finally paid off it resulted in a phenomenon of sweet n’ salty flavor for all of us to enjoy. No. 101 takes the classic combo of sweet n’ salty but uses the best mediums and ingredients calculated at the perfect levels to achieve sheer greatness in the world of dessert e juices. Sometimes, dessert e liquid can get too sweet and end up sitting on the shelf after only a few days of use. This is where contrast needs to be implemented. Contrast is the beautiful concept that makes the sweetest and saltiest flavors bearable and longed after for repeatedly daily vaping. No. 101 e liquid is a creamy blend of rich toffee with sweet, luscious caramel enhanced by salt. You’ll get the easy-flowing vapor of creamy toffee that will swirl in your mouth spiking your dopamine levels, while also priming them for the rush of flavor still headed their way. After the distinct toffee flavor is tasted, the rich caramel spikes the happy receptors even more, as one of the sweetest and most irresistible dessert sauces for any dish. The caramel and toffee blend in a such a profound and intentional way, we’re not sure you may ever be able to enjoy the two sweetly satisfiers separately again. Just when you think you’ve had all the sweet you can handle in comes a subtle breeze of salty flavor to balance out the rich dessert decadence and give you a vape juice where contrast is key to vaping happily every day with No. 101 e liquid. Primary Flavors: Caramel, Toffee, Cream

Package Contains:

  • 1 x 120ml bottle of No. 101 by Forseti E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Forest by Terrain E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Schooner by Ben Johnson E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Cream by Ben Johnson E Liquid

Customer Reviews

Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Dessert Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.