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Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Fruit Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Fruit Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Fruit Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
$ 69.99
Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Fruit Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid
$ 69.99

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Oak Trade Co. E Liquid Fruit Bundle - Oak Trade Co. E Liquid

When we are buzzing around like bees and working our fingers to the bone, what we could all really use is a way to find a little bit of extra refreshment. This bundle is going to give you four deliciously invigorating blends that are going to give you a huge amount of revival at a discounted price that will make your wallet feel good as well. A bundle deal like this is a great way to help fill out your collection at a discount and when you bring this one into your life, you are going to be able to get all of that fruit flavored yumminess without having to scour the produce section at your local grocery store. Add a whole lot of functionality and flavor into your life with this great pack from Oak Trade Co. E Liquid.

Flavors Included:

  • Snickelfritz – Ben Johnson E Liquid - The name may sound funny but you won’t be laughing as you're blown away by the wonderful taste of this fruity e juice. Snickelfritz e liquid is the remarkably smooth concoction of watermelon blended with tropical kiwi that goes down creamy and comes up fruity. The kiwi is usually paired with everyone’s beloved strawberry, but why doesn’t the refreshing watermelon deserve to stand side by side with the tiny, island titan? We think the refreshing juices of thirst-quenching watermelon flavor deserve to take a trip into the island oasis from which the kiwi originates. As you inhale Snickelfritz try and not think about the adorable name and you’ll be able to fully appreciate the creamy notes that begin to cascade over your palate, soothing all the fires the busy day has sparked inside your mind. When you think of cream you also think of mellow and that’s exactly how you’ll feel as the wonderful flavors of watermelon and kiwi slide over your taste buds. Your mouth will be quenched by the blissful feeling of the refreshing watermelon flavor you’ve always loved. To add even more mellow to this relaxing fruit cocktail are the notes of creamy kiwi, which meld perfectly with the mild and slightly tart flavor from the watermelon. As it travels down your throat and into your lungs you can let your mind drift off to the beautiful and bountiful patches where watermelons come from, the warm and relaxing environment of the kiwi or your own personal destination whenever you wish to take a mental vacation. Exhale and you’ll leave tasty remnants of the two delicious fruits on your breath to savor after the vapor has drifted away. Don’t let that stop you from taking another pull, as we’re sure it won’t, once you get a taste of Snickelfritz e liquid. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Kiwi, Cream
  • Crisp - Classified E Liquid - The best apples all share the bright neon hue of green. They also share the tangy flesh that spritzes juices of sweet and naturally tart flavor into your mouth. Even the most dedicated green apple flavor fans can sometimes grow tired of the naturally awesome notes. That’s why it’s best to pair the blast of tart apple flavor with the mild, refreshing juices of watermelon. Crisp e liquid is the perfectly complemented combo concentrated into a convenient vape juice. You get the best of both worlds and are pleasantly surprised with every pull you take. Inhale Crisp’s vapor and allow your mind to drift off to a fruity paradise with rollercoasters of flavor that take your palate through spinning loops of tartness from the green apple and down waterfalls of juicy refreshment from the cool watermelon. The first notes you’ll notice may “bite” a bit, but you’ll instantly welcome their sour embrace. That’s the flavor of the green apple as it hits the tip of your tongue and rolls towards the other parts on the back of the flavorful cloud of vapor. After you’ve been awakened by the tangy titillation from the green apple, the mild and sweet watermelon juices begin to roll in and cover your mouth with a river of thirst-quenching joy that no other fruit can provide. You’ll go back and forth between relaxed to revitalized as the two flavors compete for your palate’s affection while ultimately coming together in the end as an unbreakable duo that covers every note you could ever need from a fruity e juice. Buy the ticket and take the ride into a fruity vape land of magnanimous possibilities with Crisp e liquid always in your tank, ready to go. Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Watermelon
  • Keen – Classified E Liquid - Three of a kind is the winning hand in this fruity trio of delicious vapor. You get the tart tannins of apple, the creamy notes of kiwi and the bold blast of blueberry flavor all wrapped up in one undeniably tasty e juice. The combined flavors in Keen e liquid represent all the notes you could ever want from a fruity vape juice. Keen is ravishingly sweet, just like a handful of ripe blueberries. It’s also incredibly smooth like the tropical treat of kiwi. Lastly, it includes just the right amount of spike with the hints of sour apple. When you take your first pull of Keen you’ll be greeted by the blueberry brigade as they band together to bring you the natural flavor of bold berry sugar. If you're worried the sensation may get a little too sweet for you, then rest easy knowing the perfect balance of tart apple is on its way to complement and counteract the super-sweet presence of the blueberry. It may seem like the two flavors are working against each other, but they’re actually working together to bring you the perfect cloud of flavor that you won’t hesitate to vape again and again. To leave you in a relaxed state are the creamy notes of kiwi, carrying their island origin with them everywhere they go. They’ll make the sweet and tart flavors of the blueberry and apple a bit calmer as they approach your delicate throat and slide easily into your lungs. They’ll also leave your lips feeling moisturized and replenished as you exhale the last bit of vapor from the terrific experience provided by Keen e liquid. Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Apple, Kiwi
  • Red – Primary E Liquid - Red e liquid will prove to be one of the best fruit collaborations to grace your palate in delicious vape form. Red combines the sweet flavor of refreshing watermelon with the tart taste of ripe strawberries in a combo that is as classic as any other. Two of the best fruits are the best for a reason and we are not in a position to argue. However, we can comment on how the two are blended, in proportionality and representative to the natural fruits from which they’re derived, and Red e liquid takes the trophy home in these aspects. Inhale and welcome the watermelon flavor as the perfect instrument for bringing your mouth a wave of refreshment, instantly cooling your parched throat and making your thirst disappear. The mild juiciness will creep in, sweet and steadily, preparing you for the rush of rich berry flavor to come. We hope you’re well prepared for the berry flavor then blasts through with the bold notes of sweet and tart strawberry that everyone knows and loves. The slight tanginess of the strawberry perfectly complements the mild drops of refreshment from the watermelon in this classic collaboration of hazy satisfaction. The two combine as perfectly as chocolate and almond, peanut butter and jelly, or lemon and lime. Most would argue they are the best combo of any two fruits paired together and we do not disagree. We will voice our belief that Red e liquid is among the top flavors that expertly combines the refreshment of the watermelon and the tasty blast of the strawberry. The name doesn’t invoke much insight as to how tasty this e juice is so you’ll have to take our word for it and give Red e liquid a try for yourself. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon


Package Contains:

  • 1 x 120ml of Red by Primary E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml of Snicklefritz by Ben Johnson E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml of Keen by Classified E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml of Crisp by Classified E Liquid

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