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Oh My Gush E Liquid Bundle - Oh My Gush E Liquid
List Price $ 59.99
Sale Price $ 49.99
Oh My Gush E Liquid Bundle - Oh My Gush E Liquid
Oh My Gush E Liquid Bundle - Oh My Gush E Liquid
$ 49.99
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Product Description

Oh My Gush E Liquid Bundle - Oh My Gush E Liquid


Offering you all of those wonderfully expressive flavors that you have come to know and love by Oh My Gush E Liquid, this bundle is a great way to be able to stock up on some new juices without breaking the bank. Everyone loves a good bargain and by making the investment in this 4 pack of 120ml blends that would typically go for $79.99, you'll be saving yourself $29.99! So why go through all of the stress of having to decide just which one of this lines scrumptious juices that you want to try next and get them all so you can have the candy goodness of your choice in your mod whenever the mood happens to strike. You'll be on a one way ticket to flavor town and all of your buddies are going to be so impressed with the new additions that you have brought into your new and improved collection.



Flavors Included:


  • Tropical - Oh My Gush E Liquid: Get ready to go on a tropical vacation when you take a pull of this e liquid. Tropical is the name of the fruity e liquid that is bringing several exotic fruits and extracting all of their juicy content to give you a flavorful e liquid. Tropical is part of the Oh My Gush E Liquid collection that creates many tasty e liquids and this one fits right in. When you take a pull of Tropical, you can taste a wave of fresh fruits entering your body all at once. You might get a couple hints of pineapple and mango, but nothing too potent. As you savor this e liquid, you may feel as if you are enjoying a nice refreshing cocktail that is packed with a ton of flavor. As this blend smoothly goes down your throat, you enjoy every second of it. You begin to feel the freshness taking over your body and making you feel as if the stress you had before, is slowly going away. There is so much flavor going around you that you feel like there is a bartender giving you multiple fruity drinks. When you realize you have to exhale, that is basically the bartender telling you, you have had enough. Getting cut off is the worst feeling, but it is for the best. The clouds you begin to release are dropping several hints of flavor as they exit. The clouds are getting bigger and you are enjoying it because they are kind of putting on a show for you. They are very thick and visible, so they might stick around for a pit. The scent that they carry is even making it easier for you to feel like you really are on this tropical vacation. Do not hesitate to try this flavor because you will be missing out on the epic experience of flavor and vapor. This juice is brought to you by Fuggin E Liquid. Primary Flavors: Fruit
  • Red Dragon - Oh My Gush E Liquid: This might be the fruitier option you have been searching for when it comes to the Oh My Gush E Liquid Collection. Red Dragon is going to show us that it has the power to give us a ton of flavor that may feel as if we are flying in the sky on our own personal dragons. You might not exactly look like your favorite characters from the fantasy show you love to watch every time it comes on, but it will be close. When you take a pull of this e liquid, the cherries quickly rush into your mouth. They are ripe and taste as sweet as they can. When you keep inhaling, you can get the pomegranate flavor entering your mouth and make you feel full with so much freshness. Suddenly, the raspberry flavor comes in to say hello, and it will give you the tart flavor you like to encounter when there is predominantly sweetness taking over your body. In the end, you might get a couple hints of candy that will add to the sweetness and just enhance the flavors of the e liquid. As you savor the entire e liquid, you feel as if you are at a candy shop that makes their sweets out of delicious fruits. Every time you exhale this e liquid, it is recommended that you do it slowly so that you can really appreciate all the flavors and development that went into creating this e liquid. Red Dragon is adored by many and makes them feel as if they are blowing out fire like one every time the clouds start to stroll out of your mouth. The clouds will be huge and will give you a bit of sweetness as they gently exit your body. Once your trip comes to an end, that only means you are good to go for a second one. There is a ton of e juice to go around, so do not hesitate to indulge in as much as you want. This juice is brought to you by Fuggin E Liquid. Primary Flavors: CandyPomegranate, Cherry, Raspberry
  • Green Goblin - Oh My Gush E Liquid: Green Goblin is going to give you probably the best green candy flavored e liquid taste. Every time you take a pull of this e liquid, you will feel as if several versions of green candy are slowly creeping into your mouth. Maybe you get a couple hints of the chewy candy you probably enjoy consuming every time you go to the movies. Who needs popcorn when you can have something sweet instead? And Green! Perhaps you may even get a couple hints of your favorite piece of hard candy that you just like to savor as it slowly melts into your mouth. In every hit, you will experience the sweet taste that this e liquid has to offer. It smoothly travels through your body, while also giving you all the flavor it has to offer. When you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, just reach for the Green Goblin and enjoy puffing away. Honestly, the best part is that you will not get cavities indulging in this e liquid, no matter how sweet you find it to be. Every time you exhale, you will see that the clouds will grow pretty big and will most likely excite you. Clearly, the show will always go on when it comes to vaping with this e liquid. Green Goblin is one of those e liquids you will probably have a hard time putting down because the sweet candy flavors might give you a nostalgic feeling. It is possible that it will remind you of the time you used to sneak around and eat several pieces of candy. Green Goblin might give you a sugar rush, but nothing to intense that you will not be able to handle. With a good amount of flavor and several clouds, your time spent vaping with this e liquid might be unforgettable. This juice is brought to you by Fuggin E Liquid. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy
  • Blooze - Oh My Gush E Liquid: When it comes to craving a nice blueberry piece of candy this e liquid is probably going to be your best option. Blooze is part of the Oh My Gush E Liquid collection that creates e liquids that might remind you of your favorite pieces of candy. Blooze will allow you to savor on a piece of candy that is a bit sour, but also very sweet. When you take a pull of Blooze, you can almost instantly taste the delicious blueberry flavor inflating your mouth with so much sweetness. As you keep pulling, you may notice your mouth pucker a bit and that is because you are getting the sour kick that this e liquid has to offer. Eventually, the sourness stops and you can just begin appreciating the sweetness that this entire blend has to offer. Suddenly, when you begin to exhale, you can see the clouds getting bigger and bigger. They might excite you the bigger they get and feel as if you are being taken over by the aromatic smell they provide. Blooze slowly exits your body and does so smoothly. When it is finally out of your system, you might experience a little tingly feeling on your lips because the flavor would like to linger for a bit. It will not linger for too long or leave you with an awful aftertaste. As soon as your cloudly friends have said their goodbyes and disappeared, you go for a couple more pull because you cannot just go for one hit. The flavor might be too irresistible that you will find it difficult to put down. There are two other e liquids in this collection, but Blooze is probably the e liquid you will mostly turn to when you crave something sweet and sour. The trips will be an experience like no other. Primary Flavors: Candy, Blueberry

Package Contains:

  • 1 120ml of Tropical - Oh My Gush E Liquid
  • 1 120ml x Red Dragon - Oh My Gush E Liquid
  • 1 120ml x Green Goblin - Oh My Gush E Liquid
  • 1 120ml x Blooze - Oh My Gush E Liquid

Customer Reviews

Oh My Gush E Liquid Bundle - Oh My Gush E Liquid has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 7 reviews.