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OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid
OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid
OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid
$ 29.99
OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid
$ 29.99

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Product Description

OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid

Everyone loves to save, it's a good feeling when your wallet it heavy and your collection is full as well. This bundle deal is going to make it so that you can get three really great juices from the OOO E Liquid line as well as a free T-shirt that will keep you looking fly. Whether this bundle is for you or you plan on giving it to one of your fellow vapers, it's bound to be a hit that will have whoever tries it feeling like they are over the moon. With this bundle you will be getting Berry Treasure which is a fruity candy based blend, DJ Double Stuff that flawlessly recreates everyone's favorite cookie and Berry Toast that gives you a balance of sweet and savory that will set you right. Anyone who likes a little bit of adventure will appreciate the unique combinations that are included in this stellar package.

Flavors Included:

  • Berry Treasure - OOO E Liquid - At the end of every great adventure is a treasure. We have all heard stories of explorers braving the wild and jumping through hoops in hopes of finding some long-forgotten jewels that have the power to change their lives. Finding a good vape juice has the exact same accomplished feeling and undeniable excitement that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you feel a bit like those action heroes that those interesting tall tales are inspired by. This juice is made to copy the flavor of a beloved candy that most of us have had the pleasure of enjoying on those weekend afternoons when we would gather up all of our allowance money and even sift through the house, turning over couch cushions to scavenge just a little bit more so you could get as much of those sweet candies that you'd drool over as possible. Just think, now you can take a couple of minutes away from your day to fire up your mod of choice, fill up your tank with this wonderful juice and be taken back to those feelings of excitement and playfulness that will have you feeling like a kid again. OOO E Liquid is a large line of vape juice blends that offer so many different selections that are going to allow you to turn to them for whatever flavor that you're after. Extremely high quality and accurate tasting, you are going to be singing the praises of this line to any and everyone that you can get a hold of. Berry Treasure is a copy of those mouths puckering sour belts that would have your taste buds spinning in circles from the very moment that they touched your tongue and of course they are flavored like bold, fresh strawberry for that extra little bit of nostalgia. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy
  • DJ Double Stuff - OOO E Liquid - Pump up the volume and get your dancing shoes on, those boring Monday mornings that have you wishing you could spend the entire day in bed are going to be like Friday afternoons where you're let out of the office early and have plans with your best friends to paint the town red! Everything in life is made so much better with the right attitude and a well-made juice is going to have the ability to uplift your spirits and have you thinking about those special occasions that you usually hold off for to enjoy the flavor that it contains. The popular snack that this blend in particular recreates is one that most of us have packed along in our lunches at one time or another, it's a classic that no one could ever grow tired of and it is going to have you letting out a sigh of relief that you can finally indulge completely worry-free. Made to appeal so much more to your adult sense of taste, you are going to go crazy for this blends ability to bump things up a notch with more complex, rich flavors. There is something about the juices made by OOO E Liquid that sets themselves apart from everything else that's out there on the market, they aren't afraid to branch out and try something new. The creativity that they have is really something special and they are able to combine flavors in such a way that you are kept on the edge of your seat, savoring every single inhale. DJ Double Stuff is a take on that classic chocolate sandwich cookie that goes best with a tall glass of ice cold milk. Some of the richest, sweet chocolate wafer cookies have a creamy, premium vanilla icing layered in between them. Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Cookie, Vanilla, Icing
  • Berry Toast - OOO E Liquid - This comfort food is the perfect light snack for those nights where you're feeling just a little bit peckish and need something to satisfy those nagging cravings. Its unique taste is rarely seen in the vaping community and it is as close to the real thing as you can get. This is just the kind of juice that you need for those days where you're looking for an all day everyday vape that brings together bold, punchy flavor with a mellowness that makes it just right for being vaped over long periods of time while keeping up your interest levels. The power of a well made vape juice blend is its ability to completely take over your thoughts and bring you back to a memory that you hold near and dear. If you close your eyes and inhale this blend, it's like you are instantly transported back to your Grandmother's kitchen table, waiting for her to make you a special treat. Do you have those warm, fuzzy feelings in the bottom of your heart yet? If so, when you get a hold of this juice, you might have to take a couple minutes for yourself because it's going to have you weeping with utter joy! The skillful vape juice producers at OOO E Liquid have a real talent for making exceptional blends that are able to seamlessly recreate all of the different foods that have your mouth watering just at the thought of them. Berry Toast takes homemade, toasted bread that's the perfect shade of crisp golden brown, covers it with creamy, rich butter and then slathers in a homemade berry preserve. Now you can take your toast on the road! Primary Flavors: Toast, Butter, Berry


Package Contains:

  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Berry Toast by OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Berry Treasure by OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml of DJ Double Stuff by OOO E Liquid
  • 1 x T-shirt

Customer Reviews

OOO E Liquid Bundle (360ml) With Free T-Shirt - OOO E Liquid has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.