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OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid
OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid
OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid
$ 39.99
OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid
$ 39.99

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OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid



You are an individual that can appreciate a good bundle that is either going to bring together the flavors that you enjoy or a new batch of delicious blends to your palate. OOO Salt E Liquid is the name of the collection that now wants to introduce us to a bundle that is going to be amazing. This bundle is going to include five of their salt e liquid that people cannot get enough of. Sure, all of these blends are mouthwatering, but these five take it to the next level. Each salt e liquid is going to come in a 30ml bottle, which means you are going to enjoy a total of 150ml of salt e liquids for you to vape with whenever you want. This is all going to be available to you at the affordable price of $39.99. Act fast because once you realize this is really a steal, this bundle might not be available anymore. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Green Monster - OOO Salt E LiquidDon't let that green monster start rising out of you whenever you end up catching this scrumptious vape juice blend start rising from your friend's mods. This juice is on its way to becoming a smash hit that knocks everything else in your collection out of the parks with its unique taste that is going to get a hold of your taste buds and have you crying out for more! There is something about a candy-inspired juice that helps to bring out a completely different side of you, it's like you instantly get that surge of happy feelings that have you smiling from ear to ear and skipping around. Some of your workmates might even start to whisper about what's gotten into you but the next time one of them catches you vaping this juice during break time, it will be obvious. You might recognize this flavor as one of those delicious hard candied that your Grandmother used to carry around in her purse everywhere that she went. You probably passed them off at first but when you actually gave them a shot, you would be pleasantly surprised by how bold its taste was and the feeling it gave as it slowly melted in your mouth. OOO Salt E Liquid makes all of their juices with salt nicotine to give you as much impact as possible without you having to make any sacrifices with taste. Their products are exceptional quality and the flavor profiles are going to have your jaw dropping to the floor with just how innovative that they are. Green Monster is a take on the classic hard candy that's been packed chock-full of powerful, tart green apple flavor that will have you puckering for eons! Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Candy
  • Maui Wowie - OOO Salt E Liquid - What's that? You haven't gotten any work done because you've been sitting around daydreaming about running off to Maui? Well, we feel pretty confident in saying that you're certainly not alone with this not so unique situation. Hasn't everyone had a day or two when the only thing that they can think about is leaving their old, comfortable and sometimes boring routine for something wild, free and exciting? Just thinking about all of the adventures that you would be getting up to is enough to quench those burning desires inside of you and having a vape juice blend that helps to stoke those flames by backing up your imagination is going to take it from one to a hundred. Think about waking up at your incredibly fancy, five-star resort to an all you can eat breakfast and a day with an empty schedule staring you in the face. The only stress that you would have to deal with is picking out just what fun activity you want to do first and if you can't make up your mind, you can always lounge around in the pool until inspiration strikes. OOO Salt E Liquid makes all of the most popular and well-loved flavors from their original line with salt nicotine to add so much more satisfaction per inhale that will have you feeling cravings free, This line is very well known for just how much passion and dedication that they have to put out really great products. Maui Wowie is a pure and natural flavor that completely captures the beautiful natural vibes that you get from visiting this gorgeous island itself. A succulent guava fruit is brought to life in an accurate form that is so close to the real thing that you might not believe it. Primary Flavors: Guava
  • All Access Pixie - OOO Salt E LiquidGet back some of those fond memories of years gone by with this playful blend that is going to remind you of sugar-fueled bike races and days spent playing with your friends until the streetlights came on and you knew it was time to go home for supper. This blend is just what dreams are made of with its intensely sweet flavor that came from those candy treats that your parents would never let you buy. You had to turn over couch cushions and empty out your own piggy bank to sneak off and purchase them for yourself. Where they worth the effort? Of course they were! They lived up to every last bit of hype that they had and the fact that you had to hide them made this treat just that much more delicious. Now that you're a full-fledged adult and can do what you want whenever you want to do it and that, of course, includes digging into all of those foods that were only saved for the specialist of occasions. No one wants to deal with the horrible feeling after effects of binging on sugar though so that's where vape juice blends like this one come into play. OOO Salt E Liquid makes vape juice blends that are so well made and high quality that you know you can depend on them to give you a well made, satisfying product every time. All Access Pixie is a take on those straws that were packed with a powdered sugar that would have you running up the walls with energy. This juice contains a medley of fruit flavors that make this blend so much more complex. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy
  • Berry Toast - OOO Salt E LiquidThere is something about a unique vape juice blend that gets the hearts of dedicated, long time vapers pumping like no other. In an industry where so many others are always trying to remake the wheel, they stand out and have those gears in your own mind start turning. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life and the best way to add a little bit of extra zest into things is through a new and interesting vape juice blend. It's just a little something that you can effortlessly bring into your life that is going to have you feeling excited to wake up in the morning and reach for your mod. A wholesome, full-bodied kind of flavor that sets itself apart with it's well-loved, comforting taste that is going to remind you of those late nights where you would wake u with a case of the munchies and need something that would satisfy your nagging cravings but not be too heavy on your stomach at the same time. This was always your go-to choice and now that you think of it, you just don't get to experience it enough. OOO Salt E Liquid makes vape juice blends that utilize nicotine salts to make for a much more intense vaping experience. All of their products are exceptional quality and made with your ultimate enjoyment in mind. Berry Toast starts off with a perfectly toasted, golden brown piece of bread that's been covered with a bit of rich, creamy butter and a spoon full of mixed berry preserves that give it that perfect bite in every inhale. Primary Flavors: Berry, Toast, Butter
  • Dunker - OOO Salt E LiquidForget about those early morning coffee runs that has you starting your day off with a bunch of frustration, you can get that amazing treat that you can't get enough of in a much easier and convenient sort of way that will have you able to sleep in for a few minutes longer and start your day off on the right foot. It's true when people say that the way that you decide to go about your morning sets the stage for the way that the rest of your day seems to follow suit. The way that it is able to recreate that classic, delectable dessert flavor that has tongues wagging for miles around is going to give you an opportunity to take it along with you wherever you happen to go and it does all of this without adding any extra calories. It's almost a miracle just how effectively it is able to quell those cravings that have been picking at you day after day. OOO Salt E Liquid makes creative and interesting vape juice blends that utilize salt nicotine to give them a much more powerful impact that will have you coming back to it again and again. This line uses only the very best of ingredients in their production and you can instantly tell how much time had gone into their development. Dunker starts off with some freshly fried, still hot donuts and covers them in a sticky sweet glaze that tastes so close to the real thing that you might even catch yourself about to lick your fingers clean. Make every day into a special day with some dunk worthy donuts. Primary Flavors: Donut, Glaze


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Green Monster By OOO Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Maui Wowie By OOO Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of All Access Pixie By OOO Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Berry Toast By OOO Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Dunker By OOO Salt E Liquid

Customer Reviews

OOO Salt E Liquid Bundle - OOO Salt E Liquid has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 2 reviews.