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ORGNX E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - ORGNX E Liquid
ORGNX E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - ORGNX E Liquid
ORGNX E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - ORGNX E Liquid
$ 58.49
ORGNX E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - ORGNX E Liquid
$ 58.49

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ORGNX E Liquid Bundle (300ml) - ORGNX E Liquid

Sometimes it's nice to get back to those more natural flavors, you know? If you crave some fruit flavors that are as close to the real thing as you can get, the collection that you are going to want to turn to is ORGNX E Liquid. This bundle is going to give you a 60ml bottle of each of their five different blends so that you will be able to taste all of the delicious creations that this great line has developed at one really impressive price. Who doesn't love a good deal? Stock your collection up without having to put too much stress or strain onto your bank account in one of the best ways possible and add a lot more adventure and fun into your day to day vaping routine, there is everything that you could ever need for refreshment in this invigorating pack!


Flavors Included:

  • Orange Ice - ORGNX E Liquid - Have you ever had one of your older family members tell you about how every Christmas they would receive an orange in their stocking? Most of us probably laughed when we first heard of it but back then these foods that so many of us take for granted were really difficult to get a hold of and were a treat that people looked forward to all year around. You are finally going to be able to treasure these round treats that nothing else rhymes with as soon as you taste this juice that brings their flavor full force to the absolute fullest. Oranges are really the shining star out of all of the different citrus fruits, it brings together a sweetness and tart, tangy goodness with a tender, delicious flesh that is so scrumptious. Forget about dragging around a bag full of easily bruised, sticky fruits and bring this blend on the go with you for invigorating, fresh flavor that is even better than the real thing. This is going to be one of those really great investments that will have you loading it into your mod whenever you begin to look for something invigorating to help you feel energized and excited about life! ORGNX E Liquid is a collection that makes absolutely wonderful fruit inspired juice blends that are going to quickly become some of the most heavily utilized ones that you own. As soon as you see their quality for yourself, you will be compelled to tell all of your closest friends about their products. Orange Ice takes zesty oranges and combines them with spine tingling, chilling menthol that elevates the flavor into being so much more. Primary Flavors: Orange, Menthol
  • Peach Ice - ORGNX E Liquid - Pack your bags because you're going on a first class ticket to Georgia! There is nowhere in the world that's quite like the South, they have some of the most friendly people, the most gorgeous landscape and some of the best foods imaginable. This blend recreates one of the Souths most notable exports that give you a refreshment like no other. With the warm weather well on its way, you are going to need some new, refreshing blends on your side to give you a little bit of backup for when the heat is on and you need some relief. Satisfaction has never been easier to achieve and you are going to find yourself reaching for this juice absolutely all of the time so that you can have a trusty companion close by that's always there for you when times get tough. You know those afternoons where the office air conditioning is broke, the sun is glaring through your window and the only thing that's on your mind is finding a little bit of relief that will help you to get through the day without being in a cranky, miserable mood. When you're skipping around feeling like your usual happy go lucky self, everyone is going to wonder just what your secret is.ORGNX E Liquid makes fruit inspired vape juice blends that have an unquestionable quality that makes them all dependable must haves. Once you try one of them, you are going to want to make it your mission to try each and every single one of them. Peach Ice starts out with a freshly picked, fuzzy peach that's so juicy and sweet that you wonder how nature is capable of making something so delicious, this natural delicacy is perfectly accented with some chilling menthol. Primary Flavors: Peach, Menthol
  • Lychee Ice - ORGNX E Liquid - Are you an adventure seeker who is always planning their new trip? It seems like cruises get a bit of a bad wrap for being inconvenient and boring but that's so untrue. Nowadays they are packed with luxury restaurants, have loads of fun activities and really make you feel like you are in the lap of luxury. One of the nicest things about going on a cruise ship vacation is the fact that they stop in multiple ports so that you can maximize your experiences and see just as much of the world that you can. This blend is going to remind you of one of the fine, exotic fruits that you would be able to find at the premium buffet on some amazing yacht where you have to dress in a suit jacket or an evening dress to be able to go to. Now you don't have to consider if you're prone to seasickness or not because this juice provides the truest to form, bold flavor possible in such an easy and convenient sort of way that will be able to come along with you wherever you please. This will be just the kind of juice that will come in handy whenever you need a bit of refreshment that will get you through the summer without breaking a sweat. ORGNX E Liquid is a line that produces some of the most realistic fruit inspired blends possible, each and every single one of them has so much bold, smooth deliciousness that you are never going to want to go back to any of your other blends. Lychee Ice takes sweet, juicy, tropical Lychee fruit and combines it with some freezing cold menthol that amplifies the experience so much more. Primary Flavors: Lychee, Menthol
  • Honeydew Ice - ORGNX E Liquid - When you take an inhale of this blend you are going to feel crisper than you do after putting on a brand new pair of kicks or after accomplishing one of those goals of yours that you've been putting on the back burner for far too long. There is just something about this juice that makes it the perfect companion for just about every single mood and situation. It's going to be the go to juice that keeps on being loaded into your tank day in, day out. Whenever you need a little bit of extra invigoration this blend will come right to your rescue with so much authentic taste and spectacular texture that will charm your senses and give you so much lively energy that makes you want to make the absolute most out of every single moment, just the way that it should be. We could all use a well made juice blend in our repertoire to give us that light, fresh, versatile flavor that everyone needs now and again. This juice offers one that is just so delectable that you might not want to ever go back to the real thing ever again. ORGNX E Liquid is a line that focuses on making shockingly realistic fruit based blends that taste like they were all fresh picked just for you. You can't deny their exceptional quality or grow tired of the classic flavor profiles that will keep you coming back to them for all of your vaping needs. Honeydew Ice brings together juicy, sweet, tender honeydew melon with some freezing cold menthol that will have you feeling as though you just plunged into a frigid pool full of chilly water! Primary Flavors: Honeydew, Melon, Menthol
  • Apple Ice - ORGNX E Liquid - A classic flavor with a new edge is going to sweep you off of your feet with its delicious and effective flavor that will become a new staple. Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could leave the city and find yourself in the middle of the country where the air is fresh, the people are friendly and the lifestyle is so much more laid back and relaxed overall? As much as you may enjoy the excitement and wonder of the living in a metropolitan area, it's human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side. So instead of having to save up and wait for a long weekend to get away from it all, this juice is going to instantly transport you away to another place with every smooth inhale. Just let the sweet flavor take over your taste buds and back up your fantasy of being out in the middle of a wide open field with luscious produce all around and the sun out shining. This flavor is going to have you completely and totally shook with its authenticity that somehow tastes more real than the real thing. How is that possible? We're not quite sure how but somehow they are able to do it. ORGNX E Liquid makes fabulous fruit based juice blends that are going to be able to enter your collection with a bang. They have a great way of being able to give so much balance and impact on every single juice that they make and you are going to absolutely love them. Apple Ice takes crisp, sweet, right off of the tree apples and combines them with ice cold menthol that will make it so much more refreshing. Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol

Package Contains:

  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Orange Ice by ORGNX E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Peach Ice by ORGNX E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Lychee Ice by ORGNX E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Honeydew Ice by ORGNX E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Apple Ice by ORGNX E Liquid

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