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Palm E Liquid Bundle - Palm E Liquid
$ 39.99
Palm E Liquid Bundle - Palm E Liquid
Palm E Liquid Bundle - Palm E Liquid
$ 39.99

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Product Description

Palm E Liquid Bundle - Palm E Liquid


Palm E Liquid has released a couple of e liquids in the past, and right now they are introducing us to an amazing bundle that is going to give you what you need. There are three different e liquids in this bundle and each of the bottles contain 60ml of e liquid. This means that when you finally purchase this bundle at the affordable price of $39.99, you will be receiving a total of 180ml of e liquid for you to enjoy! The flavors that you cannot get enough of are now going to be available whenever you want. Now, which one will you take a little hit from first?


Flavors Included:


  • Strawberry Eruption - Palm E Liquid - No, a strawberry volcano is not erupting in your mouth right now, but the way this e liquid is making you feel, you might think some kind of explosion is taking place. Strawberry Eruption is the e liquid that you are going to be eager to keep around as soon as you give it a try. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the strawberries making their way in your mouth, as if they were quickly going to start plotting. You can taste the strawberries getting juicer by the second. As more strawberries continue to make their way in, you can feel them beginning to move down your throat as if they were going to gather up to give you a sensation like no other. When you think you have felt it all, you get this small throat hit that causes all of the flavors to burst in your mouth. The strawberries are scattering all over the place as if they just came out of a volcano and trying to give you all of the flavors that they have to offer. You can taste how ripe the strawberries are and perhaps that is why the volcano went off because it knew that the strawberries were ready for eating. When you feel the flavors trying to escape through your nostrils, you just let them all out through your mouth. The e liquid begins to roll out and the strawberries are dropping a couple of their sweet and succulent notes on your tongue as they exit your lips. The clouds are going to start getting bigger and bigger, but they are also smelling like an amazing cocktail that you might have had in the past. The cloud might surround you for a bit, but before you know it, you will be on your way to your next hit. Primary Flavor: Strawberry
  • Berry Blizzard - Palm E LiquidIs it getting chilly in here or is it just I? Berry Blizzard is going to be the e liquid that is going to introduce you to several different berries and just let them go all over your mouth as if it was a blizzard. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are not even going to have time to think when you feel all of those flavors rushing into your mouth. There are going to be so many different berries roaming around your mouth that you are not going to know which ones are coming in and making this a great experience. There might be a couple blueberry notes and a couple raspberry ones, but again there is not going to be anything too potent. You will taste the sweet and tart sensation, but nothing too intense that is going to make your mouth pucker. As the berries place all of their flavors all over your mouth, you can slowly feel them making their way down your throat. When they complete one level they have to go to the next, right? The throat hit is not going to be intense, but it will still be there so that you can taste more of the flavors that this blend has to offer. When you think you have savored all of the flavors, you begin to allow them to go down your throat and give you an explosion that will enhance the flavors of these berries. Before you know it, your mouth will be watering from all of the delicious flavors you taste. When you think that the flavors want to make their way out, and you want to exhale, you let the flavors out slowly. Letting it out too quickly will not allow you enjoy the few notes that are going to be dropped on your tongue as the e liquid takes its leave. You will be able to make beautiful big clouds that will keep you wanting to take more hints of this e liquid. Primary Flavor: Berry
  • Melon Tsunami - Palm E LiquidThis is a wave of freshness that is going to take you by surprise. Melon Tsunami is going to be the e liquid that you are going to wish you experience all the time. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you will be able to taste the delicious flavors that this blend has to offer. You are going to taste the refreshing melon flavor that is going to feel as if it is quenching your thirst. You might even begin to picture yourself sitting on the beach and admiring the beautiful waves crashing on shore. However, that is not regular ocean water that these waves are made of. The water is turning into a different color and that is because it is an ocean filled with Melon Tsunami. You eventually get the urge to dive into the water so that you can have a nice swim in an e liquid that you love vaping with. As the melon flavor is in your mouth, you can feel it making its way down your throat. It is smoothly making its way down, and you grow a little nervous because you do not know how intense this throat hit is going to be. It is not going to be too powerful so do not worry too much about that. It is going to feel soft in order to have you thinking more about the entire experience as opposed to just one part. You can feel the melon rolling around your mouth so that it can drop off all of the succulent flavors that it has to offer. As you slowly begin to breath out, you admire the beautiful clouds that you are able to make. They are only going to get bigger and bigger, and you are not going to believe you were able to take in such a long pull. The clouds are going to smell amazing and the last thing you are going to consider is putting this e liquid on hold. Primary Flavor: Melon



Package Contains:


  • 1x 60ml Bottle Of Strawberry Eruption By Palm E Liquid
  • 1x 60ml Bottle Of Berry Blizzard By Palm E Liquid
  • 1x 60ml Bottle Of Melon Tsunami By Palm E Liquid


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