Pear Ice - Simply Fruit Ice E Liquid

Brand: Simply Fruit Ice E Liquid

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Pear Ice - Simply Fruit Ice E Liquid 

Do not scramble around all day looking for an e liquid that contains the juicy content of some amazing peaches, when you can simply pick up Pear Ice, by Simply Fruit Ice E Liquid. This vape juice is making it easier for people to have an enjoyable time vaping as it is packed with some of the best ingredients that keep you puffing away for a pretty long time. It also helps that this e liquid is available in a 60ml bottle, which can last anyone quite a while. Feel confident taking as many pulls as you wish without feeling like the bottle is going to be empty anytime soon. Take a hit and appreciate the pear flavors that pour in your mouth and quickly begin to overwhelm you with a ton of sweetness. Fall in love with the sugary notes that satisfy the sweet tooth. Eventually, the creamy menthol grows potent and adds an icy sensation to the vape trip. Admire the way these primary flavors complement each other to give you a combination like nothing you may have tried in the past. Sure, there may be other blends that perhaps come close, but nothing that compares to it. The tiny throat hit does have the potential to enhance the entire trip, but it is not going to be so grand. However, it is cute to feel a throat hit than none at all. Exhaling can be considered a magical time as the massive clouds are not shy to put on a cloud show that is mesmerizing to watch. The aromas are even incredible, and you may not want to stop smelling them as the clouds begin to disappear. Those cloudy buddies might be the best way to end this vape trip, and they may definitely convince you into going for another hit almost right away. We will be surprised if you did not. 

Primary Flavors: Pear, Menthol