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Pink Gorilla E Liquid Bundle (120ml) - Pink Gorilla E Liquid
Pink Gorilla E Liquid Bundle (120ml) - Pink Gorilla E Liquid
Pink Gorilla E Liquid Bundle (120ml) - Pink Gorilla E Liquid
$ 85.99
Pink Gorilla E Liquid Bundle (120ml) - Pink Gorilla E Liquid
$ 85.99

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Pink Gorilla E Liquid Bundle (120ml) - Pink Gorilla E Liquid


Some days, you just want to take a break. You just need a moment to relax and unwind. There are lots of ways to do it: you could take a bath, or grab some comfort food, or even enjoy a relaxing vape. Well, we can’t help you with the bath, but we can offer you a delicious vaping experience that uses incredible, comforting flavors. No need to raid the fridge—just fill your device and enjoy the taste of your favorite foods (with none of the calories!). The hardest part of the Pink Gorilla collection is choosing which one (or which ones) you want to add to your collection. We understand your dilemma: and that’s why we’ve created the Pink Gorilla bundle! Pink Gorilla has four savory, succulent blends that are perfect for the end of a hard day. Don’t add stress to your life by struggling to choose which flavor you want; with this incredible bundle, you’ll have all of them, ready to go! You’re going to get the best of both worlds—sweet, rich flavor with massive vapor production. They are rich blends with smooth throat hits, so you can go back again and again and have a soothing experience. With four different flavors to choose from, you’ll be vaping in comfort in no time—you can even vape while taking a bath if you want and hit the relaxation trifecta! With this bundle from Pink Gorilla, you will have all the decadent dessert blends you could possibly want!


Flavors Included:


  • Titus – Pink Gorilla E Liquid: What’s better than cake? Cake and pudding, of course! Titus mixes delicious vanilla cake with tangy lemon pudding to create a decadent dessert taste. The delicate vanilla enhances the tart lemon, so you get a nice citrus zest; the creamy pudding gives everything a mellow, relaxing flavor that feels smooth and rich. With dense, sweet cake to balance out the pudding, the entire blend has a remarkable taste that will take you on a flavor rollercoaster. When you want something light and tart but with a creamy, sweet feel, Titus is the blend for you! You’ll feel comforted and content with this baked citrus delight! Primary Flavors: Lemon, Pudding, Cake
  • Guy – Pink Gorilla E Liquid: Just imagine: you’re sitting at a fancy restaurant. You just finished your meal, and now it’s time for dessert. You’ve ordered cheesecake, of course; and as your fork slices through the creamy dessert, you know you’re in for a treat. Well, Guy is that feeling—and flavor—put into a bottle. Succulent cheesecakes it the main taste, but Guy ups the ante with silky-smooth caramel drizzled on top. It’s an indulgent blend that captures your favorite dessert perfectly; and with no calories, you can partake in this blend over and over, guilt-free. Sweet and creamy, you’ll want this Guy with you all the time! Primary Flavors: Cheesecake, Caramel
  • Lola - Pink Gorilla E Liquid:  Rounding out the delicious dessert tastes is Lola. Custard is the main taste; it’s a sweet, dense flavor, and one you might not have enjoyed before (unless you’ve had frozen custard). However, it is a perfect after-dinner snack—mild enough to complement any meal and filling without being too heavy. Well, Lola takes that smooth dessert and enhances it with sugared strawberries. It’s two succulent flavors, combined into one perfect dessert. The tart berries mix beautifully with the creamy custard, and it creates a fruity blend that is hard to put down. Unlike a real dessert, however, you can enjoy the Lola vape whenever you want—there’s no need to limit yourself. Just sit back and indulge your sweet tooth with a strawberry-custard sensation! Primary Flavors: Custard, Strawberry
  • Caesar – Pink Gorilla E Liquid – Of all the Pink Gorilla blends, Caesar is the simplest—but don’t let that fool you; it’s still a delicious vaping experience! This blend uses one flavor: grapefruit. Citrusy, tart, and with just a hint of sweetness, grapefruit is a wonder fruit for many people. Unfortunately, the actual fruit is often so sour it’s hard to eat plain; that’s why people usually add sugar (and defeat the purpose of trying to eat grapefruit as a healthy alternative). But Caesar does not need any sugar; instead, it has taken the grapefruit flavor and distilled the taste some, so you get all the good tastes from grapefruit without the intense sour flavor. Grapefruit is a fairly delicate flavor; it doesn’t stand out much—but you’ll be able to truly enjoy it in this blend, where it gets to be the star. For the days when you prefer something light and uplifting, Caesar is a perfect choice! Primary Flavor: Grapefruit


Package Contains:


  • 4 x 30ml bottles of Pink Gorilla E Liquid (one bottle in each flavor)

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