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Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid
Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid
Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid
$ 29.99
Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid
$ 29.99

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Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid

When you can add some really great quality juices into your life at a discounted price you are making it so that you are able to worry less about finances and having to make sure that you don't run out and focus your attention on the important things, like enjoying the flavors at hand and getting that true rest and relaxation that you deserve. This bundle is going to let you bring three fresh, fruity juices into your repertoire and save yourself a couple of dollars as well, that's a win, win situation! Punica Salts E Liquid makes salt nicotine packed juices that are going to take you for a whirlwind trip to flavor town that you are never going to want to have to come back from and with all of the bottles in this bundle around, you are going to be set!

Flavors Included:

  • Red Punica - Punica Salts E Liquid - When you think of the color red, you usually connect it with love, passion and intensity. This juice most definitely contains those qualities with its flavor that is going to send your heart into the depths of lust and desire at the very thought of it. You should be careful though, once you add this juice into your repertoire you are going to be making it so that you won't ever want to go back to any of your old juices ever again. If you find that you get that into that tired zone after lunch every day and can't skip out of work early for a well needed nap, this is going to be one of the best solutions that will perk you up and have you want to take care of business. The different flavors that come together to make this juice what it is are just so different and you never really see them coming together but the skillful production of this juice makes it so that you are able to taste them both individually and as a complementary pair. There is an electrifying buzz about the juicy, intense fruits that comingle together and dance the tango across your taste buds. Punica Salts E Liquid has mastered the art of fruit based juice production, if you didn't know any better you would swear that you were eating the real thing. The amount of quality that they bring to the table will astound even the most critical people out there and make them classics that are recommended to everyone. Red Punica takes a super juicy, succulent pomegranate fruit and combines it with a sweet, ripe watermelon that will remind you of summer afternoons. Primary Flavors: Pomegranate, Watermelon
  • Blue Punica - Punica Salts E Liquid - The skies will open up and the sun will shine down upon your face when you vape this unbelievably natural tasting juice that is packed with loads of natural taste that you just can't go wrong with. Everyone can admix that blends like this are must haves that are really going to end up becoming some of the most heavily reached for blends no matter how huge that your collection may be. Anyone who struggles with finding juices that are able to live up to their high standards are going to feel like they have really been able to find that special selection that they have been looking for all of these years in this blend that does it all and does it well. You can tell that a whole lot passion and patience was put into the making of this juice that gives you intense flavor that is like an amplified version of the real thing, it's hard to be able to bring about that boldness without making things taste artificial but somehow they were able to do it and for that we are thankful! The next time that you find yourself in the middle of the cold, frosty winter, wishing that you could taste those flavors that you miss so much from the spring or summer, this is going to be just what you could use. Punica Salts E Liquid makes a range of different fruit based juices that will be able to give you all of that delectable flavor that you typically could only find in the outdoors. Blue Punica provides loads of intense, juicy blueberry taste that will have you feeling bright and awakened right away. Primary Flavors: Blueberry
  • Rio Punica - Punica Salts E Liquid - Yes, you really can have it all. This juice is able to bring together all of those different fruits that you love into one blend that will have your senses completely and totally enraptured in their exotic essence. This is a versatile juice that is going to really be useful when you need something that is able to uplift you and energize your soul. If it's hot outside, there is no question about it you are going to want to have this blend around to give you a little bit of that great taste that give you revival whenever you need something that can pick you up when you're cranky, overheated and need some help getting back to that calm, cool and collected state of mind. Find yourself smiling every time that you catch a whiff of the sweet yet natural flavor that is held within its easy to access and convenient to bring along bottle that will become your partner in crime. You know how some people have a signature juice, this one will be yours and no one will be able to have you be able to deviate from it. There is definitely a party ready kind of vibe that comes along with the array of vibrant tastes that Rio Punicia has. Punica Salt E Liquid has got a firm grasp on how to perfectly make an authentic tasting fruit blend and when you go to try any of their blends you are going to be in a state of awe by how well made that they are. Rio Punica combines bold pomegranate with succulent, juicy peaches and some ripe, fresh picked raspberries that add the right amount of tart zing. Primary Flavors: Pomegranate, Peach, Raspberry
**These products are made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Package Contains:


  • 1 x 30ml of Red Punica by Punica Salts E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml of Blue Punica by Punica Salts E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml of Rio Punica by Punica Salts E Liquid 

Customer Reviews

Punica Salts E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - Punica Salts E Liquid has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.