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Spectrum E Liquid (360ml) - Spectrum E Liquid
Spectrum E Liquid (360ml) - Spectrum E Liquid
Spectrum E Liquid (360ml) - Spectrum E Liquid
$ 96.99
Spectrum E Liquid (360ml) - Spectrum E Liquid
$ 96.99

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Spectrum E Liquid (360ml) - Spectrum E Liquid

Allow yourself to get all of that scrumptious flavor that you could ever desire out of this bundle that will make it so that you are able to enjoy three of Spectrum E Liquids most delectable blends at a savings that you just can't go wrong with. Whenever you pull these blends out, you are going to be so confident that you'll be in for a vaping session that you are never going to be able to grow tired of. This is a line that makes really sensational, top of the line options that will appeal to a wide range of vapers and quickly become your new favorite, go to blends. This bundle contains 120ml bottles of the flavors Bimini, Kona and Rhapsody which are going to have your taste buds whirling around in a state of pure joy.

Flavors Included:

  • Bimini - Spectrum E Liquid Bimini is about to make you feel as if you are having a cocktail on a relaxing getaway vacation. Every time you go for a puff of this e liquid, you can taste the refreshing coconut flavor filling you up first. It makes you feel as if you are drinking coconut water straight from the coconut itself. As you keep pulling, the juicy mango becomes more potent and you feel as is someone picked out the ripest mango to feed to you as you relax. These fruits taste delicious, but they lime eventually comes in and makes you feel as if you are helping yourself to a cocktail that was made by a professional. As you begin to savor all of these flavors together, you can taste how sweet and rich all these fruits are when mixed. Right, when you think it is time to exhale, you do but as gently as possible. First, you release some through your nose because you want to smell the blend leaving you. Then, you begin to let it out through your mouth so that you can get a couple more hints of flavor before the e liquid is completely out of your system. As it leaves, it is going to be as smooth as possible. The flavors are all potent for you to really enjoy. The coconut tastes fresh, the mango is juicy, and the lime is sweet and sour, so do not be shy if your mouth puckers for a bit. The clouds that you are making do not disappoint in size and you find it amusing watching them float and then disappear. Going for another hit is inevitable, but will you have the ability to stop? The fruits in this blend might make it difficult for you to do so, but that is a risk you are willing to take with Bimini. Primary Flavor: Coconut, Mango, Lime
  • Kona - Spectrum E Liquid - No, this is not a cup of sweet warm coffee, but it might as well be. Kona is the name of the e liquid that will combine the flavors of coffee and caramel to give you a blend that may remind you of your favorite morning starter. When you take a pull of this e-liquid, you can taste the warm coffee beans filling up your mouth. They taste as if they were imported from South America, but maybe you are just trying to sound like a coffee connoisseur because you do not know where they actually came from. As you keep savoring the e liquid, you begin to taste the caramel hints that just enhance the flavors of the coffee, so that it is not so bitter. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with having a tall cup of black coffee. The caramel also gives the e liquid kind of a smooth feel, and it becomes noticeable as it gently makes its way down your throat. Now you are able to taste more of the blend and respect the work that went into creating the e liquid. Once you start to blow out of this e liquid, you can feel the gentleness of the vapor and flavor making its way out. The coffee leaves first and it might convince you that you just helped yourself to a rich cup of coffee. As the caramel leaves, you can taste the sweet hints that it leaves behind, which may linger for a bit, but not for too long. The clouds that you make will grow big and be relaxing to look at and watch as they disappear into the sky. Kona is a unique e liquid because not only is it a flavor that many enjoy but it also adds something extra to give it a savory quality. Primary Flavor: Caramel, Coffee
  • Rhapsody - Spectrum Max E Liquid - The creamy sensation that you are about to feel vaping with this e liquid will most likely make your experience a memorable one. Rhapsody is the name of a tasty e liquid that makes sure you can taste the strawberries that went into creating this blend. When you take a pull, you might be able to feel the creamy texture that this e liquid allows you to sense. As it smoothly begins to go down your throat, you can feel how it moves like it is no one's business. However, as the e liquid makes its way to where it needs to go, you begin to taste the ripe strawberries even more. The sweetness of the strawberries combined with the creamy sensation makes you feel as if you are indulging in a delicious pastry. Maybe it is similar to consuming an éclair with a strawberry cream filling. Suddenly, you might begin to get small hints of caramel trying to stand out from the other potent flavors and give you some extra hints to savor. When you think it is time to let the vapor out, you do so but gently, so that the clouds do not get away from you so soon. Besides, the clouds sometimes give you a couple extra hints of flavor for you to enjoy. Who knew your cloudy friends were going to be obnoxious, but no one is complaining because a visit from them just solidifies that this experience will probably not compare to others you may have had in the past. The whole trip is one for the books, but it may be difficult to decide if one should go for a second hit or not. The e liquid is flavorful, but putting it down might be something you do not see yourself doing so soon after the first pull. Primary Flavor: Strawberry

Package Contains:


  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Kona by Spectrum E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Bimini by Spectrum E Liquid
  • 1 x 120ml bottle of Rhapsody by Spectrum E Liquid

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