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Sugoi Vapor Bundle - Sugoi Vapor
Sugoi Vapor Bundle - Sugoi Vapor
Sugoi Vapor
Sugoi Vapor Bundle - Sugoi Vapor
$ 59.99
Sugoi Vapor Bundle - Sugoi Vapor
Sugoi Vapor
$ 59.99

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Sugoi Vapor Bundle - Sugoi Vapor



If you have messed with these samurais before, then this bundle will be one worth getting as soon as possible. Sugoi Vapor is introducing us to a bundle that is going to be incredible because it is combining three of their popular e liquids for you to purchase right away. Each of the e liquids will come filled with 60ml of vape juice for you to enjoy whenever you want. This will bring you to a total of 180ml of e liquid that will make your taste buds go crazy. This bundle is only going to cost you $59.99, and you may believe almost instantly that it is worth every penny. It seems like your palate has been missing out on some fun, so get your hand on this group of e liquids as soon as possible before the deal comes to an end. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Sakura - Sugoi Vapor - Sugoi Vapor is bringing us a fruitier alternative from their three-piece collection. Ingredients in this e liquid include mango, peach, and pineapple. Sugoi Vapor named this one Sakura, and if you do not want any problems from the female samurai on the packaging, you better get the name right. This e liquid is packed with so much flavor that other fruity e liquids cannot compete. Thanks to the 100ml bottles you will not run out quick and will be able to enjoy plenty of huge clouds. Sakura has blended these ingredients in a way that allows you to enjoy all the flavors as if you were having a delicious cocktail. Honestly, who needs a bartender making basic fruity drinks when you can just indulge in Sakura who is everything but basic? No, I am not just saying this because the female samurai is holding a large sword. The mango and peaches allow this e liquid to be smooth and delicious. A heavy dose of pineapple is then added to this cocktail; perhaps just to garnish. Everyone enjoys a little pizzazz when they try out a new e liquid. However, the pineapple does an excellent job gathering these ingredients together and making this e liquid worth trying. If you fancy a nice fruitful e liquid that is not bombarded by several other fruits trying to be the star, then Sakura is the e liquid for you. These three fruits will really satisfy you and get the job done. Sugoi Vapor is big in the vape community, so you better believe they will not release an item that is not both unique and tasty. Primary Flavors: MangoPeachPineapple 
  • Musha - Sugoi Vapor - Stop traveling far to buy a yummy milk tea that makes you feel like you are more cultured. This is not your regular milk tea, it is blended black tea that is followed by the creaminess of milk. Sugoi Vapor is introducing us this incredible e liquid, like no other, called Musha. Just like the serious man on the artwork of the packaging, this e liquid is not playing any games. This Asian inspired vape juice is giving us the opportunity to try this combination that is not like all the other regular tea flavors in the market. When you take your first pull you can taste the black tea and how well it is mixing with the milk. The creaminess of the milk gives the e liquid an amazing texture when tasting it, and it makes you realize that perhaps cutting off dairy from your diet does not seem like a bad idea. Although exhaling might seem like a bummer, you are able to enjoy the big clouds Musha offers. Do not worry, this combination will not leave a bad aftertaste. Instead, it will keep you wanting to try it several more times. Musha is part of a three e juice collection, but this one stands out with its unique flavorful ingredients, as opposed to taking on a fruitier approach like its other two partners did. Waiting in line to purchase your next milk tea sounds super boring. Instead of complaining that they mistakenly added bubbles to your milk tea, just chill out, and enjoy Musha at any time you want. Next time you accidentally almost choke on a milk tea bubble, think about how much yummier Musha is and how you will not need to travel far for it. Primary Flavors: Black TeaMilk 
  • Ryu - Sugoi Vapor - Ready to add some Asian fruity flavors to your collection of e liquids? Sugoi Vapor is bringing us Ryu, a flavorful vape juice that combines iconic Asian fruits into this delicious cocktail. Ingredients include dragon fruit, lychee, and kiwi; the sweetest that Sugoi Vapor has to offer. This exotic blend of interesting fruits, that complement each other, allows its consumer to have an amazing vape experience. Ryu is not a selfish e liquid! He makes sure you are able to taste each fruit that he used in his mix without having a specific one steal the show. When you take in Ryu, the taste of dragon fruit pops out because it is a unique fruit that not many people in western countries eat. The hint of lychee starts coming in to mingle with the dragon fruit, but the it is not overpowering like it is known to do so with other e liquids. Right when you think Ryu is becoming a bit too sweet for your liking, you get hit with the tartness of the mouthwatering kiwi. Who does not enjoy a little sweet and sour combination? This e liquid makes you reconsider your vacation plans to consider Asia for the summer. You know, just to see if the flavors in Ryu are fresh and not exaggerated. Next time you go to your local grocery store to by fruit, how about you pick yourself up this tropical e liquid instead. Besides, no one likes shopping for fruits because you can never find the perfect one without any bruises, and for a decent price. Ryu did not just use common fruits in this e liquid, but surprised us with a blend that not many have had, but will keep them coming back for more. Primary Flavors: DragonfruitKiwiLychee 


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Sakura By Sugoi Vapor
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Musha By Sugoi Vapor
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Ryu By Sugoi Vapor

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