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Tailored House E Liquid Bundle (220ml) - Tailored House E Liquid
$ 49.99
Tailored House E Liquid Bundle -Tailored House E Liquid
Tailored House E Liquid Bundle (220ml) - Tailored House E Liquid
$ 49.99
Product Description

Tailored House E Liquid Bundle (220ml) - Tailored House E Liquid



This bundle is selling like a fresh batch of cookies from a famous bakery. Tailored House E Liquid has released several e liquids from salt nics to regular. However, now they are introducing us to this amazing bundle that is going to contain some of the most famous flavors they have to offer. Snacker Doodle, Strawberry Crunch, and Cookies Dream are the three e liquids that are going to come to the palm of your hands when you purchase this bundle. Cookie Dream is the only e liquid that is going to be available in 100ml of e liquid, while the others are going to contain 60ml. In the end, you will end up with 220ml of e liquid that is available to purchase at the affordable price of $49.99! Act now, before you say bye bye to such an amazing opportunity. 


Flavors Include:


  • Snacker Doodle - Tailored House E Liquid - The ultimate baked cookie dessert that could have your tongue wagging and your tummy grumbling as soon as you catch even the slightest whiff of its fragrant smell. Snacker Doodle by Tailored House E Liquid is the quintessential snickerdoodle cookie flavor that's even better than anything Grandma could bake with a big scoop of premium vanilla ice cream in between making a sandwich. Primary Flavors: Cookie, Vanilla, Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Crunch - Tailored House E LiquidOne of the newest trends is gourmet ice cream sandwiches that take the classic treat to new heights that will surprise and impress you with their delicious creativity. Strawberry Crunch by Tailored House E Liquid takes a creamy, dreamy and flavorful strawberry ice cream, sandwiches it between two freshly baked, golden brown sugar cookies and then rolls it through yummy crunchy bits. This flavor is so good, you'll never want a normal ice cream sandwich again! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Ice Cream, Sugar Cookie
  • Cookie Dream - Tailored House E Liquid - We may not yet be able to understand the intrinsic nature of dreams and how they are made, however, we cannot deny the fact that it serves as a playground for most of our innate desires. If dreams came true, a number of us would experience satisfaction in every sense of the word. Tailored House E Liquid has tailored their most recent concoction to match your sugary expectations, no pun intended. This delicately prepared snack, so incredulously delicious, has been ported straight from dreamland and packaged in a 100ml bottle for your vaping pleasure. A rich chocolate flavored cookie is battered down into subtle crumbs then mixed delicately with a luxurious lather of thick cream. Primary Flavors: Cookie, Cream


Package Contains:


  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Snacker Doodle By Tailored House E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Strawberry Crunch By Tailored House E Liquid 
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Cookie Dream By Tailored House E Liquid 


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