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The Clean Vape E Liquid Bundle - The Clean Vape E Liquid
The Clean Vape E Liquid Bundle - The Clean Vape E Liquid
The Clean Vape E Liquid Bundle - The Clean Vape E Liquid
$ 59.99
The Clean Vape E Liquid Bundle - The Clean Vape E Liquid
$ 59.99

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Product Description

The Clean Vape E Liquid Bundle - The Clean Vape E Liquid



Ready for a bundle from one of your favorite vape juice brands? Get excited because The Clean Vape E Liquid just grouped up a couple of your favorite e liquids and put them in one bundle. Four of their popular blends are going to be available by only making one purchase. With each e liquid coming in bottles containing 60ml of vape juice, this means you will have a total of 240ml of e liquid when you get your hands on this group. It will only cost $59.99! Each blend is going to have its own unique taste with an incredible sensation. Once you have this bundle with you, just start going on the vaping adventures you have been missing out on. The only question you will have once you have this bundle is which one you are going to start with first. 


Flavors Include: 


  • Thorny Strapple - The Clean Vape E Liquid - Mr. Fresh has always had a love for the exotic fruits, and never spent the summers without a batch of fresh strawberries. He often wished that e liquids were made up of unique and exotic flavors, as it might spice up his experience a little bit more. As luck would have it when Mr. Fresh tried samples of The Clean Vape collection he found exactly what he was looking for. Thorny Strapple offers fresh and exciting fruit flavors that offer both a classic taste and an exotic touch. When he takes a hit off his mod he inhales a sweet, succulent strawberry flavor and a bit of a crispy apple, slathered in a candy flavor. When he exhaled he was pleasantly surprised by the bursting, exotic flavor of the Cactus. He took a couple more hits, holding the sweet flavors of strawberry and apple before releasing that cactus flavor into a cloud. The hit was smooth, all three ingredients blended perfectly together, and best of all his mod didn’t take too much damage from the juice. Cloud production is best three out of five, and the flavors are very spot on. The flavors were highly intense without those added sweeteners and acidic touches. Mr. Fresh decided that Thorny Strapple would be a great in-between e liquid but the perfect all day vape for the summer, so he can take in those lazy afternoons with a hint of fresh fruits and cactus on those hot days. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Apple, Cactus 
  • Loops - The Clean Vape E Liquid - For a long time, Mr. Fresh has been discouraged by the various attempts to replicate his favorite fruity cereal, crammed into a juice bottle. Some had been too citrusy and sour, while others didn’t produce enough flavor for him to know what was in it. With the Clean Vape collection using a high grade of Vegetable Glycerin as well as Nicotine, it was no secret as to why Loops was on every vape user’s favorite list. Mr. Fresh was able to enjoy the light fruity notes, the subtle citrus flavor and the crunchy taste of cereal when he dripped Loops into his tank. On top of all his favorite flavors that take him back to a Saturday morning of cartoons in his pajamas, he enjoys a sweet graininess that almost makes it seem like he is vaping a bowl of cereal! He loves that milky flavor as he exhales. It’s a super smooth hit, soft on the throat, and includes a thick cloud production with the PG/VG ratio being 30/70, so that fruity cereal taste can linger in the house all day long by this all-day vape. Loops is made up of the most premium ingredients with no added sweeteners or acid. It creates that same favorite taste of cereal without it becoming overwhelming or too bland. The grainy taste is what stands out with this collection by Clean Vape. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit
  • Dragonberry Kiwi - The Clean Vape E Liquid - Mr. Fresh was open to many different flavors and didn’t necessarily have a favorite, even though Breezy Mangelon was climbing the charts. What Mr. Fresh began to really enjoy about The Clean Vape e liquid collection was their willingness to go above and beyond the traditional flavors that are often found in e liquids. Fruits were often his go-to flavors for e liquids and when he decided to taste the Dragonberry Kiwi he was instantly drawn. Kiwis and strawberries are the strongest flavors that hit his palate on the inhale, but on the exhale, he was matched with that same kiwi taste, with an added bite to it and he knew it was the Dragonberry that lingered in that dense cloud overhead. The sweet, classic, juicy strawberry and kiwi flavors were instantly matched with that exotic Dragonberry twist. It is the most prominent note in the mix. While Mr. Fresh may enjoy a variety of other flavors throughout the day, he found himself dripping the Dragonberry into his tank on a regular basis, and he vaped it almost exclusively when he wasn’t vaping on the Cookies & Cream with Mrs. Fresh. He loved that fruit flavor that lingered in the dense cloud, along with the smooth hits. It was not overbearing; the fruits were evenly balanced, and he was able to enjoy every part of the experience. Mr. Fresh added Dragonberry to his growing collection of The Clean Vape, along with Breezy Mangelon and Thorny Strapple. The Clean Vape delivers the prosperity to leave your wicks and your coils gunk free. Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Kiwi
  • Gramberry - The Clean Vape E Liquid - When Mrs. Fresh was a little girl, there would be times when she could not sleep, and she would be up late, frustrating her parents because she would not go to bed. Then one night during summer vacation, Mrs. Fresh was invited by her mom to join her at the kitchen table for a midnight snack. On the table, her mother laid out square stacks of graham crackers and a short, cold glass of strawberry milk. When Mr. Fresh brought home The Clean Vape collection of e liquids, she just had to try the Gramberry. Mrs. Fresh dripped it into her tank and then took her first hit. Immediately she was taken back to that moment when she shared a midnight snack with her mom. She was brushed with that same, sweet graham cracker taste, topped off with a cinnamon cereal crunch. The crumbly graham cracker flavor was followed by a lingering, juicy flavor of that same, wonderful, spot-on strawberry taste, cased in that short cold glass of milk. It was almost as if Mrs. Fresh was dipping the graham crackers into the strawberry milk herself. Mrs. Fresh didn’t hesitate to take another hit. The cloud production was high in density and rich in the graham cracker and strawberry milk fragrance. The flavors are pure and free from any additives or acid that might take away from the flavors that Mrs. Fresh enjoyed so much. She appreciated the limited amount of times she would have to change out her coils and her wicks because the pure juice is not so destructive. As part of the Clean Vape collection, Gramberry is made with the highest grade of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Nicotine. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Milk, Graham Cracker, Cinnamon 


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Thorny Strapple By The Clean Vape E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Loops By The Clean Vape E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Dragonberry Kiwi By The Clean Vape E Liquid 
  • 1 x 60ml Bottle Of Gramberry By The Clean Vape E Liquid 

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