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Yami Vapor E Liquid Bundle - Yami Vapor E Liquid
Yami Vapor E Liquid Bundle - Yami Vapor E Liquid
Yami Vapor E Liquid Bundle - Yami Vapor E Liquid
$ 59.99
Yami Vapor E Liquid Bundle - Yami Vapor E Liquid
$ 59.99

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Product Description

Yami Vapor E Liquid Bundle - Yami Vapor E Liquid  


Bundles are fun because they allow you to receive a couple of different e liquids at the push of a button. Besides, why would you want to order e liquids separately and expect several packages? Yami Vape E Liquid is showing us that they can come up with their own impressive bundles that make our jaws drop. This particular bundle is will include three different e liquids that will give you a magical experience no matter which one you decide to indulge in first. Each one will contain 100ml of e liquid, bringing you to a whopping 300ml of e liquid for you to indulge in whenever you want. This bundle is only going to cost you $59.99, and you better act fast because a deal this good does not last very long. 


Flavors Include:


  • Butter Brew - Yami Vapor E Liquid - When I was a child I wondered what everlasting candy would taste like. Every Halloween night, I’d gather bags and bags of candy, then, stash them in the corner where my headboard met the wall. It was nights and nights of unending deliciousness until our cat’s curiosity led mum to my hiding place. That and my four missing teeth brought an abrupt end to my experiment. I may never get to discover what never-ending candy tastes like but I’d be crazy to pass up on a chance at continual sweetness that does not involve me risking my tooth. This is exactly what Butter Brew by Yami Vapor E Liquid promises. Inspired by the world of magic and mystery, Butter Brew by Yami Vapor E Liquid will take you away to a place where just about anything can come true! If you love the taste of butterscotch, this juice is going to make you jump for joy! Perfectly creamy, smooth and rich, this tastes exactly like the real thing but even better, no worries about cavities! How do I know you ask? Because I’ve tried it myself, and I'm telling you, no other vape juice compares. No saccharine combination evoked a better simulation of never-ending candy in my mouth. Take it from someone who lost four teeth. Butter Brew by Yami Vapor E Liquid gives you the bucks for your money by providing the delectable creamy combination you grew on without the added expense of treating cavities.  If you’re ready to vape an astonishingly delectable e juice try Butter Brew today. One inhale and you’d be permanently replacing your entire collection with bottles of it. Figure out why they say Butter Brew is the seasoned vaper’s sidekick. The never was a more exotic candy.  I tell you. Primary Flavors: Butterscotch
  • Icy Trio  - Yami Vapor E Liquid - Where you hear the words strawberry, kiwi and lychee in one sentence, your head immediately screams exotic vacation in a tropical island far far away. Imagine the breeze, the flutter of the wind, the calm rhythm of the ocean. This is paradise. Your dream getaway might cost an arm and a leg but thanks to Yami Vapor E Liquid you get the same exhilarating feeling for just a couple bucks. Inhale and feel the rejuvenating zest of a luxurious mixture. Fruits, hand picked from the bowels of mother earth. If you thought you had experienced the highest level of excitement before, think again! One taste of this e juice will take you to the highest of highs with its screaming succulent concoction. Only an expert mixer could have blended something like this so exquisitely well and Yami Vapor once again proves themselves to be the masters of the craft.  There’s a reason why strawberries are a scarecrow’s favorite fruit. We may not hold this knowledge but Yami Vapors sure do. This would explain why they thought it wise to blend it with succulent kiwi and lychee berry. Oh, we wish they had just let it at that but they didn't. They went ahead and added a heavy helping of ice as if to say, pure satisfaction would be our wrath. Do you hear us complain? No! We’re totally here for this. Who said bars are the only places where we can get drinks on the rocks. Ice makes anything better and this combination was already exceedingly good to start with. Icy Trio by Yami Vapor E Liquid gives an exciting twist to our favorite blend of fruit juices. It provides for a refreshing zest. In the summer this vape juice would be the first thing you reach for to cool off the morbid heat. In the winter, its fluffy clouds will do well to unclog your nose and keep you warm. Primary Flavors: StrawberryLycheeKiwiMenthol
  • Taruto - Yami Vapor E Liquid - Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine, that you are as light as air. Every uncomfortable weight is dropped as you rise, slowly, steadily. You’re floating and the air around you is powdery, calm, light. Your tongue is filled with an unexplainable decadence. The more you float, the more you taste, the more you feel. Matter is a case of deluxe luxuriousness as every atom seems to be one with this light flaky airiness. You inhale and your lungs are filled to the brim with what could only be a heavy helping of mama’s pastry baked with a thousand ounces of love. There’s a slight hint of freshly whipped eggs, a savory helping of butter, the crumby chunky-ness of the tart shell and the deluxe creaminess of custard. You inhale some more and you can taste every single bit of this flavor. The more you puff, the more you taste, the more your stomach gets filled. But even more surprisingly, you are still as light as air. Only an exotic vape juice could have that kind of effect, only Taruto by Yami Vapor. This mind blowing blend is a take on the Portuguese egg tart. A flaky, buttery pastry shell is filled with a super smooth, sweet egg-based custard that will satisfy all of your cravings and soon become one of your most reached for juices. Gratification is not word enough to describe what you would feel vaping to this. Taruto was crafted by one of the best, Yami Vapor, who are widely known for their ability to bring decadent dessert choice blends to life. It is always a good idea to add a little adventure to your life and try something new! If you’re down for a delectable vape choice, go for Taruto. You will experience a lot of emotions but, disappointment is not one of them. Primary Flavors: PastryCustard


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Butter Brew By Yami Vapor E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Icy Trio By Yami Vapor E Liquid 
  • 1 x 100ml Bottle Of Taruto By Yami Vapor E Liquid 

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