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Zonk! Salt E Liquid Bundle (150ml) - Zonk! Salt E Liquid
$ 29.99
Zonk! Salt E Liquid Bundle (150ml) - Zonk! Salt E Liquid
Zonk! Salt E Liquid Bundle (150ml) - Zonk! Salt E Liquid
$ 29.99
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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Zonk! Salt E Liquid Bundle (150ml) - Zonk! Salt E Liquid


Zonk! Salt E Liquid is allowing us to get our hands on all five of their salt e liquid in one package. What do you have to do? Well, you just have to purchase this amazing bundle that is going to be available at the affordable price of 49.99! Five salt e liquids with each of them being filled with 30ml of your favorite flavors. This means that you will have a total of 150ml of salt e liquid for you to get through. With so many flavors, you might have trouble deciding where do you begin. Its okay, you have all the time in the world to try them all at your own pace. 



Flavors Include: 

  • Mixed Berry - Zonk! Salt E Liquid - There’s something about the words “mixed berries” that just makes you salivate. It reminds you of springtime when the best berries start to grow in clusters. The sun is just starting to shine, plants are coming back to life, and delicious food is starting to grow. You can just imagine all sorts of fruits growing bright, juicy, and colorful. It is a scrumptious image. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries… individually, they are all tasty. Put them together, however, and you get something even better. It’s like… delicious-cubed. Or delicious-quadrupled. Well, Mixed Berry by Zonk! takes all your favorite berries and puts them into a tempting blend… One that is like taking a bite out of a juicy fruit salad that is just the best fruits (so forget the melons and bananas—it’s all berries with this blend!). Infused with nicotine salt, this blend allows you to get a craving hit while still enjoying the full flavor profile of a handful of berries (or so it seems). It is a bit like walking through a variety of berry patches, filling your basket, then distilling the amazing taste down into a vape. But Mixed Berry goes a step further; it adds a bubblegum sweetness to the berry flavors to create a new taste sensation. Like your favorite berry bubblegum, this salt is ready to delight your senses and strike your sweet tooth. Instead of chewing a piece of gum that will lose its flavor, you can vape with a blend that will stay as delicious on the first pull as the last. Not only that, but you’ll scratch that nicotine itch while you enjoy the sweet berry taste. So grab that springtime feel and take a trip to the berry patch with Mixed Berry by Zonk! You’ll be able to enjoy that berry-good feeling anytime! Primary Flavors: Mixed Berry
  • Orange Mango -  Zonk! Salt E LiquidYou probably know that there is no word in English that rhymes with “orange.” It is unique. It is also very distinct, as a color, a fruit, a smell, a flavor… Oranges are just the best. And they are delicious. A juicy, tart orange is the perfect treat, a guaranteed pick-me-up at any time of the day. Mangos are sweet and delicate, an exotic treat in their own right. When they are put together, you get a perfect blend of sweet-and-tangy fruit flavors that meld perfectly. Light and tropical, oranges and mangos aren’t often paired together, but it is a combination that makes for the perfect match. The tang of the orange is balanced out by the sweetness of the mango, and the overall fruity taste of both is the foundation of an amazing duo. Orange Mango by Zonk! is your invitation to a tropical fruit paradise. Added to the mix is a bubblegum-candy taste that gives it a fun twist that reminds you of being a kid. It is a layered, nuanced salt that always seems to have a little something extra to discover. As a nicotine salt blend, every vape also gives you a nicotine rush that is sure to appeal to anyone that needs their fix. This salt is for anyone who dreams of moving to a hut on the beach; the person that wants to set up a reclining chair right up to the edge of the surf, so she can feel the water lapping at her feet. It’s for the person that wants to have a drink in a coconut in one hand, and his favorite e-cig with this blend in the other hand. Maybe the dream is a long shot, but at least this salt makes it feel a little closer to true. It’s something, and that is all that matters! So fulfill your tropical dreams with Orange Mango by Zonk! Primary Flavors: Orange, Mango, Candy
  • Pink Lemonade - Zonk! Salt E Liquid - Picture this: you’re a young kid, playing at your friend’s house. It’s summer (no school!), so you’ve been playing outside. It is a warm, sunny day, and you’ve had an amazing time. Maybe you were playing tag with some neighborhood kids. Maybe you built a fort with some sheets and bushes and rocks. Or maybe your friend was lucky enough to have a tree house, and you could hang out and read comics and talk about superheroes. Whatever you were doing, you were playing HARD. It’s time to come in and cool off. Your friend’s mom offers to give you something cold to drink. And what does she pull out of the fridge? Your heart skips a beat: could it be? Will she have your favorite? Yes, she does! It’s everyone’s first choice: pink lemonade. Sure, plain lemonade tasted fine, good even; but there was, and is, something special about pink lemonade. It’s just better. Sugary sweet and with the perfect sour punch, nothing was more thirst-quenching and delicious than pink lemonade, especially after a day of playing on a hot day in the middle of summer. Pink Lemonade by Zonk! is the nicotine salt made to give you that same mouth-watering taste. This blend has the sour lemon taste combined with the sweetness of the lemonade to create a delicious, tart salt that every vaper can enjoy. With the nicotine salt infused in the e-juice, the Pink Lemonade flavor gives you a sugary kick. Whether you are looking to recapture that childhood flavor or just looking for a delectable new vape, this salt is the perfect treat for you. So gratify your nicotine craving and enjoy yourself while you do it with Pink Lemonade by Zonk! Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your inner child. Grab a bottle today! Primary Flavor: Pink Lemonade
  • Watermelon Strawberry - Zonk! Salt E Liquid - Is there anything better than summer? There is just something about it: the hot sun in the sky, a long-awaited vacation, doing a cannonball into a swimming pool. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy your life. You can go camping in the woods and relax by a lake, or head to the beach and take a swim in the ocean… or you can just stay in your house and read a book. It’s your vacation! Enjoy it! And really, there is no quicker or easier way to really dive in to summer than with a tasty summer treat. Some of the most scrumptious food tastes best in the summer: ice cream, for instance, and popsicles. But nothing really says “summer” like watermelon. Watermelon is the perfect summer food: it can be served in dozens of ways (chilled, frozen, cubed, sliced); it’s juicy and sweet, with just the slightest tart edge. And there’s really only one way to make watermelon better—pair it with strawberries! It’s the food pairing you never knew you always needed. And that’s exactly what you get with Watermelon Strawberry by Zonk! It is a tasty nicotine salt that combines the tangy-sweetness of watermelon and strawberry to create an exquisite combination of summery goodness. With the nicotine infused in the juice, you are sure to get the buzz you need. It’s summer in a bottle… refreshing and tangy. You can now relive the joyful feeling of summer whenever you want. So take a vacation—or at least feel like you are, with Juice Man’s Watermelon Strawberry by Zonk! It’s way more affordable than a trip to the beach, and you can take with you everywhere. Plus, you don’t even need it to be summer—you can have tasty watermelon in January if you want. So treat yourself today! Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry
  • Cotton Candy - Zonk! Salt E Liquid - Nothing says summer like the fair. The sound of the music, the bright lights and extravagant colors, and the smells: the smells that you can only find at the fair, like sawdust, fair food, and farm animals. The fair is a seasonal treat that somehow stays the same, year after year. And one of the best parts of the fair is the food. While there is an endless variety to choose from, a classic staple is always cotton candy. Something about that light, fluffy treat just always seems to hit the spot. Whether you chose pink, blue, or go really while with a mix of the two, the sugary, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is the perfect dessert when you are full, but not done eating. Cotton Candy by Zonk! is the perfect recreation of your favorite fair food. It’s a bit like someone bought some fair cotton candy, melted it down, combined it with nicotine, and created a confection sensation. That means you get the sweet taste of cotton candy with the nicotine hit that you crave—like a candy that is for adults only. Best yet, you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers or the odd cotton-texture on your tongue; you just get the yummy taste. It is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth, or enjoy a quick post-meal treat… or just indulge in it because you feel like it. You don’t need a reason or an excuse! And now, you don’t even need the fair to enjoy cotton candy at any time of the year. You can have it whenever you please with Juice Man’s flavored salt. So grab the next best thing to the real stuff itself, and pick up a bottle of Cotton Candy by Zonk! today! Pair your nicotine and sugar rushes together with a fun salt that will make you feel like a kid again. You’ll be delighted! Primary Flavors: Cotton Candy


**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Package Contains: 


  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Mixed Berry By Zonk! Salt E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Orange Mango By Zonk! Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Pink Lemonade By Zonk! Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Watermelon Strawberry By Zonk! Salt E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml Bottle Of Cotton Candy By Zonk! Salt E Liquid 

Customer Reviews

Zonk! Salt E Liquid Bundle (150ml) - Zonk! Salt E Liquid has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 8 reviews.