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Vape Batteries

Unlike the batteries you find at the store, a vape battery for cartridges in mods is a high amperage lithium ion battery designed for vaping. We have a large variety of vape batteries, including high drain, 18650s, flat tops, and batteries for all vape mods with the power to support even the biggest custom systems. It doesn't matter if you like long battery life or high power. 

The right battery is an important part of your mod and batteries quickly add up to be one of the most expensive parts of your vape system. They drain quickly and you'll need at least two in order to use your vaping device. 

Buy good vape batteries specifically designed for extended battery life, better performance, or recharging. Take a long lasting battery in your vape to work and switch to a high powered alternative at home in the evening. We stock 18650, 21700, 26650 and other external batteries suited to every mod on the market. 

Vape Battery Chargers

The best vape mod batteries are rechargeable and can save you money. We stock a variety of vape battery chargers because even the best vape battery dies, why throw out the rechargeable vape batteries you use - just recharge them. We offer a handful of Nitecore chargers in stock. Buy a rechargeable vape battery pack online and use our deals to get more out of your vaping experience.

Vape Batteries FAQs

What kind of batteries do vapes use?
Vaporizers will use either lithium polymer (fixed) or lithium ion (replaceable) batteries. Both are designed to deliver a large amount of power in a short period of time, and as such can be dangerous if not treated with the proper care and respect. The most popular battery form for replaceable cells is the flat-topped 18650, which is 18 mm wide and 65 mm tall. While similar in size to a household AA cell (but lacking the 'button' or 'nipple' top on the positive terminal), vape-safe cells can deliver as much as 20 times the power of a AA without overheating. Find out what type of batteries your vape device needs.
How do I charge my vape batteries?
If your device comes with a fixed, non-replaceable battery, it'll also likely include a USB charging cord to properly charge your battery . These are meant to be used with a wall wart, and we don't recommend plugging them into your computer in case of a power surge that could cause damage. If your batteries are replaceable, you should only use a dedicated standalone charger from a reputable brand to charge them. While some mods with replaceable batteries may also have a USB port built in, this is for connecting a data cable to update the mod's firmware, NOT for charging batteries as the power transfer capability is generally too low and poses a risk of overheating if plugged into a power source.
How do I dispose of old vape batteries?
When treated properly (not exposed to excessive heat, recharged when below 50% power), lithium ion cells can last for 250-350 charge cycles. If you frequently run your batteries all the way down until they no longer work, that lifespan could be cut in half. Once your cells no longer hold enough of a charge to last for an acceptable amount of vaping, take them to a local recycling center - most major home improvement stores will also recycle batteries for customers at no charge. Batteries (including the alkaline ones you use in your TV remote) contain toxic chemicals and can't simply be thrown into a landfill once they're spent - please recycle.
How do I know if a vape battery is safe?
First off, use the manufacturer recommended high-discharge lithium ion cell with a continuous rating of 20A or more. Next, stick to a reputable supplier - LG, Samsung, and Sony are the only manufacturers of batteries acceptable for vape use at present. Other major brands (Sanyo, Panasonic) may make cells in the proper size, but they don't produce the minimum 20A power output to be safe for vaping. Third-party brands, or 'rewrappers,' buy up 'seconds,' or products that didn't pass quality control at a major manufacturer, and then place their own labels on the cells. These are potentially dangerous because it's hard to know what kind of battery is actually under the cover, whether the stated performance specifications are true, and sometimes there may be three or four different batteries with completely different specs being sold by one company as the same model.
I found another battery that fits, can I use it?
No. Not only do you need to follow your device manufacturer's instructions to use a lithium ion battery (usually in an 18650, 26650, or 21700 size), you need to get special high-discharge cells capable of continuously discharging at least 20 amps (20A) of power. Using the wrong batteries can be extremely dangerous.
Are loose vape batteries dangerous?
Yes, lithium ion cells (which are also used in computers, power tools, and a host of other consumer products) can be dangerous if handled improperly. Whenever a cell isn't installed in a mod or on a charger, it should be stored in a sealed plastic case to prevent the positive and negative terminals from contacting any source of metal whatsoever. Batteries themselves don't have to be dangerous, but failing to handle them properly can pose an extreme risk.
How do I store and carry vape batteries?
Lithium ion cells suitable for vaping can deliver much more power, much faster than traditional batteries. They're unprotected, meaning that if two battery terminals come into contact (or one battery's terminal comes into contact with a metal object like keys or loose change), they could discharge rapidly. This overheats the cell and can lead to 'venting,' where the acids stored inside the batteries are rapidly discharged in the form of steam, causing burns. The cell could also heat so quickly that the chemicals within expand to bursting, causing a fire or explosion. For this reason, loose batteries ALWAYS need to be kept in a sealed plastic case and out of contact with one another or any other metal object. The vast majority of news reports on 'exploding e-cigs' are in fact instances of loose batteries being handled improperly and allowed to discharge too rapidly.
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