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While “vape pen” can be a catch-all term for any type of vaping device, in the e-liquid vaping world these generally refer to one of two devices: the e-Go style pen or, in more limited cases, a e-cigarette device. In general, a vape pen is a compact device without advanced features like temperature or wattage control that’s designed to allow a user to refill the pen with an e-liquid of his or her choice.

Vape pens are a great way for new users to decide whether or not it’s a viable long-term option such as disposable pens and investing in a more expensive vape device. They’re also an excellent choice for those who want a simple solution that allows them to select their own e-liquid. Refillable systems like vape pens are advantageous because refill liquids are less expensive than pre-filled pods or cartridges, available in a wider variety of flavors, and offer a greater choice in nicotine strength (as well as nicotine-free offerings).

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Vape Pen & E-Cigs FAQs
What is a vape pen?
While some people will refer to any vapor device as a "vape pen," (learn more) typically they're referring about a smaller device, no bigger than a felt-tipped marker. These could also refer to "cigalikes," an even smaller device that's roughly the size of a tobacco cigarette used to vape.
Are vape pens hard to use?
Vape pens are some of the easiest devices to use, and are favored by both new vapers and those who are more experienced but want an easily portable backup vape device.
Do vape pens come in flavors?
Most vape pens are available with at least some choice of flavor. With a closed system device you'll only be able to choose from a handful of options your manufacturer chooses to offer, but with an open system you can choose from any one of the thousands of flavors and strengths offered by a host of different e-liquid makers.
Can I use a different brand of pods on my vape pen?
If you're using a pod-style system, it's likely that the only pods that will fit your device are the ones that came from your manufacturer. With older vape pens and most advanced vape "mods," instead of a pod you'll use a clearomizer or tank that connects to your device using "510-style" threads. This means that you can switch your tanks between a variety of different devices without being limited like with a pod system.
Are vape pens expensive?
As a beginner-friendly device, vape pens are a low-cost way to get into vaping. They allow you to try it out with a relatively low investment, and if you think that vaping might be a viable alternative to smoking you'll be able to decide whether to purchase a more advanced device later.
what is the difference between a vape pen and e-cigarette?
While some people might call any vapor device a "vape pen" or "e-cigarette," both of these are generally considered to be smaller and simpler than more advanced "mods." In short, these are two words that can mean effectively the same thing.
What are "closed system" and "open system" vape pens?
Closed and open system devices refer to whether or not the clearomizer (tank or pod) can be refilled. With a closed system device, you don't need to fill your tank and can throw it away when empty, saving on maintenance hassles. But with an open system, you can refill and reuse your tank or vape pod many times, saving money and allowing you to choose from a range of e-liquid flavors and nicotine strengths instead of being stuck with just the flavors and strengths your device's manufacturer offers.
Are vape pens dangerous?
Vape pens aren't necessarily dangerous, but some irresponsible owners certainly can be. There have been some reports of fires caused by people leaving vapes charging unsupervised, but most of the danger concerning vapes is related to devices with removable batteries that aren't handled with the requisite care by their owners.