Salt Nic EJuice

Salt Nic EJuice

Nicotine salt ejuice is not derived from tobacco leaves, but carries a cleaner taste and a higher dosage of nicotine, making it perfect for pod mod refills and mouth to lung vaping. stocks hundreds of nicotine salt eliquid flavors in several flavor profiles from all the top brands. 

Most vaping e-liquids use freebase nicotine, which works great for many vapers, but it is very alkaline and can irritate the throat. The high alkalinity also muddles some e-juice flavors. Nicotine salt e juice works differently. Nicotine salt e liquid has a much lower alkalinity than freebase nicotine leaving it smoother on vapers' throats and cleaner tasting.

Vapers with sensitive throats and respiratory conditions enjoy salt nicotine juice as the best way to vape without irritation. Salt vape juice carries all the best flavors without the murky undertone in freebase nicotine, so it's great for flavor purists and picky vapers. Salt-based e-liquids blend as well as regular vaping e-juice, so you can create your own unique vaping experience. Shop hundreds of salt e juice flavors in stock and ready to ship making this the best time to buy and try something new.


How to Vape With Nicotine Salt E Liquid


Salt E Liquids should never be used in sub-ohm tanks or any dripper styled vape system. Salt nicotine e liquid has seen a rise in popularity with the rapid growth of pod mod open loop systems. stocks compatible hardware for nicotine salt e-liquid, including dozens of compatible pod mod systems for vapers looking for higher nicotine content or a clearer taste of their favorite e-juice flavors.


Salt Nic E-Liquid FAQs
What is e-liquid?
E-liquid, sometimes referred to using the slang terms "e-juice" or "vape juice," is a liquid specially formulated to be used in conjunction with personal vaporizers to produce an aerosol vapor that mimics the appearance and feel of smoking combustible tobacco products.
What are the ingredients in e-liquid?
E liquid is comprised of two base ingredients. The first is vegetable glycerin (VG), which is a sweet, thick liquid generally derived from palm and soy and used in a host of food products. The second is propylene glycol (PG), a thinner, tasteless substance used in making products like pharmeceutical inhalers. Some people say e-liquid contains antifreeze because automotive coolant also contains PG as a means of lowering its' toxicity in case an animal were to drink from a puddle under a leaky car, but this is an urban myth. Other ingredients may include food-grade flavorings and nicotine that's either lab-synthesized or extracted from tobacco.
Does e-liquid come in different flavors?
There are thousands and thousands of flavors of e-liquid available, ranging from fruity combinations to rich dessert and pastry blends. Tobacco and menthol flavors are also available, but these are by far the least popular choices among adult that vape.
Does all e-liquid have nicotine?
Many e-liquids do contain nicotine, but many do not contrary to popular belief. Though the amount varies widely. Most reputable e-liquid vendors also offer nicotine-free versions of their flavors for customers trying to limit or curtail their nicotine use.
What level of nicotine should I choose in my e-liquid?
The level of nicotine you'll choose depends largely on your device and how much you used to smoke. Experience vapers usually prefer between 0 and 6 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid in high-powered, advanced devices. They may use as much as 15 mg/ml of "salt-based" nicotine in low-powered compact devices. Users who've recently quit smoking or who are in the process of switching from smoking to vaping may seek out higher nicotine levels to control tobacco cravings, though most eventually reduce their nicotine use over time.
How much PG and VG should my e-liquid have?
This will depend on your vaping style and device. Users who prefer smooth draws and big, fluffy clouds prefer using high-VG blends with advanced mod devices. Users who prefer the "mouth-to-lung" draw style that most closely mocks smoking a cigarette may prefer smaller clouds and a bit of the "throat hit" kick that actual smoke delivers and therefore use high-PG liquids. Low-powered pod and cigalike devices, likewise, will prefer thinner PG-heavy blends that flow more easily through their tiny coils and wicks. Read more about PG and VG.
What are nicotine salts?
Salt-based nicotine doesn't actually contain salt in the sense you're probably thinking of, it refers to the chemical makeup of the nicotine extract. Salt nic delivers a much smoother hit than traditionally-extracted nicotine, meaning a vaper is able to consume a lot more nicotine in a single salt-based draw without experiencing throat irritation or coughing that high concentrations of traditional nicotine might produce. Read more about how it affects you.
Do e-liquids come in cigarette flavor?
While there are tobacco and menthol e-liquid flavors available, they're by far the least popular flavors on the market. The problem is in trying to replicate the exact taste of "your brand" of cigarette. Tobacco-flavored e-liquids taste like fresh tobacco, not tobacco that's been dried, sprayed with thousands of chemicals, wrapped in paper, lit on fire, and left to smolder. For this reason "tobacco" flavor doesn't translate well to "cigarette" flavor. Most vapers who choose to vape tobacco flavors prefer blends that add a touch of honey, caramel, or vanilla to accentuate the raw tobacco leaf.
How do I choose the right e-liquid?
Choosing the right e-liquid for you can be the biggest challenge or the biggest adventure in vaping, depending on how you choose to look at things. The best way to start is with a few different flavors from 1700+ brands that appeal to you - try branching out from tobacco and trying a fruit or dessert. While some vapers spend a few months sampling before settling on an "all-day-vape," others who've been vaping for years still look forward to picking new flavors to try with each purchase.