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Vaping Made Breazy
Spending Too Much on Vaping? How to Cut Costs

When you first quit smoking and started vaping, you were probably excited about eliminating the cost of buying cigarettes and saving some money in the process. And while it’s true that vaping is generally less expensive than smoking, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap either. There are a few ways that you can save more money once you learn more about vaping. Two changes that can shave off a few dollars are upgrading to more sophisticated hardware and/or choosing cheaper e-liquids.

Vape Snapshot: Aspire’s Spryte Pod Mod Kit

Aspire's new Spryte Pod Mod Kit is designed for vapers who have been using disposable pod systems but want something more from vaping. It’s a sleek device with a smooth pull, which makes it a good fit for vapers who want a quality mouth-to-lung experience. ‘Spryte’ is an archaic spelling for ‘spirit’ and the device definitely has a sort of netherworld quality that puts it in the land somewhere between pod mods and pen-style vapes.

Vape News In Brief: February 8th, 2018 Edition

This piece, which attempts to answer the age-old question: what's the difference between vaping, Juuling, and using an e-cigarette? Answer: there is none, though Juuling typically refers specifically to vaping while using a Juul-branded e-cigarette. In what would potentially be the most crippling blow to brick-and-mortar vape shops in a particular locale, Vermont is looking to impose a 92 percent tax on the wholesale value of vapor products. That's more than double the 40 percent tax Pennsylvania enacted (and eventually backed down on) a couple years ago that nonetheless closed hundreds of shops and cost state residents tens of millions of dollars' worth of business.

Vape Snapshot: Lumi Disposable Sub Ohm Tank from Geek Vape

The Lumi Disposable Sub Ohm Tank by Geek Vape is a unique new concept that's exactly what it sounds like: a disposable sub-ohm tank. If the hardware looks familiar, that’s because it was first included with Geek Vape’s Lucid Box Mod Starter Pack. If replacing coil heads or cleaning your clearomizer is too cumbersome or inconvenient, the Lumi offers an easy solution. All you have to do is unscrew the tank, thread in a new one, and fill 'er up.

Vape Snapshot: Atopack Magic Pod Mod Starter Kit from Joyetech

The Atopack Magic Pod Mod Starter Kit is one of the most unique pod systems currently available.The Atopack is larger than most devices in the pod class, but what's most unique is that it doesn’t utilize a traditional resistance wire coil. These features set it apart from other pod devices on the market. The device comes with a huge (for a pod device) 1300mAh battery and a massive refillable 7 ml pod for e-liquid. That’s even bigger than a lot of sub-ohm tanks. This device is for vapers who enjoy portable systems that some serious runtime between charges or refills.   

Super Bowl Game Day - 60ML's for $9.99
Are you game ready? Well in case you aren't we have some tasty vape juice at $9.99 for a limited time. Get yourfill of 60ml bottles in any number of flavor profiles you could imagine. Raise your vape and celebrate your victory Breazy.com style.
Super Bowl Pre Fame - 40% Off Team Breazy's Favorites!
It might be cold outside but there is no reason why it shouldn't be warm and cloudy inside. This deal will help you achieve that and also be a winner during gameday. From now until Februuary 3rd enjoy 40% off on these fantastic e-liquids as picked by Team Breazy.
Superbowl Pregame - 40% Off Gameday E Liquids
Get ready for game day and all of the fanfare that comes with it. Regardless of what team you support you'll find a winning team among these incredible vape deals. From now until February 2nd, 2019 enjoy 40% off on some amazing brands of liquids that'll win the all day vape challenge and put you in the winner's circle.
Vape Snapshot: Smoant KARAT Pod Mod Kit

The Smoant KARAT Pod Mod Kit is a portable mouth-to-lung (MTL) device with a sleek design inspired by a polished diamond. While it fits in your pocket, it looks good enough to string around your neck on a lanyard. For new vapers ready to move on to an upgraded pod mod system, it’s portable and easy to operate. The kit offers a 370mah battery, 2ml capacity, and a magnetic pod connection. It has an accurate draw-activated mechanism for simple functionality.

Vape News In Brief: January 28th, 2018 Edition
The big Juul advertising buys we reported last week on the heels of a massive cash infusion from Marlboro parent Altria. If you're wondering how it is the company is able to take out full-page newspaper ads and even television spots despite such promotions being banned for combustible cigarette companies, here's a good explainer.
Super Bowl Pre Game - 120ML's as low as $11.99!
Breazy loves you and wants you to enjoy the big game with some super deals. Don't let the guys in padding be the only winners, score your own points with stee discounts on big bottles of liquids. Game day is soon, the end of sale is even closer. Get your orders in before the sale ends on January 30th.
XVII Pistachio Flake Mission E Liquid Review

Every day, new flavored e-liquids are being released to an excited and engaged community of vapers looking to find their next favorite blend. Premium juice companies like Mission E-Liquid have heard your demand for more adventurous and sophisticated flavors. So they’ve introduced a new line of flavored e-liquid that not only offers you something sweet, but encapsulates a full experience in a bottle. In this article, we’ll be looking at the company’s new line of flavors, focusing on nutty and savory Pistachio Flake.

Vaping Honeymoon Over? How to Keep the Magic Alive

Remember how exciting it was when you first started vaping? That first breath of freedom from smoking cigarettes, the adventure of discovering new flavors and the relief in finding a setup that works just right for you. Like any activity you may do repeatedly, it’s possible you might have fallen into a rut with vaping. If you’ve been at it for a couple years now, maybe you feel like you lost that initial magic you felt when you first started vaping.

Vape Snapshot: Smok’s G-Priv Baby Luxe 85W Starter Kit

As any experienced vaper can attest, vaping becomes a lot more rewarding when you have the right device in your hand. To begin your journey, or even advance it to the next level, the Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe 85W Starter Kit is a great entry point to the world of mods, both for beginners and more experienced vapers looking to step up from a cigalike or pod mod into full-feature vaping.

Vape News In Brief: January 22nd, 2018 Edition
Welcome to Breazy Briefs, where we take a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional tasty pop culture tidbit related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…
Start The Year Off Right - 30% Off All E Liquid
From now until January 25th enjoy a thirty percent off discount on the best liquids in all of vaping. If that doesn't get your mouth watering I don't kmnow what will. That's right 30% off any brand of liquid you love. No strings attached.
Big Bottle Friday - 40% Off Big Bottles!
As if Friday wasn't enough reason to celebrate, Breazy brings you 40% off some of our favorite brig bottles of vape juice. Take the charge on this sale and get your orders in before the sale ends on January 20th.
Hey, Can I Borrow Your Vape? Dos and Don'ts of Vape Sharing

We at the Breazy office love to try new products. And we are not shy when it comes to sharing not just our opinions about new vape devices or e-liquid flavors—but actually sharing our devices and our flavors with one another. But as for sharing your vape with people outside your vape fam, we knew opinion is divided as to whether it’s ok to share vape products at all.

Mid Week Pick Me Up - 40% Off Staff Favorites
Give yourself a midweek perk with some great midweek pick me up deals. From now until January 18th stock up at deep discounts and if you place an order over $25 you'll snag yourself a Naked 100 E Liquid beanie while supplies last.
Switching from Cigs to E-cigs is Hard! 5 Biggest Obstacles & How to Overcome Them
Let's be honest, quitting tobacco is a tough task. Many people have said it's the hardest thing they've ever done. Switching to vaping can be a big help, as it'll allow you to continue using nicotine while you transition away from cigarettes, but that doesn't mean it's always smooth sailing
40% Off 2019's Newest E Liquids
Grab yourself some new liquids at incredibly low prices. New liquids, for a new year, with new flavor experiences to be enjoyed. Make sure you get your order in before the deal ends on January 16th. Breazy brings you deals you love and the vape goods you want at the prices you need.
Vape News In Brief: January 14th, 2018 Edition
a smarter way to use "the patch." Smokers have long been aware of the dismal success rates of pharmaceutical quit-smoking aids, but a group of researchers at Queen Mary University in London believe they've found a better way to make quit attempts stick. Instead of the "slap a patch on and quit cold turkey" approach, they're suggesting that users actually start applying the patches a few weeks before quitting, gradually ramping up their nicotine intake.
Post Holiday Clearance Sale - Everything Must Go
The holidays may be over but perhaps that just means it's time for you to pick up something for yourself. Well Breazy.com has the deals for you so you can stock up on some new vape goodies to start the year off right. Sale ends January 11th 2019.
Vape Your Way to a Pretend Tropical Getaway

Want to get away from the cold, brutal season, but can’t manage to pull off a vacation because you've got too much work, too little money, or all of the above? While there's nothing quite like feeling the sun kissing your face and the waves lapping over your toes, vapers—unlike regular human mortals—actually have other alternatives to try and capture that feeling. We have access to endless flavors that capture the scents, tastes and vibes of an island paradise.

Surviving Cold Weather Vaping
As winter approaches and the cold winds blow in, vapers need to prep themselves and their devices to deal with the frigid temperatures. Read on if you vape and find yourself in any of these four categories: 1) You work outside for long periods at a stretch 2) You go out for breaks at work 3) You don’t vape indoors at home, so you go outside a lot to puff  4) You find yourself frequently leaving restaurants or bars to vape outside.
Mystery Monday 40% Off Mystery Salt Flavors
Enjoy a 40% discount on some new salt liquid adventures to spice up your pod mods. From now until January 9th Breazy.com is offering is Mystery Monday deals to you with one catch. That you order before the code expires.
New Year Big Bottle Friday (40% Off Big Bottles)
Start off the year with a big deal on some big clouds with some big liquids at a big discounts. The theme here is big and we mean BIG. From now until January 6th 2019 enjoy 40% off on these discounted bottles of liquid. Get 2019 off to the right stride and keep the clouds tasty and billowy.
Pod Mods Take Off: Ultra Portable Vaping Becomes King

The “pod mod” type of vape system has skyrocketed in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. As vaping has gotten more popular, technology became more accommodating for people on the move who are seeking both portability and simplicity. Pod mod systems (sometimes referred to as called cigalikes) are great beginner devices because they’re compact, easy to use, and offer user-friendly features. Broadly speaking, there are two types of pods mods—closed and open systems. Closed systems use pre-filled sealed pods for one-time use, while open systems employ refillable pods that you can add your own liquid to when they run dry.

Scholars Argue That Information Could Be The Key To Quit Smoking
Year after year, surveys show that a majority of American smokers want to quit. Yet even though diseases related to smoking are still the most preventable cause of death in America, for some reason millions of us remain trapped under the thumb of Big Tobacco. One scholar argues that American regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration are keeping smokers from learning valuable information about e-cigarettes that could be their first step on the road to quitting.
Vape News In Brief: January 1st, 2018 Edition
Panic, at the Surgeon General's office. After new figures were released suggesting as many as 37 percent of high schoolers have tried vaping at least once (up from 28 percent a year earlier), the nation's top doc issued a Surgeon General's advisory warning about the need for an "all-hands-on-deck effort" to crack down on underage vaping. Such a move is rare, with just four such advisories having been issued over the last decade. In the document, Dr. Jerome Adams calls for measures to fight youth nicotine use including establishing a minimum age to purchase vapor products (none currently exists at the federal level)
New Year, New Life: Making the Switch in 2019

Everyone gets inspired to start off fresh when the New Year is upon us. And Breazy wants to add some extra motivation for you to kickstart 2019 into a smoke-free year. Here are some tips (and devices) to make it easier for you to switch or to help someone else to. Maybe you can even recruit a fellow smoker and support each other in making the switch together.

New Years Sale - 30% Off All E Liquid
Start 2019 with some tasty clouds and a huge discount on the best brands in vaping. Sale ends January 1st 2019. Happy New Years!
Home for the Holidays? Explain Vaping to Granny Pearl
Vape on, vapers. We know some of you are getting ready to head home for the holidays. If this is your first visit back to your hometown since you've made the switch to vaping, you might want to prepare yourself for a round of interrogation or two.
Oh Latte Victory Liquid Review
When it comes to coffee flavored e-liquid, Oh Latte from Victory Liquid offers one of the most satisfying morning experiences we've encountered. Every puff is filled with swirls of bold espresso topped off with vanilla custard and sweet cream to give it that authentic latte taste. This flavor is a perfect blend for vapers that love coffee, it makes you feel fantastic and keeps you up and moving all day long.
Find Your Vape Squad: Tips to Joining the Community
Animals travel in packs for lots of reasons: Safety, community, and believe it or not, because it helps them make better decisions by relying on collective wisdom. Whether it’s a flock of sheep, a gaggle of geese, a cackle of hyenas, a murder of crows or a pride of lions, our furry and feathered friends know there is power in numbers.
12 Days Of Christmas Day 12 - 40% Off Elf's Favorite E Liquids
The big Christmas sale finale is upon us. From now until December 25th enjoy 40% off the top of the line liquids and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50. Happy Holidays!
12 Days Of Christmas Day 10 - $8.99 Salt E Liquids
Don't be salty this Christmas, level that to your pod mods. From now until December 23rd take part in this salt nic Christmas sale.
Top 10 Vape Stories of 2018
It's hard to believe, but it's been 12 years since the earliest versions of the e-cigarette first made their way into commercial production. Vapor products have been widely available in the US for nearly a decade, and four years have passed since the Oxford Dictionary named "vape" its word of the year in 2014.
Ten Biggest Vape Problems & Solutions
In this article, we’ll look at 10 common problems and walk you through how to solve each one of them. We're going to be covering predicaments related to e-liquids, tanks, and some of the more basic hassles vapers experience on a day-to-day basis.
12 Days Of Christmas Day 9 - 15% Off Best Tanks & Coils of 2018
As we wind down this sale this is perhaps the deal you've all been waiting form. Insane savings on the best of the best tanks and atomizers in vaping. Hurry Christmas draws near and this sale ends on December 22nd.
Holiday Liquid Flavors: 40 Percent Off
The weather outside is frightful, but vaping inside is delightful! It’s that snowy time of year again and what better way to celebrate the season than by picking up your favorite holiday e-liquids? Whether you’re looking for affordable gifts for members of your vape fam or browsing for a new favorite e-liquid treat for yourself, Breazy has you covered.  
12 Days Of Christmas Day 8 - 40% Off Holiday Flavored E Liquids
As Christmas draws closer the pressure is one to land the perfect gift. Breazy just made that easier with 40% off these holiday flavored e-liquids. Take some pressure off yourself and pick up some delicious liquids. Sale ends December 21st.
Vape News In Brief: December 18th, 2018 Edition
Welcome to Breazy Briefs, where we take a look around the globe, searching for news, science, and the occasional tasty pop culture tidbit related to vaping and the life of vapers. Today, let's talk about…
12 Days Of Christmas Day 7 - 25% Off Best Pod Mods And Pods Of 2018
Get yourself off the naughty list with some incredible deals on pod mods. From now until December 20th, enjoy 25% off the price of the best pods mods of 2018.
12 Days Of Christmas Day 6 - 40% Off Our New Favorite E Liquids of 2018
It's getting closer to the big day. Enjoy those final days leading up to Christmas knowing you stuffed many a stocking with some delciousness. Sale ends December 19th.
12 Days Of Christmas Day 5 - 120Ml's For As Low As $10.99
Get your gifts out of the way early and while you are at it throw a little something in the cart for yourself. At these prices you'll stretch your dollar and can't miss on hitting all the check marks to make the vapers in your life smile.
Home For the Holi-Yays! Best Movies for Vaping this Season

Eggnog? Check. Peppermint Patty E-Liquid? Check. Friends who break free of family obligations and come over to your house instead? Check. The only holiday to-do item outstanding on your checklist is deciding what movie to hunker down to this Friendsmas.

Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018
Consumers are demanding ultra-portable devices that not only look good but have a robust battery life, and the pod mod industry delivered on their wishes. So with lots of contenders to choose from, our staff here at Breazy had some very strong opinions (to put it mildly) about which one was the best. Tempers flared in our newsroom, but we persevered and managed to agree on the Top 10.
12 Days Of Christmas Sale Day 4 - 40% Off Naughty & Nice E Liquids
Giving the gift of joy to your fellow vaper has never been cheaper. Breazy is offering you 40% off on some fantastic brands of liquids that'll bring a smile to even the most critical of vapers. Get on this as the sale ends on December 13th.
A Breazy Holiday Gift: Free Vape Rag with All December Orders
Everyone’s busy talking about good tidings, but no one’s keeping things tidy. Pine tree needles all over the living room rug, wrapping paper scraps everywhere and fruitcake crumbs all over the table
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