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Vaping Made Breazy
40% Off Select Cereal Flavors!
Take the morning with you and enjoy liquids from the most popular category of flavor in vaping. This sale is perfect for stocking up on the best rated and most popular of all e-liquids. Get your all day vape at phenomenal prices. 40% Off TOP Cereal E Liquid Flavors!  Choose...
Last Chance: 30% Off OG E Liquid Brands!
  This is your last day to save big time on some of the best known brands in e-liquid. True founders of the marketplace, these liquids are known for exceptional quality.    
USA, USA! 30% Off Founding Fathers Of Vaping E Liquid Brands! Happy President's Day!
  In honor of the founding fathers Breazy is having a super sale to help you stock up on some of the biggest names in vaping.  Save 30% on some of the founding e liquid brands that helped vaping get where it it is today.     Save
40% Off ALL E Liquid From One Hit Wonder!
Now you can look forward to more than just the weekend. Every Friday is now "Big Bottle Friday" where you can enjoy great savings on some big bottles of delicious e liquid. This week we have a 40% Off on One Hit Wonder E Liquid.  
Top 5 Candy E Liquids For February 2017

It's that time of the month again where we look at the best in class of the candy e liquid category. Each month we vape through as many liquids as possible to determine what we think brings you the best value and the best vaping experience possible. Let's get to it.

40% Off Select Donut Flavors!
  Get ready to save big time on the most loved of all flavor categories in vaping. If you love donuts as much as we do its the perfect time to stock up and expand that collection at 40% off. 40% Off On TOP Donut E Liquid Flavors!  Choose From...
Rock Candy E Liquid By Rox E Liquid
Rock Candy has been done by a few companies in the vaping industry, few of those companies have dedicated an entire line to it. Despite the love for this kind of candy flavor only Rox E Liquid has risen to tackle the single flavor boredom that can become the candy...
Top 5 Donut E Liquids February 2017
This month we are back again with our updated Top 5 Donut E Liquids for the month. As you likely know by now we post updates to these lists once a month to keep you well informed on what we at Breazy love and what our customers are enjoying at...
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Top 5 Tobacco Flavored E Liquids For February 2017
Tobacco is one of those flavor profiles that many transitioning analog users flood towards. Experienced vapers are also known to enjoy the category. With that in mind we want to direct your attention to the our top five recommendations for the month of February.   Euro Gold - Naked 100...
SNOW DAY Sale! 30% Off Throwback Vapes
Just because it's snowing outside doesn't mean you can't indulge in some fantastic vape savings. Tell old man winter he can't stop the flavor chase with some savvy purchases.     Please note that due to the snow storm in the Northeast, our warehouse will be closed today.  Please bear...
FREE Classic NES, Plus 30% Off Throwback Vapes!
    Take a trip down memory lane with this phenomenal sale and be automatically entered to win an NES Classic. This time you won't have to fight over the controller, don't forget the Konami code of "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A" to get those...
Higher Wattage Does Not Always Mean A Better Vape Experience
The wattage wars – they're nothing new, having raged pretty much since the first mass produced dual-18650 box mods that could deliver 100 watts of power started hitting the market back in 2014. Now, it seems 200 watts is almost a starting point for most serious vaping devices – the...
Breazy Reviews The New Mango Juul Pods
The new Mango Juul Pods have finally landed and with them the Juul Cigalike has found new life. Those of us who loyally rely on the Juul for an extra kick that can't be found in our open systems have looked forward to this day for quite sometime, the first...
DEAL: 30% Off Select Liquid! Find Great Valentine's Gifts!
Save 30% on some of the finest e-liquids and show your vape some new love.  Whether its for yourself or a friend or perhaps a loved one, you are certain to find the perfect love in the clouds with these deals.  
MILQ Vapor A New Line For Fans Of Creamy Vapes
MILQ Vapor was just recently announced, this is the new line by the makers of BLAQ. MILQ Vapor as you can guess is a line crafted around a milk theme that pairs singular complimentary flavors to create a perfect marriage between the two. Let's take a look at what you...
Superbowl Weekend: HUGE discounts on HUGE bottles
This weekend two teams will battle it out to be declared champion, they shouldn't be the only ones to score. Score huge savings on big bottles of e-liquid and be a champion vaper with some mega value purchase at reduced pricing. Whether you need juice or want new vape equipment...
Top 5 Fruit E Liquids For February 2017
It's time to resume our best of the best for a new month, February is a short month but we want to make sure that you spend the month of love in tasty fashion. Today we'll go over the top 5 fruit e-liquids for February 2017 to get you started...
Last Chance To Take 40% Off Our Winter Favorites!
Breazy's winter sale is coming to an end, enjoy 40% off these amazing products before tonight at midnight eastern time. Stock up on some of the most popular eliquid brands on the planet at ridiculously low prices.
Black Note E Liquid Review
Black Note E Liquid is as premium as it gets but as we vapers know, a premium price or name tag doesn't equal exceptional product. Today we take a look at the line up from Black Note E Liquid and give you our insights on what you can expect when...
40% OFF Breazy’s Favorite Winter Flavors!
Breazy keeps the good times rolling with this amazing winter sale to take the sting out of old man winter's howl. From today until February 3rd take 40% off these products to treat yourself and your vape setup to some amazing new flavor profiles and brands. If you have an...
BLVK Unicorn E Liquid Introduces The WYTE Collection
BLVK Unicorn E Liquid has won countless awards do to their focus on premium flavor profiles that grab your attention from the first puff. Breazy was one of the first companies to try their new WYTE Collection which consists of three new products and we can say the collection is...
How Your Favorite E-Liquid Is Made
Ever wondered what exactly is behind your e-liquid? First, a lot of love, but also a lot of work. Let's take a look at the typical years-long journey one embarks upon in the hopes of becoming a master mixer. First, a mixer needs creativity, patience, a bit of an obsessive...
Top 5 Fruit E Liquids For January 2017
It's nearing the end of the month so we wanted to close it out with a bang. Fruit e-liquids is the most competitive category of all, with a plethora of options its hard to really narrow down and set your sights on one specific brand or flavor combination. Today we...
40% OFF On All Chubby Bubble E Liquids TODAY ONLY!!
Get your bubble on! Chubby Bubble offers delicious candy flavor that combines fruit with a candy goodness that sets you up for an all day vape experience. Today only get this amazing e-liquid at 40% off in grand Breazy fashion. Find out why all of team Breazy loves this line...
Graduating Your Vaping From Starter Kits To Advanced Vaping Equipment
There comes a time in most vapers' lives when they realize they're ready to commit. Perhaps you've successfully quit smoking and realized that vaping is your future, or maybe you're struggling to get enough performance out of your existing gear to get over the hump even though you can see...
40% OFF On All Space Jam E Liquids TODAY ONLY!!
Take your vaping to a new orbit with this Space Jam sale. Today only, enjoy 40% off one of the most awarded and best known brands available. Space Jam has produced many varying flavor profiles to ensure you find something you'll absolutely love.
Top 5 Candy E Liquids For January 2017
It's that time again where team Breazy picks its five favorite candy e-liquids to help you make smarter and better buying decisions. With an already overcrowded flavor category candy flavored e-liquids has some gems you might be overlooking so let's shine a spotlight on them. Watermelon Sour Straws - Bazooka...
Top 5 Breakfast E Liquids For January 2017
The breakfast flavor profile category has become one of the most competitive categories in vaping. In true Breazy fashion we share with you our top 5 favorites of this category, we vape everything in our stock so we can give you the best recommendation on e-liquids you are looking to...
FREE Vacation! 40% Off Top Flavors, $300 Southwest Gift Card Giveaway!
A good reason to shop and an incentive to escape the Monday blues. From now until 1/26/17 enjoy up to 40% off some of the 425 premium brands at Breazy.com. 25% off on any other e-liquid not in our deals section. Every purchase is an entry for a chance to...
Mango Is The New JUUL Pod Flavor From JUUL
JUUL has had a phenomenal run since its public release, known for its four options in pod flavor options that span from Cool Mint to Creme Brulee. It has been a while since Pax the manufacturer of JUUL has announced any new developments in their line of cigalike vape devices....
The True Cost Of Smoking
We'll admit it – we're guilty often as not of "shiny-itis" – the overwhelming urge to pick up the latest and greatest new box mod or atomizer, or to add an extra bottle of top-shelf e-juice when placing our own vape supply orders, even though we've already got backups for...
Save 40% On Select Game Of Thrones Flavors! Hodor Sized DEALS!
The night might be dark and full of terrors but your vape setup shouldn't fret, Breazy is hear to bring you some light and a mountain sized value on your next purchase. At 40% off even the King's Guard is going to want a break to vape. Join us on...
Is Vaping More Effective Than Quitting Cigarettes Cold Turkey?
So, is it finally time to quit smoking? Every year, aspiring quitters are among the largest numbers of those who make New Years Resolutions - for 2017 the website Statistic Brain counts it as the fourth most-popular, with 7.1 percent of the population (only 16.8 percent of Americans even smoke,...
Last Chance: 25% Off ALL E Liquid, + NEW 40% Off Deals!
The perfect time to stock up and save on your favorite e-liquid brands or to discover new brands and flavor profiles at a heavy discount. Breazy brings you the finest in vaping at affordable prices.
350 Watts Of Pure Power In The All New Smok GX350 Box Mod Kit
The folks doing the R&D at hardware powerhouse Smoktech must be putting in some serious overtime – it seems every time we turn around there's another mod getting ready to ship out! But Smok isn't just slamming out product to flood the market, their latest offerings all bring unique and...
40% OFF Select E Juice! One Day Only!
40% OFF All Kilo E Juice! One Day Only!
  A flash sale to get you out of the winter blues. Show old man winter who is boss by filling your tanks and juicing your dripper with some of the most amazing liquid you'll ever vape.
Top 3 Cereal E Liquids January 2017
Cereal flavors have always had a huge following, for some its the memories they invoke. For others its simply the ability to enjoy a flavor profile that matches their personality. Whatever your reasoning is chances are you've vaped a cereal e-liquid at some point. Today we take a look at...
Top 3 Donut Flavored E Liquids January 2017
We are back with our best of the best list that introduces you to our personal favorites in specific categories every month. Team Breazy vapes heavily so here are our top 3 donut flavored e-liquids for January 2017. BCB Donut - Big Cheap Bottle E Liquid: If the pricing wasn't...
Smok Skyhook RDTA Box Mod Spec Review
The latest and greatest offering from Smoktech, a hardware manufacturer that's been hitting hard to maintain their state-of-the-art dominance, is the Skyhook RDTA all-in-one mod. Ever since the early promise of Kanger's cute-but-limited Nebox, we've seen the all-in-one market taking steady strides. Smok's latest entry for the moment seems to...
Introducing Mad Peach From Snap Liquids
  Mad Peach is the latest to join the lineup of Snap Liquids, Mad Peach consists of a combination of Mad Mango and Peach Iced Tea both which are award worthy e-liquids in their own right. Snap went in the right direction by introducing a new liquid born of something...
Tobacco Free Nicotine A Hands-On Look
Recently, we were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance sample of Non-Tobacco Nicotine, a new lab-synthesized nicotine blend from HiLiq. While we've crowed about artificial nicotine in the past and its implications so far as regulation under the FDA's deeming regulations go, this was a unique opportunity...
Breazy Flash Sale - NEW YEAR NEW MODS!
Last Chance: New Years Sale! CHEAP Starter Kits, And HUGE Deals On E Liquid!
This is your last chance to shop and save this last week of 2016! Save big on your favorite ejuice, mods, and coils. Our deals section features everything you need to start off the year smoke free. Keep your new years resolution and grab a vape.
Best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers Of 2016
Rounding out our vaping hardware year in review, today we'll be taking a look at some of the hottest Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer (RDAs) to occupy space on our shelves this year. RDAs, once the workhorse of nearly every serious vaper, have taken a bit of a backseat as tanks, both...
New Years Sale! CHEAP Starter Kits, And HUGE Deals On E Liquid!
Start 2017 off with the right set up and put analogs into the rear view mirror. From now until January 2nd 2017 enjoy 25% off all eliquids sitewide with additional discounts available via our deals section.
NKTR Shake E Liquid First Impressions
  NKTR E Liquid stormed onto the scene as one of the first to offer TFN ejuice. Their latest offering is an entirely new line of liquids named NKTR Shake which is centered around delivering the closest possible experience to a milkshake that you can find in vape form. How...
Post Holiday Flash Sale! Up To 60% Off Hardware, +25% Off ALL E Liquid!
Now that you've shopped for everyone its time to pick up a little something for yourself. Breazy's Post Holiday Flash Sale is the perfect opportunity to stock on your favorite brands of ejuice and even a new device to start off the year 2017 all set to vape in the...
Vaping – Not a Gateway to Smoking, Not Attractive to Kids
On the heels of a widely-decried report from the US Surgeon General, a second study, this one from the University of Michigan exploring youth use of tobacco and vapor products, was quietly released. Unsurprisingly to those who've followed the politics of vaping, the Michigan study lays waste to the federal...
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