Vape Mods, Box Mods & Mod Kits

Vape Mods, Box Mods & Mod Kits

The box mod vape is gaining popularity thanks to its phenomenal temperature control, power, and long battery life. Buy vape mods for sale as part of our huge inventory and never suffer a dry hit again with your new box mods' delicate controls. Buy the box mods you want, add in some new e juice, and get free shipping on orders $100+.

Watt Control


Many vapers enjoy box mod for their wattage control. Temperature controls reduce dry hits and wattage controls govern how much vapor each hit provides. Buy a box mod and customize each hit to your taste with expert precision!


Vape Box Mod Kits


We stock ecig mods and everything you need to get started with a vape box mod kit from top ecig and box mod brands. Choose from IPV, iJoy, Dotmod, Geek Vape, and all your favorites. Our vape mod kits for sale include tanks, many with the top sub ohm products on the market.


Compatible Vape Mod Batteries


Buy powerful batteries strong enough to support your box mod vape. We stock 18650 batteries, along with vape chargers and power supplies for vape pens and other popular styles. Box mods typically provide longer battery life compared to other systems, but even the best batteries eventually die. Combine any of our vape box mods for sale with fresh batteries, a charger if needed, and some of your favorite e-liquid and enjoy your vape experience.


Atomizers and Tanks


As you get to know your box mod, experiment with new atomizers. Our stock includes the best products from top brands like Vandy Vape, Wotofo, Hell Vape, and SMOK. Choose from our extensive rebuildable collection or buy a reliable non-buildable to get the perfect hit. Our tank stock has the same range of options. Buy it all with our best deals and sales. Save more at checkout with free shipping on all orders $100+ and restock your favorite vape e-juices with the same great deal!


FAQs: What is a Vape Mod?
What is a vape mod?
An advanced personal vaporizer (APV) or mod can refer to just about any vaporizer, though usually it's referencing a highly advanced device. In the early days of vaping, users seeking more power than the eGo-style vape pens took to modifying flashlights and other electronic devices to build their own vapes, the term mods in reference to these modified high-end devices has stuck even though most in use today are mass-produced. Most popular mods today are in the box mod style holding two or more replaceable batteries. They include an onboard computer chipset allowing the user to control the power delivered to an atomizer, the maximum heat an atomizer can reach, and often a range of other advanced features allowing a user to tailor a highly-customized vaping experience. Learn more about Vape Mods here.
Is a vape mod the same as a vape pen?
Some people may refer to pen-style vapes as mods. Technically, that's incorrect as the term is applied to larger, more advanced devices that offer a higher degree of customization as compared to vape pens.
What are the parts of a vape mod?
The main part of a mod consists of the mod body, or the device itself - the mod is equipped with a computer chipset to control its function, adjustment buttons to scroll through features and adjust settings, a fire button to power the mod, and a female-threaded, 510-style connector to attach an atomizer. Some mods have built-in lithium polymer battery cells charged via an onboard USB port, most work with high-discharge lithium ion cells that are designed to be removed and charged in a dedicated charger. Another crucial component is the atomizer, where liquid is converted into vapor. The most common atomizer style is a clearomizer, or a clear tank that's filled with e-liquid which is drawn into the atomizer's core, or coil.
Why would I use a vape mod?
Users of vape mods want the highest performance from their vapes and the ability to increase power to produce larger clouds or warmer draws. They also appreciate the high battery capacity and ability to vape all day on a single charge. In exchange, they're willing to sacrifice size and weight, ending up with devices that are much bulkier than the cigalikes or pod mod style devices popular with beginners today.
Are vape mods expensive?
There's no question that advanced mods have a higher initial cost than less-complex and feature-rich beginner devices. Still, much of this cost can be recouped based on lower long-term operation costs as there are no costly pods to buy, and batteries can simply be replaced when they wear out when a fixed-battery system will need to be scrapped entirely after a couple hundred charge cycles. And as vapor technology has stabilized and manufacturers now enjoy advantages of scale, quality starter kits including everything except batteries, a charger, and e-liquid can now be had for $40 or less.
Do vape mods explode?
This is a common misconception fueled largely by incomplete or inaccurate media reporting. While there have been some reports of older, unregulated mods without a computer chip causing fires or explosions when used improperly (unregulated mods can be very dangerous to anyone without a working knowledge of electrical theory), explosion and fire is exceedingly rare with a safety-controlled regulated mod. The vast majority of vape explosion reported in the media today do not involve a vaporizer at all, but instead are about users mishandling high-discharge batteries that aren't actually installed in a vaporizer at the time they explode.
What batteries do vape mods use?
Vape mods use a high-discharge lithium ion cell, usually of the 18650 form factor. At 18 mm wide and 65 mm tall, these are just a bit bigger than the AA cells you're used to seeing in household devices. The size factor, however, is the only similarity. AA cells have a maximum power output of 1.3 amps, while a lithium cell safe for vaping will deliver a minimum of 20 amps continuously when discharged. Because these cells deliver so much more power, they can overheat if abused or the user isn't careful. Say you leave one in your pocket and it comes into contact with your keyring - the metal-on-metal contact can cause the cell to discharge rapidly, expending energy in the form of heat until it enters thermal runaway and explodes. Vape mods have protections built in to avoid this, but if a battery isn't installed in a mod it needs to always be kept in a sealed plastic case where the terminals can't contact any other metal.
How do I use a vape mod?
For all of their advanced features, vape mods are surprisingly easy to use, even for beginners. Reputable devices will come quality-inspected from the factory with a user guide that will have you up and running in about 15 minutes or so. You can look at this guide we created for tips on how to use a vape mod.
Is there a difference between a box mod and mod?
When talking strictly about advanced mods and not beginner devices like vape pens, cigalikes, or pod mods, two styles used to dominate - tube mods and box mods. Tube mods were cylindrical devices that typically housed one battery and had clearomizers (tanks) that mounted roughly flush to the top. Box mods have boxier bodies that are typically larger than the tank mounted to the top, the ability to house more than one battery, and are the predominant style of mod on the market today.