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Vape Coils

Vape coils are the soul of your atomizer. They heat your favorite e-juices into a perfect cloud, but the more you vape, the sooner you need replacement coils. We carry all the best brands for every vape system, keeping you ready for the next hit. Buy high resistance and the latest sub ohm coil heads individually or by the pack. 

Rebuildable and Non-Rebuildable

We stock prebuilt coils for rebuildable tank atomizer heads perfect for vapers who prefer to control the details of their vape experience. Spend less time hunting for rebuildable parts and more time perfecting your mod. Sale prices across our entire rebuildable stock ensure you can buy perfect replacement coils with minimal hassle.

We also stock non-rebuildable replacement coils from top brands like Vaporesso, VooPoo, SMOK, and Alur. Our selection covers every mod and system available at some of the cheapest deals online. Buy coil replacements in multi-packs and continue vaping with ease when a coil burns out or try single coils from a new brand as you hunt for the perfect hit.

Premium Wick Cotton

Great tank coils need high-quality cotton. We stock cotton wicks from top brands in all the most popular styles. Buy pre-cut lengths, find your favorite threading cotton, or buy pressed sheets to fit your vaping system. Our organic products and premium materials won't compromise your e-juice flavor. Don't let your cotton supply run low! Keep your atomizer heads in their best condition with fresh wicks from 

Vape Coil FAQs

Will a different brand of coils work on my vape?

While a few aftermarket coil head manufacturers do exist, most of the time you'll need the exact coil designed for your tank or pod, and it will usually come from that brands' manufacturer. If a product doesn't explicitly say it's designed to work with your exact device (note that different versions of some popular tanks take slightly different coils), the safe bet is to assume it's not compatible.

What kind of vape coil should I choose?

Many clearomizer tanks (and a handful of pod devices) offer different coil options. These are generally designed to be vaped under different temperature or power settings, and a good product description will state whether they're intended for direct lung (DL, a deep, smooth inhale) or mouth-to-lung (MTL, a short two-stage draw that involves pulling vapor into the mouth, then inhaling later - this is how most people smoke cigarettes) usage. Depending on how you choose to use your vape, you'll want to choose coils that match your style. MTL coils generally have more restricted airflow than DL coils and are preferred by recent ex-smokers, while more experienced vapers may gradually adopt the DL technique.

Can I make my own vape coils?

Rebuildable atomizers, which are used in conjunction with advanced mods, are available. To use them you'll need to learn a bit of basic electrical theory: resistance, Ohm's law, and amperage. You'll also need your own wire, wicking material, and an ohm reader to test the safety of your builds before attempting to vape them. While cheaper than disposable coils and interesting to some hobbyists, building your own coils isn't recommended for beginners. If you're interested in learning more, we have a three-part primer on coil building.

How do I change a vape coil?

For disposable coil heads inside a tank, you'll want to empty the tank and then disassemble by unscrewing the parts. Once the coil is exposed it can be unthreaded and discarded. Drip a few drops of liquid onto the bare wicking material of the new coil, thread it into the tank base, and reassemble. Fill the tank with liquid and wait 10 minutes or so for the wicking to fully absorb the liquid before starting to vape again. Some newer tanks and pods may have coils that slide in and out instead of threading in - with these you'll still want to wet any exposed wicking before installing and wait before attempting to vape in order to 'prime' the coil for optimal performance and lifespan. 

How do I know when to change a vape coil?

If your device's vapor production becomes noticeably weaker, or if your liquid's flavor tastes burnt or just 'off,' it might be time. Vape coils after all don't last forever. If you can inspect the inside of the coil and it's become blackened or noticeably soiled, change it out for a fresh one.

What is a vape coil?

'Vape coil' can refer strictly to a coil, or more broadly to a 'coil head,' which is a complete disposable atomizer assembly. A coil is exactly what it sounds like - a strand of wire or piece of wire mesh wrapped into a coil shape that, when heated, atomizes liquid (converts liquid into vapor). A coil head, which is also sometimes referred to as just a coil, includes an atomizer base with positive and negative electrical connections, a coil attached to both points that converts electric energy into heat, wicking made of organic cotton or a similar material to draw liquid to the coil, and an atomizer housing.

Do I need spare vape coils?

If you're using a clearomizer, or tank-style atomizer, you'll need to replace your coil regularly so it's always good to have a few spares on hand. Some pod mods have replaceable coils as well, though with many you throw the whole pod (tank) away and replace it when the coil burns out.

How often do I need to replace my vape coil?

Depending on how much you vape and what kind of device you're using, a disposable coils can last for a few days to a few weeks depending on usage and circumstances. Vaping at extremely high temperatures or wattages, along with vaping heavily sweetened e-liquids can both cause coils to wear out faster than vaping under lower power settings with more mildly-flavored liquids.