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Vape Hardware FAQ
I’m New to Vaping, Should I Choose a Starter Kit?
For first-time vapers, starter kits are an excellent choice. These kits allow you to familiarize yourself with your chosen vape equipment while getting you up and running quickly. They provide everything you need to get started, including the necessary instructions. These kits do not necessarily come with a bottle of e-liquid or a pre-filled pod, so be sure to check the product details before finalizing your order.
Keep in mind that not all starter kits will contain the same style of vape. We encourage you to do some research on the equipment that you are interested in and decide if it is the best choice to fulfill your needs.
What Are Pod  Vapes?
Vape Pods are vapes that include an external chamber that attaches to the vaping device. These pods can be filled with the e-liquid of your choice. Pod mods are sleek, usually small devices that pack quite a punch. These pods are very easy to maintain and require little work to keep clean, when compared to traditional vape systems.
When the flavor or vapor density begins to reduce, it is likely to time refill your pod or swap in a new one. If you choose to purchase multiple pods, you can keep a few loaded for the day and easily swap between your favorite flavors.
What is a Rebuildable Tank/Atomizer?
Rebuildables are a classification of tank or drip atomizers. An atomizer refers to any device used to turn liquid into vapor. With these mods, you will build your own coil. The coil, as it sounds, is a thin, coiled wire. When you use your vaping device, the power goes to the loop, allowing it to heat the e-liquid you apply.
These rebuildable designs require you to build your own atomizer. This means that you will take the time to wrap the wire, attach it to your device, and then add a wick. The wick is the material that will absorb your e-liquid, housing it while the coil vaporizes it. Experienced vapers tend to enjoy rebuildable devices because they allow for complete customization and total optimization of the vaping experience.
What is the Advantage of Buying A Vape Mod?
Building a mod allows you to create your ideal vaping machine. You can choose a variety of tanks, with various depths and attributes. You can select mods where you will drip e-liquid directly to the coil/wick or leverage innovative squonk designs for enhanced flavor and ease of use. The options are nearly endless. With a little practice, you will be able to create hits that are just right for your needs.