If you are new to the world of vaping, you may not have heard of this type. Nevertheless, they are actually older than most current vaporizer technologies. It is one of the more advanced ways to vape E-juice, mainly because you build the coils yourself. 

What Does RDA Stand For?:
RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer. These coils let you slowly drip your vape juice onto them. You do not submerge them in the juice like with other coils. Instead, these are meant to let you rapidly change between juices. That way, you can go from one flavor to the next as quickly as possible.

An Advanced Vaping Solution:
These devices are not meant for beginners. You must build them yourself. There are no replacement coils that you can pick up over-the-counter. Unless you are technically proficient, another option may be more suitable. On the other hand, there is no better choice for sophisticated vape-users.

What is an RDA

Rebuildable drip atomizers are one of the oldest forms of vaporizer technology. They were around long before modern sub-ohm tanks were introduced. Yet, people continue to use RDA vapes. The question is, 'why?'.

Quickly Switch Flavors:
One of the main attractions is the ability to switch between flavors rapidly. Most other vape technologies force you to stick with one flavor until the tank is empty. Generally, the wick on an RDA will saturate with about 20 hits worth of juice. Once you use that up, it is on to the next one.

Work With Your Hands:
Are you the kind of person who likes to work with their hands? If so, this is the vape for you. Since you must assemble them yourself, you will be in heaven.

Choose Your Own Materials When Building Your Vape

When you get these, there are far more choices available than with other technologies. You must select the components for every part of the device. Decide how thick of a wire you would like to use. Then, manage the resistance level. Everything is in your hands with these vapes.

Fully Customizable Resistance Levels

Unlike other vapes, you can select precisely what level of resistance you want. Stop getting forced into one level of resistance by getting an RDA vaporizer.

Building Your Own Coils

As with the other components, getting to make the coil is a significant part of the experience. Plus, you get to decide how the vaporizer performs when in use.

Two Primary Approaches to Coil Building:

  • 1. Maximum Flavor: When you want to enjoy the taste, make a coil that makes as much flavor as possible.
  • 2. Maximum Vapor: If you would prefer a vaporizer that made the biggest clouds, you can make a perfect coil for the job.
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