Marshmallow Milk - The One E Liquid

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Marshmallow Milk - The One E Liquid

So soft, squishy, and sweet, it's pretty easy to choose marshmallows as being one of the cutest and most snuggle-worthy snacks out there if you could snuggle a snack. The One E Liquid is known for making really interesting and fun blends that everyone can enjoy and this unique creation is no exception from that. If you have a fondness for those sweeter juices, you are going to love this sugary, creamy blend that will give you that jolt of energy every time that you take an inhale. If you're in the kind of mood where you are a little bit overwhelmed by all of the work waiting for you at the office and loads of chores to do at home, you can vape this option to feel like you are able to muster up that drive and optimism that is essential to getting things done with a smile on your face. Whenever you feel that flavor making its way to your taste buds, you are going to begin to feel excited and look forward to the vape session that's in front of you. The One E Liquid comes up with flavor profiles that are unlike anything else that is out there, they have a real passion and skill for juice production that's evident in everything that they do. Marshmallow Milk is a combination of this fresh strawberry milk flavor that has some sweet little marshmallows thrown in to keep things fun! With each exhale, enjoy the undertones of some delicious cereal and a sugary donut.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Milk, Marshmallow, Cereal, Donut