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The most popular name in vaping, JUUL has delivered a solid pod's driven device that has revolutionized an entire industry. A sleek design that is easy to conceal, ultra-portable, and extremely easy to use. The backing of experienced engineers that squeezed a 200mah fast charging internal battery, gold plated charging ports, all inside of a device smaller than a USB thumb drive. Matched with their 0.7 milliliters four pack of pods you'll be vaping in style and in convenience. An award-winning brand that has innovated and changed the entire landscape of vaping JUUL has redefined how we vape and how easy it is to enjoy. 



JUUL Pod Products FAQ
How Many Puffs Can I Get from a JUUL Pod?
Each pod contains about 0.7ml of flavored JUUL vaping juice. The length that each pod will last varies depending on the size of the puffs that you are taking. On average, these pods deliver about 300 puffs, making them easy to use on the go for extended periods of time. The pods and the device are also very small, making it easy to carry a few extra pods, along with the device when you are out and about. At their incredibly affordable price, you'll stay stocked, and satisfied around the clock.
Why Should I Buy JUUL Pods?
Almost everyone knows about JUUL products. This household name has been revolutionizing the vape game for years. JUUL pods deliver an incredibly smooth, and easily manageable vaping system. These closed-system pod devices have an incredibly sleek design, and are even smaller than your average thumb drive. JUUL pods are available in four packs of 0.7 mililiter pods which can easily keep you puffing away all day. Add on an incredible quick charging 200mah battery, and it is clear that JUUL deserves all of its award winning praise for vape device innovation.
Do These Products Contain Nicotine?
JUUL products do contain nicotine. Their pod packs do offer zero nicotine varieties, but these vaping products still require you to meet the applicable age requirements before purchase. These vape pods are available in a variety of strengths. 3% is considered medium to mild, and from there you can obtain a selection of potencies that will satisfy even senior vapers. Puff away in style with these discreet vapes, with incredible tobacco and menthol flavors.
What Ingredients do Vape Products Include?
The vape liquids, which are housed by JUUL’s 0.7 mililiter pods, utilize VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol) , nicotine, and a variety of flavoring ingredients. These ingredients have a long track record for inhalation and vaporization, making them an ideal choice for use by JUUL. VG and PG are carrier oils, which on their own, contain a subtle sweet note, which is easily overpowered by the flavoring formula used by JUUL. Their flavoring capabilities are world-renowned, and their surviving Virginia Tobacco and Menthol flavors are still one of the top-picks among Breazy fans.
What is the VG/PG ratio for JUUL products?
JUUL utilizes a 60/30 VG/PG ratio for their items. This ratio balances the propylene glycol’s attributes to produce a thin, smooth vapor, while sustaining the vegetable glycerin’s ability to add in a touch of thickness, and sweetness. Ultimately, the PG’s presence drives this blend, allowing the JUUL device to deliver a satisfying, pleasing vapor quality. With the addition of JUUL’s unique and coveted flavoring elements, these pods are able to deliver an authentic tobacco feel that you are sure to love.
Didn’t the Vaping Ban Impact JUUL products?
JUUL was the center of media attention for quite some time. They became very well known for their variety of flavored closed system vaping products. However, the flavored vaping ban does not address all JUUL products. Instead, they impacted all closed-system (non re-fillable) flavored products other than tobacco and menthol. The standard tobacco and menthol flavors have not been banned in the US. Certain jurisdictions may impose more strict vaping guidelines, so take the time to investigate your local legislation before making a purchase of any vaping product.