Sub Ohm Tanks

In the vaping community, there are tons of options. Despite these tanks' relative newness, they are already some of the most popular on the market. Thanks to the superior performance, people love what they have brought to the market. If you want the best vapor clouds, there is no better option. Plus, they are rather tasty.

Sub Ohm Tanks Produce Massive Vapor Clouds

An ohm is a measure of electrical resistance. When your vaporizer produces less than 1 of these, it is considered a sub-ohm vaporizer.

The lower the resistance is, the more current flows. Thus, e-liquids absorb more energy.

Consequently, they produce some of the largest vapor clouds around. If you are disappointed with the clods from your vaporizer, you might want to try one of these.

Sub Ohm Vapes Are Known to Be Tastier

Do you know what else happens when a sub-ohm atomizer heats e-liquid? You get to experience the full flavor palette of your juice. When you use vaporizers with more resistance, e-liquids do not vaporize fully. Therefore, you are not given the full flavor experience. If you would like to avoid that, you must get a sub-ohm vaporizer. That way, you get the full flavor every time.

They Have Atomizer Coils With Under 1.0 ohms Resistance

Atomizer coils are the component of the tank that heats the liquid. When you press the On button, current flows into them. If they are higher resistance coils, less of the current reaches the e-juice. By getting a sub-ohm model, you ensure the maximum current reaches your juice.

High Wattage Devices Are Necessary

If you are considering a sub-ohm resistance tank, get a vaporizer with sufficient wattage. Some coils have resistances even lower than 0.5 ohms. In that case, you need a battery with a massive amount of watts. Otherwise, not enough current will make it to your juice. Then, you won't be making any clouds at all.