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E-Cigarettes & Cigalikes
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E-Cigarettes & Cigalikes

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A cigalike is a smaller, slimmer electronic cigarette that is more compact and stealthy than a traditional vape setup. An e-cigalike replicates the analog cigarette experience and can provide higher dosages of nicotine. 

The top cigalike feature might be its portability: There’s always room at home for a customized squonk mod, but it can be hard to fit boxy systems in your pocket when you’re on the go. Box mods also stand out at work and in public spaces where non-vapers hang out. An e-cigarette provides a compact design that fits in your hand like an analog cigarette but delivers the intensity and flavor of a vape system. It’s sleek, modern, and discreet, perfect for vapers at work and vapers who want pocket-sized devices.

Shop ultra-portable electronic cigarette systems, buy a convenient closed system with prefilled vape pods, or choose an open cigalike system perfect for your vaping style and tastes. We stock cigalikes for sale in a range of styles from all of the top brands, including Eonsmoke and MyJet.

While some prefer a disposable e-cigalike like those from blu or Stig, others prefer e-cigarette pod mods and pods, which have changed how many people vape. These may be the best cigalike systems for vapers seeking flavor without sacrificing a nicotine kick. Salt-based nicotine liquids bring out the vivid nuances in your favorite e-juices, and many of the thousands of ejuice brands we stock now offer salt juices in their bestselling flavors. Buy pod mod cigalikes for sale here and enjoy the discreet style of a cigalike with all the power of e-salt liquid.

E-Cigarette & Cigalikes FAQs
Why would I use an e-cigarette?
Most people who use a vapor device like an e-cig are adults doing so as part of an attempt to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. While vapor products have not been approved as a smoking cessation aid in the United States, studies abroad indicate vaping may be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapies in helping smokers quit.
Is an e-cig the same as vaping?
Yes and no. An e-cigarette is a noun and is the vehicle used for vaping, but vaping is a verb - as in the action of using an e-cigarette to generate vapor. The e-cig itself is the object used to produce that vapor.
Can I vape dry herbs with an e-cigarette?
No, you should not as a traditional vape pen is made to vaporize liquids only. Dry herb and concentrate vaporizers are different from those used for vaping e-liquids, which is the intended purpose of e-cigarettes. Some e-cig batteries and mods with 510-style threading, however, may be compatible with atomizers suitable for this purpose.
Is it safe to use an e-cigarette?
Yes, when used properly, e-cigarettes should be as safe as any device. When it comes to inhaling vaporized liquid, the consensus among scientists is that there likely exist some health threats that may take years to fully understand, though those risks are far lower than choosing to inhale cigarette smoke. Additionally, the risk of fire or explosion from a vapor device is very low. In short: if you're not a smoker, you shouldn't use e-cigarettes.
Do e-cigarettes explode?
Reports of fire and explosion resulting from vapor devices are exceedingly rare, and have become even rarer as older and unregulated mods and devices that have largely left the market in favor of regulated devices with built-in safety protections. The source of most news reports regarding exploding e-cigarettes don't involve the devices at all but rather the mishandling of loose batteries used to power advanced vape mods.
Are e-cigarettes hard to use?
Some of the most basic e-cigarettes are even easier to use than actual cigarettes - just open the package and take a pull, there's not even the need to light something on fire. More advanced setups will require you to occasionally charge a battery, refill your liquid tank or replace it with a pre-filled version, or adjust power output settings, but these are still all fairly straightforward actions that the average user can quickly acquaint themselves with.
What is the best kind of e-cigarette?
The best e-cig is the one that keeps you from smoking or assists you in slowing down your addiction to nicotine. The specific answer for each individual will vary and it may take some time experimenting with both entry-level and advanced devices to decide which vape offers the best long-term solution for your specific needs.
Are there different kinds of e-cigarettes?
Yes there are. As with the larger category of vapor devices come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Ultra-compact "cigalikes" and "pod mods" aren't much bigger than the combustible cigarettes they aim to replace. This makes them convenient and portable, but they don't deliver much power. Pen-style vapes are a bit bigger and offer some level of customization, but have fallen out of favor as people move toward either smaller or larger devices depending on personal preference. At the far end of the scale are advanced personal vaporizers or "mods" - these are large metal boxes equipped with computer chips that allow a vaper to fully customize their vaping experience in terms of airflow, power, heat, and size of cloud generated by vaping.
What is an e-cigarette?
An electronic cigarette, often shortened to e-cigarette or e-cig, is an early term used to refer to a personal vaporizer that heats a liquid to form an aerosol vapor that can be inhaled and expelled in a manner similar to the smoke given off by combustible, or "analog" cigarettes. In an attempt to make clear that vaping is not the same as smoking, nor is vapor smoke, most people who use vapor products have abandoned references to cigarettes in describing their products, though such descriptions remain commonplace among the general public. Read more about the differences between cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes.