E-Cigarettes & Cigalikes

E-Cigarettes & Cigalikes

Find the best vape disposables, E-cigs & Cigalikes now available from your favorite online store, Breazy.com featuring the best brands and products the market has available. From cheap vapes, to the best disposables and pens on the market, find what you need here.

A cigalike is a smaller, slimmer electronic cigarette that is more compact and stealthy than a traditional vape setup. An e-cigalike replicates the analog cigarette experience and can provide higher dosages of nicotine. 

The top cigalike feature might be its portability: There’s always room at home for a customized squonk mod, but it can be hard to fit boxy systems in your pocket when you’re on the go. Box mods also stand out at work and in public spaces where non-vapers hang out. An e-cigarette provides a compact design that fits in your hand like an analog cigarette but delivers the intensity and flavor of a vape system. It’s sleek, modern, and discreet, perfect for vapers at work and vapers who want pocket-sized devices.

Shop ultra-portable electronic cigarette systems, buy a convenient closed system with prefilled vape pods, or choose an open cigalike system perfect for your vaping style and tastes. We stock cigalikes for sale in a range of styles from all of the top brands, including Eonsmoke and MyJet.

While some prefer a disposable e-cigalike like those from blu or Stig, others prefer e-cigarette pod mods and pods, which have changed how many people vape. These may be the best cigalike systems for vapers seeking flavor without sacrificing a nicotine kick. Salt-based nicotine liquids bring out the vivid nuances in your favorite e-juices, and many of the thousands of ejuice brands we stock now offer salt juices in their bestselling flavors. Buy pod mod cigalikes for sale here and enjoy the discreet style of a cigalike with all the power of e-salt liquid.


Cheap Vape Deals FAQ
What Types of Vape Products Are You Offering Deals On?
If you're checking out this section for the first time, it can seem a little overwhelming. We have pages on pages of great deals listed here, with a variety of products available. Here's a quick overview of what we are offering: We're selling discounted salt nic juices, regular e-liquids, disposable vapes, starter kits, pod systems, box mods, individual coils, coil packs, DNA mods, and more. Many Of these products are great for getting started, while a few of these deals, such as individual pieces of vape hardware, are a blessing for experienced vapers.
Are These Cheaper Products Good Quality?
Absolutely. Our vast distribution effort puts us in a position to offer top-shelf products at a discounted price. There is no sacrifice in quality when it comes to these exceptional deals. We stock up on our crowd favorites, and later decide to sell them to our customers at a discounted price. It's our way of giving back and showing gratitude to our regular clients. We are offering big-name device brands such as SMOK, KangerTech, and Suorin systems for cheap. At the same time, we are selling some of the most popular e-liquid brands, such as Naked 100, Suicide Bunny and Dinner Lady at ridiculously affordable prices.
Can I Get Free Shipping for These Discounted Products?
Yes. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 (USD) for domestic orders, all day, every day. By combining these excellent deals with our free shipping offer, you can quickly get started with a new vape kit or restock on delicious e-liquids for cheap. Take the time to browse the variety of products here, and feel free to cherry-pick the items that suit your needs. Maybe you've been waiting on experimenting with a new type of vape device. Now's the time. Jump on these deals before they're gone.
What is the Advantage of Using a Vape Mod vs. a Disposable Vape?
The answer to this question comes down to personal preference. Disposable vapes are cheaper and easier to use. Simply puff until the cloud consistency and flavor begin to fade, then toss the device and move onto the next. These disposable vapes require zero maintenance and are easy to use. Having your own open system vape mod allows you to personalize the experience more to your taste. You can combine e-liquids, adjust power wattages, select various pieces, and explore a new satisfying hobby by studying up on the incredible technology that is available. All of these variable factors allow you to create your ideal cloud consistency, flavor experience, and more.
Why Should I Consider Building A Vape?
Right off the bat, we have to say: building your own customized vape rig is a lot of fun. You can research, tamper, adjust, select, shop around, and finally, create the most convenient, delicious, and powerful devices that you could imagine. All it takes is a commitment to start. Just as the transition from a disposable model to a vape kit allows for more variability, the step into vape building opens up many doors. You can experiment with convenient squonk devices, and also DNA mods that can enable you to see a readout of battery life, voltage, and more. You can select your atomizer (the heating device which converts your vape juice to vapor), the depth of your tank, your aesthetic, and beyond. And with these affordable deals, you can do it all on a budget.