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Vape Starter Kits

New to vaping? Vape starter kits are uniquely packaged with everything a new vaper needs to enjoy their early vaping experiences. Our vape kits are packaged with the hardware and pre-filled e-liquid 'pods' you'll need to get started, taking all of the guesswork and piecemealing of out the equation. With a variety of popular starter vape kits in stock, we make it so simple to switch to vaping.

A vape starter kit is an easy way to get you vaping faster. Find the vape setup that works best for you, or try something new. Some of the most popular vape kits for sale online include a mod and disposable-atomizer tank systems, while other vaping kits including 'cigalike' stick batteries with disposable pre-filled e-liquid pods. We are so excited to offer the top brands in the newest designs, including pods, pens, and all your other favorites.

The Best Deals on Vape Mod Starter Kits

Get great deals on mods and tanks when you buy them together in a vape kit. Some vape starter kits also come with batteries, and some even come primed with e-liquid pods. If you choose a starter vape kit that doesn't already come with batteries and eliquid, we've got you covered! Add your favorite e-juice or a new flavor of vape juice you'd like to try and you're ready to go. Easy Breazy!

Buy preset and adjustable voltage mods or try pen-style mods with day-long battery life. We have all the latest vape pens, vape hardware and accessories from top brands at the best prices online.

1200+ Brands of Vape Juice for Your New Vape Kit

We offer the best deals on more than starter vape kits, buy everything you need today and save. Buy e-juice pods and e-liquid to top off your vape mod starter kit. Get a variety of ejuice flavors and your favorite liquids so you can experiment with your new kit as soon as it arrives. 

Vape Kit & Starter Kit FAQs

What's in a vape starter kit?

When it comes to vape starter kits for vaping, knowing what you're actually getting can be confusing because there's a wide variance. Most all vape starter kits should always include the vapor device, a tank or pod with either a built-in or disposable coil head, and an instruction manual. If the battery is integrated into the device you'll also get the battery and a charging cable, if not you'll need to buy batteries separately along with an external charger. If you're using a closed-system device with pre-filled liquid pods you should get at least one or two filled with liquid, if your system is open (meaning you're allowed to choose your own liquid), you'll need to purchase liquid separately.

Do I need anything else to vape?

You'll need to check into what's included with the starter kit you're interested in. Often starter kits come with other necessities to get you up and vaping could. Most starter kits come with three components to get you going, including some or all of the following: e-liquid, batteries, and a battery charger.

Are there different kinds of vape starter kits?

Just about every type of vapor device, from disposable vapes and refillable pods to advanced personal vaporizers (APVs or 'mods') offers its own version of a starter kit. Whether you want something that's high-performing or simple and beginner-friendly, there's a starter kit to fit your needs.

How do I choose a vape starter kit?

Consider whether you're interested in customizing your vape experience and having a wide range of choices in e-liquid flavors. If so you might want an open-system advanced mod. If you want something small, easy to use, and with a low cost of entry consider starting with a cigalike or pod mod style system.

Do vape starter kits come with e-liquid?

Most vape starter kits do not include e-liquid, allowing you to choose the flavors and nicotine strength you'd like to start off with. The exception to this is closed-system mods, which will usually come with a few prefilled sample pods of the manufacturer's proprietary flavors.

Do vape starter kits come with batteries?

If the device you're considering has an integrated (non-removable) battery, it will be built into the vapor device and included in the starter kit along with a charging cable. If the mod you want has replaceable batteries, you'll want to buy a couple pairs along with a dedicated charger in addition to your kit.

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