Banana Amber (Banana Oatmeal Cookie) - Cookie Twist E Liquid

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Banana Amber (Banana Oatmeal Cookie) - Cookie Twist E Liquid 


Peak into the oven and admire the beautiful cookies that are sitting in there warming up so that they can be ready for you to indulge in. You slowly see them expand and get bigger as time goes on. You look at the timer and notice that there are still thirty minutes left until they are fully complete. Stop waiting so long to help yourself to some amazing sweet cookies, and just pick up this e liquid that is going to be mouthwatering. Banana Amber (Banana Oatmeal Cookie) is the name of the e liquid that will allow you to ditch the oven and start taking hits of this blend. Do you feel like you can get this cookie flavor from your local bakery shop? Well, think again because the flavor that this e liquid is going to give you is unique, and it will also give you a sensation like no other. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the cookie slowly begin to crawl into your mouth and almost instantly begin to sink into your taste buds. Do not worry because your taste buds are most likely going to enjoy every second of it. They start to tingle and thank you for allowing them to experience something as epic like this. The banana flavor starts to grow potent and you cannot help but notice that this banana is fresh and adding a creamy touch to the trip. As you continue to inhale, the oatmeal taste will give you a crunchy vibe that might convince you to start chewing away. Who cares if you look a little silly doing it because we know, and a few others know, that you are having a crazy vape adventure right now. As you exhale, you will taste the last few hints and notes that this e liquid has left in it, and once it is done, you can take another hit right away.  

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Oatmeal, Banana

Package Contains: 

  • 2 x 60ml Bottles Of Banana Amber (Banana Oatmeal Cookie) By Cookie Twist E Liquid