Berry Slush - Slush Salt E Liquid

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Berry Slush - Slush Salt E Liquid

Find your happy place with this juice that just radiates positive energy! No one can resist the draw of a well-made fruit flavored blend, it's a proven fact! You will come to find that this juice, in particular, is one that you will really love and value. It has got the most popular slushy flavor that most of us run to as soon as we go to our local corner store and when you taste it, a bunch of fond memories is going to start flooding back to you. Why would you ever want to have to vape anything other than this juice when you are getting your sweet tooth satisfied, your need for bold flavor taken care of and loads of refreshment? Putting this juice in your tank in the morning is a sure shot way of being able to make sure that the day ahead is going to be a good one. Just when you need a little bit of relief, this is going to be the number one option that you will know deep down inside will always give you what you need, when you need it. Slush Salt E-Liquid takes those delectable blends from the original Slush E Liquid line and has remade them with salt nicotine to give you so much more fulfillment overall. They have a really impressive skill for making flavors that are balanced and delicious in every way. Berry Slush is the ever so popular, fan favorite blue slushy flavor that many of us have loads of memories of from the summer times of our youths but without any of the sticky spills!

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not designed to be used in sub ohm tanks**

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Slushy