Blue Raspberry Ice - I Love Salts E Liquid

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Blue Raspberry Ice - I Love Salts E Liquid

There's no way that you can be in a salty mood when you have a blend like this around giving you a boost of infectious energy that will have you crossing things off of your to-do list left and right. Yes, even the most notorious of procrastinators are going to find that this blend is able to give them the well-needed inspiration and push to finally get around to completing all of those half-done tasks that have been put off and laid to the side for far too long. What a wonderful thing is it to be able to load a blend into your tank, quickly hit the fire button and take a nice long inhale to be able to get this amazing taste that is so bold that it will wake up your taste buds and have them longing for more. With every session that you have with this option, you will fall further and further in love. It is hard to resist a product that is as high quality and well made as this one is and its value becomes clear quickly. I Love Salts E Liquid always comes out with the most wholesome, authentic tasting juices that you can find. They really do put a lot of heart and soul into everything that they do and you can always guarantee a good outcome when you go to vape their different selections. Blue Raspberry Ice takes the original Blue Raspberry flavor with it's intense, super bold taste and then brings in some absolutely chilling menthol that makes it so much more effective than ever.

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub-ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Menthol