Frost Factory E-Liquid - Blue Razz Ice - 60ml

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A trip to the Arctic is an experience that many have always wished to go on, but on the other hand, some people question that desire. Who wants to hang out in the blistering cold? However, this e liquid is not going to allow you to freeze up when you give it a little pull. You might be familiar with the blue raspberry flavor that this e liquid brings to the table, but you perhaps never had the opportunity to give this one a try. Air Factory E Liquid has given us the chance to taste such a unique and mouthwatering flavor when they release Blue Razz, but now they added a little menthol so that they can place it in the Fost Factory E Liquid Collection. That’s right, now you will be able to pick up Blue Razz Ice, the icy e liquid that is going to most likely make sure your tastes buds going crazy with happiness. When you take a pull of this succulent e liquid, you are going to realize that the blue raspberry flavor is not going to whole back in giving you all of the incredible notes that it is known to deliver. The menthol kick is going to start to grow potent and you kind of begin to look around to see if there is a blanket nearby to cover you up. Kidding, the chilling sensation is not going to make you wish you had a jacket on you, but it is going to make you feel as if your insides are slowly turning into snow. The coolness is going to be incredible and refreshing as if you just popped a couple of mints in your mouth. Your breath is not bad, but you just like the intense feeling. The blue raspberry flavor mixed with this sweet menthol goodness is going to be the combination that you need in order to get you through your long day.

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